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ONO bench


Steel or aluminum outdoor furniture. Made from 4mm aluminum or 6 mm steel.
Available in different RAL colors.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Wolters-Mabeg (Belgium)
Inspired By: a victorian sofa
Material: steel or aluminum
Colours: RAL-colors
Dimension: different dimensions, see product description.
Price: 799

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Rosa - Poltrona with acoustics


Whether you are listening to music or reading a book the “Rosa” poltrona keeps one shielded with its acoustic absorbing foam and fabric.

Designer: Kurt Merki Jr (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: (Switzerland)
Inspired By: Rose flower
Material: acoustics fabric & metal

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byKATO Diningtable T1 - Wallpaper Design Award 2012


The table's frame is made of solid wood. It is solid joinery with soft shapes and elegant details as visible tabs. byKATO T1 is classic craftsmanship that stands in sharp contrast to the sharp lines of the tabletop. T1 with extension is for the great party, as the size is up to 420cm. Use your grandmas old antic chairs if you like or use a couple of wooden or leather-upholstered chairs.
Just go for the contract it create life.

Designer: byKATO (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Brødrene Andersen Møbelsnedkeri (Denmark)
Inspired By: Originality and authenticity!
Material: Solid wood & high-pressure laminate top
Colours: Four different solid wood types and 8 laminate colors
Dimension: 220/420x95cm & 180/330x95cm
Price: From 1940 ex. VAT

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Interior Innovation Award 2013


registration extended! Next round of the renowned design award in the interior furnishing industry. Online registration till November 14, 2012

In 2002 imm cologne and the German Design Council sought to initiate an independent, sector-oriented award. The result: the Interior Innovation Award. Today it is considered one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. The imm cologne trade fair is the ideal sponsor of the competition, whose organization is the responsibility of the German Design Council. The Interior Innovation Award stands for first-class innovative achievements in all the sector’s product areas. It offers companies an effective tool for corporate positioning and product differentiation on the interior design market. And that is not all, for the competition also sets standards as regards promoting up-and-coming designers. For the tenth time, in 2013 the Interior Innovation Award will once again go to three young designers selected by the jury from the talent forum D³ Contest 2013.


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Ladder inspired by shelf and Vice versa by MAAST


Easy to set up or take down. Freestanding. Very stable. Possible to order with 2 or 3 ladders

Designer: Tõnis Kalve (Estonia)
Manufacturer: MAAST Production (Estonia)
Inspired By: Ladder
Material: Ash, birch
Colours: Natural
Price: 1575 without VAT

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Four... for Luck


Four...for Luck is a special clover with a creative process based on the interpretation of the Legend of the 4 leaf clover, in which each petal represents a meaning. The concept of total independence was explored so that the four constituent parts of the whole - Hope, Faith, Love and Luck - can play a free specific role whenever necessary.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Inspired By: The legend of the four leaf clover
Material: Structure finished in rosewood veneer. Feet in polished brass finished with high gloss varnish.
Dimension: Table (4 petals) HEIGHT. 18,90 | 48 cm WIDTH. 31,50 | 80 cm DEPTH. 31,50 | 80 cm

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Think Tank


Challenge to achieve a compatible new build addition for a study space, complimenting an award winning midcentury modern restoration of a 1955 residence, in the Magnolia Park Neighborhood of Savannah, GA.; according to the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Preserving, Rehabilitating, and Restoring or Reconstruction.

Designer: Celestino Piralla (United States)
Manufacturer: Asul (United States)
Inspired By: Modular Structures of the 1960 by Pierre Koenig
Material: structure is developed ASUL and design byCSCP Design
Colours: silver. grey orange, white
Dimension: A 16 x 20 interior was combined with a 16 x 8 deck/ porch option
Price: approx $50,000.00 USD

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1960s Celebrity Mirror


Get your 15 minutes of fame with this celebrity mirror in Walnut.

Designer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Timber veneers used on 1960s TVs
Material: Walnut/ Silver Mirror
Colours: Clear semi matt finish
Dimension: 550x450x13mm
Price: £90

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BalanUS - Winner Project - SUN.LAB 2012 - “For a creative Outdoor- Nature Inside”
Balanus transfers the topic of the aggregation from the Nature to the Design, introducing itself like a “colony of seats” of various dimensions, such to emphasize the likeness with the inspiring element: Balanus Amphitrite, a crustacean with a calcareous body of conical shape which lives in conspicuous colonies. This system of seats is ideal for aesthetically appealing contract environments.

Designer: Simona Sacchi (Italy)
Inspired By: Balanus Amphitrite
Material: polyethylene
Colours: white, orange, strawberry

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interview|added Nov 07, 2012

KIKI VAN EIJK interview

Kiki van Eijk was born in 1978 and graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000. Her breakthrough design was the well-known Kiki Carpet. Now the main focus of her work is her own collection, which she exhibits in galleries, museums and at fairs across the world.

Besides her own collection, she works on projects for companies and institutes such as: Studio Edelkoort Paris, MOOOI, Royal Leerdam Crystal, Royal VKB, Audax Textile Museum and many others. Her work is published and sold worldwide, and she has featured in Wallpaper, Elle Decor, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and The International Design Year Book.

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