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Printed with Lame ink."ECO" & "Luxury" in one!

Designer: Hideo Kawamura (Japan)
Material: 100 percent cotton
Colours: 01.Gold x Green 02.Silver x Blue
Dimension: Size H 360mm x W 380mm x D 110mm
Price: JP¥3,500

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PodSeat & PodSofa


PodSeat and PodSofa create flexible areas that boost the productivity and well-being of users by offering various ways of meeting, focusing or reading.
The window is one of the key features that makes these compact units feel roomy and spacious; they are at a comfortable height serving as an extended armrest, besides they also give a lighter visual feel to the product and they help you to see at a glance if any unit is occupied.

Designer: o4i (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Martela (Finland)

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The FOODSCAPES project is an action of technical reconstruction from edible leftover materials, freed from additives, preservatives, colorants, thickeners, correctors and artificial agents, in which the natural essence and biologic substance in food re-coincide in order to then inevitably regenerate. FOODSCAPE is a shell created with food waste. Designed to fit into the logic of natural cycles, once depleted its use, it can be dissolved in water and used to fertilize the soil.

Designer: Edoardo Perri (Italy)
Manufacturer: Whomade (Italy)
Inspired By: nature
Material: 100% food waste
Colours: made with peanuts / carrots
Price: prototype

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Collective .1 Design Fair New York


Collective Design Fair New York will present a carefully selected presentation of the world’s leading design galleries, with a strong North American contingent and numerous international exhibitors. A selection of galleries from the greater New York area, Chicago, and Philadelphia, as well as Paris and Stockholm have been chosen to present vintage and contemporary design of the highest caliber.


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Sitting Bull


Designed by Islé Phippaz for the Swiss brand Kil Codig, the Sitting Bull long chair is a sculptured aerial nest to lie in with extraordinary dimensions and an imposing appearance. It is made from steel which is completely covered by the solid surface HI-MACS®, fully suitable for inside and outside due to its UV light and weather conditioned resistance.

Designer: Islé Phippaz (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: B2E Sarl - Les Artisans du Design (Switzerland)
Material: HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone
Colours: Alpine White
Dimension: L 660 cm, W up to 50 cm (laying area), H up to 135 cm at the top of the horns (seat height: 78 cm)

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WineCell will stoarge your wine bottles one by one on the wall. Make your own design withyour favorit wine. It is easy to mount on the with only one screw in the center. Adjust the bottle after your have placed it in the wineCell. WineCell comes in package with 3 pc.

Designer: Thomas Brinch-Møller (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Fiduz Design (Denmark)
Colours: Red, Black and white
Price: 249,- DKK

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Froc High Chair


Froc is an adjustable high chair for playful kids and their frisky parents. It's characterized by smart features, superior stability and natural materials.Froc will accompany your child from the age of 6 months to 10 years old.

Designer: Luka Stepan (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Gigodesign (Slovenia)
Inspired By: Matej Kosir
Material: Wood
Colours: White, Green, Blue, Orange and Purple
Dimension: 70 cm to 140 cm
Price: 249 EUR

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Mets ta cravate !


À SUIVRE is a french brand of jewels created in 2012. Every piece mixing leather with metal is hand made in Paris. À SUIVRE's jewels are a combination of humor and parisian elegance.
The "Mets ta Cravate! "(Put your tie on!) necklace is a sweet, small tie pendant with a thin chain. When a men's wardrobe items, find a place onto women's outfits with an added twist!

Designer: A SUIVRE (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Inspired By: working girls
Material: leather and metal
Colours: various colours
Dimension: 65mm
Price: 32

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DO IT !! bird_house


Bird_House by mapog is a very traditional form which is absolutely best for birds. Materials... pure wood because after long research we found out that there is no material which is better for birds living space. Bird house is openable which makes it easier to clean it every year. You don't have to climb on a tree to clean it... Bird_House is fully cleanable from the ground. U can do it simply with a stick. DO IT !! bird_house is product which you can put together by yourself at home.

Designer: marcin (Poland)
Manufacturer: mapog (Sweden)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood / climbing rope
Colours: natural wood + yellow rope
Price: 79

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Framed is a collection of unique pieces in hand blown glass in Murano. The project represents a challenge between a digitally controlled shape, the image of our contemporary design world, and the natural uncontrolled birth of free glass-blowing. The frame stands on top of a white base that separate it from the tangible world, it exalts our dream like in a potrait, while the glass shade hugging our important thing, protects it.

Designer: mauro martinuzzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Master Andrea Zilio-furnace Anfora, Murano (VE) (Italy)
Inspired By: contemporary design world
Material: hand blown glass
Colours: lattimo, acquamarine, grey
Dimension: varies, around 40x15x50h cm.
Price: varies

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