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The rEvolution glass points out that we are daily surrounded by monotone habits. It shows a new way of how to drink from a glass. Despite the design it is very easy both to pour and drink of the glass.

Designer: Martin Jakobsen (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Mojoo
Price: 24,- EUR

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Me, myself and I: there are times when you want to spend some time on your own in all peace and quiet. The brand new BuzziMe is the ideal cocoon to get away from it all. Belgian designer Axel Enthoven was responsible for an ingenious look which harmoniously combines functionality and ergonomics.

Designer: Axel Enthoven (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Buzzispace (Belgium)
Inspired By: Evolution
Material: Recycled wool
Colours: many

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Glint is the perfect combination of two parts, a portable point of light with magnetic points that connect to the surfaces designed to contain the light or other small object from everyday life, books, magazines, keys … Glint magnetizes to all iron surfaces.

Designer: Filipa Mendes, Gustavo Macedo - Galula (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Galula Product Studio (Portugal)

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Homeland represents the values of the place where we are born; a safe and protective place. Integrally covered by hand, the outer irregular blank matte finish is surprising by the high quality of his satiny touch and each piece turns out to be unique, endowed of by unrepeatable details.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Inspired By: An ancient cottage, with irregular walls covered with whitewash. Symbolizes the affection in a home.
Dimension: HEIGHT. 46,46 |118 cm WIDTH. 50,79 | 129 cm DEPTH. 17,80 | 45 cm

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Pink Time


An elegant super-thin LED lamp made of optical glass and coated aluminium. Switched off your attention is discreetly attracted to whispery neon lines and when illuminating it displays magical images on glass, lacquered tables and reflective surfaces. So switch to a Pink Time ;)

Designer: EMANDES (Poland)
Manufacturer: EMANDES (Poland)
Material: Optical Glass, Croated Aluminium, Steel cord, LEDs
Colours: gray and pink
Dimension: 80x9x2 (cm)
Price: 520

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Rima is an excellent representant/ambassador of the design Made in Germany. The four rings of the desk luminaire RIMA can be easily moved along the bar as the light switch and enable the user to take control over the product. The sensor detect the position of the ring and transfer the information to the corresponding LEDs, allowing the user drawing and moving of one or two lit areas.

Designer: Matthias Pinkert (Germany)
Manufacturer: dreipuls GmbH (Germany)
Inspired By: a Curtain in front of a Window.
Material: Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Colours: White and Black
Dimension: 1060 x 364 x 151
Price: 1.840,00 Euro

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MONOCASCO e-concept motorcycle

This e-concept motorcycle is a tribute to the classic Ossa monocasco which Santiago Herrero rode in four Grand Prix races before his fatal crash in 1970. However, this piece is part of a new generation of motorcycles wich are
cleaner and not only in their forms (runing with lithium-ion battery packs). However, this e-naked is designed more for the café rather than for the competition. It design lines are compact and very close to the user.

A trunk bound with two leather belts gives us access to the mechanics and can also be used to store some personal effects. The seat is integrated in the design lines of the bodywork and provides an intuitive and dominant riding position. Although a short suspensions and a more curved seat to reduce its height (maximum seat height might be between 730 and 750mm and a wheelbase around 1350mm), will lower the center of gravity and will provide more confidence to the pilot during the stopsands and while driving at low speeds.


We are an innovative, fun loving and hard-working design studio. We work happy together, always in a friendly environment and through our unique blend of creative, the use of our innovative tools and our vocation, we work, day by day, to make your life easier.



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Xmas collection of Re_Vinyl table clocks


Re_Vinyl is an upcycling product fashioned from old vinyl records. By altering the functions of used products for new uses, it effectively reduces the disposal of potentially useful materials and the consumption of new raw materials at once. Discreetly crafted on the theme of scenography, animal creatures or city skyline, the collection comes in a variety of story-telling silhouettes while retaining the grooves and record labels reminiscent of the heydays of acoustic recordings.

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko (Estonia)
Material: old vinyl LP records
Price: 40eur

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This wood bowl is beautifully your movements when it put food on the table, it is time to lift from the table. You can also offer dishes without breaking the dish was carefully also. It is a tool that you convey the feeling of hospitality.

Designer: Kenichiro Oomori (Japan)
Manufacturer: syosen japan (Japan)
Material: Wood, Urethane
Colours: natural,black
Dimension: w140h51, w140h130, w273h51 (mm)

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Splice Chairs


Originally finished in the battleship grey to match the maritime surroundings of the Liquidesign office, now in a wide range of vibrant colours

Designer: Cameron Fry
Price: £300

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