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Strap is a challenge for the common bookcase. It plays with color, shape and possibilities. As it’s modular, it allows you to create your Strap as you need it. The solidity of the structure allows Strap to be used as a self-supporting dividing barrier or even as a shelf in the middle of a room. The straps give it a trendy and versatile look – 3 schemes are possible in stimulating colors! Your kids will love this idea! Strap it!

Designer: TS Studio (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Material: Module| Lacquered Hive Panels, Strap| Polyester
Colours: blue, orange, green, grey, magenta
Dimension: Module| Height: 15,4in width: 30,7in depth: 13,8in

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Branches is a glass tableware collection (Water jar, soup bowl, salad bowl, mug, cup and glass). Designed by Igor Solovyov in Simplicity Urban Solutions Ltd. design studio.

Designer: Branches (Belarus)
Inspired By: wood branches
Material: glass

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The urban furniture range “Calla”, designed by Emo design is a solution to furnish many environments as historical centres, big metropolitan areas, airports or shopping malls.
Calla is characterized by a distinctive and feminine sign that enhances the curvy and dense cast-iron it is manufactured with.
Contemporary and minimalist, perfectly in line with the company heritage, this family of objects completes the range Neri following the language of smoothness and maintaining shape pureness.

Designer: Emo design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Neri Spa (Italy)
Material: cast-iron, Effix Design® , Tecnoril®

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Milli stool


Milli is a contemporary stool whose design is influenced by forms in nature such as sea creatures and rock formations.

Designer: Ash West (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Ash West (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: sea creatures, fungi, rock bridges.
Material: MDF, water based acrylic eggshell paint.
Colours: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue, black, white.
Dimension: h450mm x w500mm x d500mm
Price: £119

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3T3 presents itself as dreikant’s home made statement by combining technology from both the car and bicycle world for the use in your own home. Besides aesthetics authenticity can be seen as the core of the concept. This approach is specifically apparent in the choice of robust materials. The tripod ensures a solid stand and the height of the 3T3 is adjustable. The comfortable saddle encourages an upright ergonomic seating position. Each piece is crafted with much love for detail.

Designer: dreikant (Germany)
Manufacturer: dreikant (Germany)
Price: 199 EUR

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SIMPLcase - Minimalist iPhone Case for Travelers


SIMPLcase™ is a slim, minimalist iPhone case designed for global travelers:
- stores both the iPhone's SIM tray eject tool (provided) and spare SIM cards so they're safe
- uses any standard credit card as a stand for using your iPhone hands-free in either horizontal or vertical orientation

Now on Kickstarter

Designer: Simon Kwan (China)
Manufacturer: lgcldesigns (China)
Inspired By: the challenges of changing and storing international SIM cards while traveling with an iPhone
Material: Polycarbonate + Silicone rubber
Colours: Black, White, Limited Edition Tungsten Grey, and more colors to come
Dimension: 12.5cm x 6cm x 0.9cm, 1.0mm thickness
Price: $12 - $18 USD (including free global shipping)

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Outline chess set


3D Printed Chess Set

Designer: Josmar Azzopardi (Malta)
Manufacturer: Shapeways
Inspired By: Wireframe drawings
Colours: Black or White
Price: 2.41 ~ 2.86 per piece

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FEEAS jewelry made to dislike


These pieces have been created using items bought in antique shops, most of them have been in existence for more than a century.

I am interested in giving new life to pieces that have ceased to be useful in regards to the purpose for which they were created, but that still have much formal interest, especially when taken out of context.

Designer: Remedios Vincent (Spain)
Inspired By: antique pieces taken out of context.
Material: items bought in antique shops, most of them have been in existence for more than a century.
Colours: gold, silver
Dimension: small pieces

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EDITION29 HOUSED 006 for iPad


Issue 006 of EDITION29 HOUSED for iPad features modern dwellings and the voices of the architects who designed them from Chile, Brazil, The Netherlands, to the small and minimal Desert House in Palm Springs, California by architect Jim Jennings.

Designer: EDITION29 (United States)
Manufacturer: 29GPS, LLC. (United States)
Inspired By: Great architecture Books
Material: digital
Dimension: 768x1024
Price: $2.99 USD

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Eira chair


A lounge chair designed to be your favorite seating. It's design is based in individual bent wood pieces, in a way that the flexibility of the material itself provides a great comfort.

Designer: Oitenta (Spain)
Manufacturer: Oitenta (Spain)
Material: Eucalyptus curved wood laminate
Colours: natural
Dimension: 80 x 75 x 80

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