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Real Boy Pins


It's just as well these little guys lie so much, because it means you can use their noses to decorate your walls and hold your stuff to pinboards.
The first edition, 1000 x limited-edition packs of two have been made in the UK and handpainted in Tokyo. Each pack has it's own serial number.

Designer: Duncan Shotton (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Duncan Shotton (Japan)
Inspired By: The story of Pinocchio
Material: plastic (ABS) & nickel-plated steel pin
Colours: red, white, brown and skin
Dimension: 31mm x 10mm x 7mm (W x H x D) ... in-packaging dimensions 29mm x 44mm x 15mm (W x H x D)
Price: £8

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Det is Berlin bei Nacht


This is an aerial picture of Berlin taken at day and it became a night view by image processing. More informations:

Designer: Nicole Obermueller (Germany)
Material: 250 g/qm Galaxi Keramik
Dimension: 122 x 60 cm
Price: 29

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Foldin is a modular shelving unit comprised out of a framework and foldable shelves. Each shelf is made out of three plywood plates connected with a piece of felt. The framework can vary in sizes and hold from two to twenty shelf segments. It is easy to remove or replace them simply by folding the sides of the shelves.

Designer: etc.etc. (Lithuania)
Manufacturer: Emko (Lithuania)
Material: wood;plywood;felt.

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Kristallglasmanufaktur Theresienthal

Glassblowers, cutters, engravers, painters and other craftsmen have been working in Theresienthal since 1836. These craftsmen have accumulated the skill and experience that is essential for the making of exclusive crystal ware. Many of these craftsmen have worked in Theresienthal for decades and are sometimes the fourth or fifth generation of artisans. Theresienthal has always relied exclusively on its own craftsmen and every single item is hand-made. The process starts with the creation of a wooden mould. This is carried out by a master wood-turner. The liquid glass is blown into this mould to form the cup. A strand of moulten glass is then formed into the stem which is attached to the cup before the stem solidifies. Using a similar method, some glasses are further adorned with ornaments similarly made by hand. The glasses are then cut, engraved or painted, depending on the design and finally hand-polished. All these steps are done exclusively at our site in Bavaria, meaning that we have full control of the entire manufacturing process. This way we can guaranty the quality and timely delivery.


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Rund is a whole of three auxiliary tables that can be used independently or in groups, creating different compositions, due to their size and height.
We have searched for high and formal simplicity to eliminate everything which is superfluous and focus on lines that give them a great visual delicacy. This apparent fragility contrasts with the resistance they have thanks to the constructive solutions employed. They can hold up 100 kg each.

Designer: Alberto Bejerano & Patxi Cotarelo (Spain)
Manufacturer: Beltà (Spain)
Material: natural or lacquered wood

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Tends moi ton manteau


«Tends moi ton manteau» is a coat rack of which the size depends on the number of guests or the size of your wardrobe! Born from the exploitation of the creative potential of materials and items sold in DIY stores, «Tends moi ton manteau» is made of traditionnal assemblies: No screws, no glue, no nail; only knots and simple saw cuts.

Designer: Emilie Cazin (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Material: Beechwood, elastic straps and plastic hooks
Dimension: L 52cm /D 52 cm / H 180 cm
Price: 310 euros

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Sirkel / Circle gravestone


'Circle' is a minimalistic and religion neutral gravestone. The concept was created for a Norwegian tombstone masonry, who had a wish that it should be innovative and fit into today's multicultural society. The gravestone had to deal with the strict official regulations, and also fit in with the companys existing production system.
Visually the gravestone is a partially recessed circle. The circle is a neutral and universal symbol of life, and the recessed portion symbolizes death.

Designer: Tomas Eidsvold Eriksen (Norway)
Material: Stone, glass, steel
Colours: Stone type can be customized
Dimension: Weight: 150 kg (330 lbs), diameter: 75 cm (2 feet, 5 inches), width: 11 cm (4.3 inches)

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towa desk


With this table, we proudly present a design studio and office desk. It comes with a wealth of first class details, perfect processing and convincing design. What will catch the eye at once is the shape of its laser cut metal frame consisting of two equal parts. The top deck of the towa desk is made of MDF/multiplex material and is slightly rounded for your comfortable work and write position. The towa desk is available in two differnet colour surfaces. 

Designer: David Kornmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: sp-ray (Germany)
Material: steel, MDF, multiplex
Colours: white glossy, aluminum/black matt
Dimension: 1900 x 1100 x 750 mm
Price: 1790,- EUR

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JAC side tables


Each piece is made up of a single plank of timber which has been cut and stacked together in a particular sequence to highlight the distinctive pattern of the annual growth rings. The tables are then turned on a lathe to produce simple geometric shapes and finished using a natural oil.

Designer: gavin coyle (United Kingdom)
Material: douglas fir
Dimension: 290x290x360mm
Price: £350 per table

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The cube room cologne


The cube room - the cube room is a concept room by Fabian Gatermann based on colored cubes for an Design Hostel called Die Wohngemeinschaft in Cologne, Germany.

Designer: Fabian Gatermann M.Sc. (Germany)

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