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Metropolitan Cityscapes


Metropolitan Cityscapes is created by Berlin Artist-Designers TrinhBuscher to inspire the imagination of art aficionados and global citizens.

Designer: TrinhBuscher (Germany)
Inspired By: Metropolitan Cityscapes: an homage to the cities that inspire us.
Material: paper, wood, stainless steel
Price: depends on product

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The high-end technology from hotspring was a perfect base for the new nobel concept. Pure design, the sharply defined details and the right materials refer into an esthetic outdoorconcept, that’s sustainable and ecological. It’s possible to use the small step also as small bench.

Designer: Studio Segers (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Gervi (Belgium)

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Our most faithful friend and companion whose only want in life is to love us unconditionally. Our dog’s love sweetens our lives and helps us all be better persons.
Your Dog helps organize the desk-top by holding pencils in his legs, note paper on his back, a cell phone in his tummy and messages in his mouth. For table-top use he can hold silverware, condiments and napkins, and anything else that you and your Dog may discover together.

Designer: Matias Fernandez Moores (Argentina)
Manufacturer: Vacavaliente (Argentina)
Inspired By: Complex and rich relations human have with their pets
Material: Recycled leather
Colours: red,blue,yellow,green,black and orange
Dimension: H 22cm, L 23cm, W 16 cm
Price: 31.40

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Meze 11 Classics wood earphones


The 11 Classics earphones are the most portable of the Meze Classics range combining high-end audio quality with portability and style. 8mm custom drivers and a stylish ebony wood housing, make it ideal for the street-wise music lover.

Designer: Antonio Meze (Romania)
Manufacturer: Meze wood headphones (Romania)
Inspired By: crafts
Material: cnc aluminum, machine wood
Colours: black, dark wood
Price: 79USD

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Cariband iPhone 5 case


The iPhone 5 can do amazing things, but it can’t hold even the smallest piece of paper. Cariband conveniently holds the things we carry day to day, like an ID, credit card and cash. By folding and inserting a business card, Cariband can hold your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. It conveniently holds things to your iPhone 5 or holds your iPhone 5 to things.

Designer: David Tsai (United States)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (United States)
Inspired By: rubber band
Material: nylon
Colours: white, black, red, pink, blue and purple
Dimension: iPhone 5
Price: 28.08 - 33.88 USD

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BrickBox is a patented shelving system composed of stackable modules used as storage, display or even to transport your collectibles.

Designer: Antxon Salvador (Spain)
Manufacturer: Kazam! (Spain)
Inspired By: Charles & Ray Eames
Material: Multi-layered plywood with white laminate
Colours: White
Dimension: 54 x 27 x 36 cms/21.3
Price: USD $49-59

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Pig on the Wings


"Pig on the Wings" is both a stool and an end table. Pig on the Wings has a very simple two leg design, the inspiration for its shape can be found in the "Traccia table" by Meret Oppenheim, a masterpiece we respect very much. The challenge facing this project was to reduce manufacturing processes; to build an evocative and high quality item using few simple making steps. Assembly requires no tools or screws; the pieces simply fit into one another.

Designer: Michael Brechi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Gentle Giants (Italy)
Inspired By: Meret Oppenheim,
Material: Poplar wood, with a marine grade lacquer (or all natural)
Colours: navy, white, orange, light green
Dimension: Height: 16.5
Price: USD $298

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BLURB designer collection

Fresh designs for your ideas! You probably already know that Blurb is a self-publishing platform to create your own books and portfolio in undisputed high quality. The creative company just added 6 new layout templates to their selection, dubbed the „Designer Collection“. These 6 layouts can be chosen during the design process of your own book and fit to a wide range of themes. Of course you can still design the complete layout by yourself, but it’s always good to know that there are great looking alternatives already provided.


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Camada watch for Lorenz


The Camada design is an investigation into the use of layers of metal, in order to create both the case, and the indications of hours and minutes of the watch.

Designer: Michiel Cornelissen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lorenz S.p.A. (Italy)
Inspired By: lasercutting
Material: Stainless steel, bronze, brass, coloured metal

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The Fifth Avenue sofa for ARTEX


Introducing the new sofa collection The Fifth Avenue designed by russian product designer Dima Loginoff for italian brand ARTEX. This sofa is a dedication to one of the most beautiful and amazing city in the Wold - New York. Traditionally, the first Wold presentation of the collection will took place in on of the most prestigious location in italian Florence - Lungarno Collection by Salvatore Ferragamo in may 2013 during Florence Design Week.

Designer: Dima Loginoff (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: ARTEX (Italy)
Inspired By: NY City
Material: Textile, wood
Colours: light grey, dark grey
Dimension: 280 cm

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