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The Headlight series, by Stephen Shaheen, are hand-sculpted from recycled paper, cotton, and denim. Shaheen creates armatures based on human proportions, positions the gestures and carefully models the bodies in a long and multi-step process. Rather than sculptural illuminations, Shaheen see these as illuminated sculptures, and each piece is unique. He asserts, “The underlying concept distilled from all of these is the notion of ‘connection.’”

Designer: Stephen Shaheen (United States)
Material: Recycled Fiber, Denim, Cotton and Electrical Components
Colours: Brown, Blue, White
Dimension: 24

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Star is lamp with personality that could fit in a wide range of environments. STAR lightness looks like it floats in the air. When moving its shape changes. It never looks the same. It’s the perfect balance between elegance and irreverence.

Designer: Cládia Melo (Portugal)
Material: Polished copper
Colours: golden and white
Dimension: 27.6 x 31.5 inches
Price: 988.138 USD

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Homeless Bill


Homeless Bill is a mirror, that hopefully will make you reflect in more than one way. The begging hands ask for your jewelry or other valuables. While looking in the mirror, these hands could actually be taken for your own. It’s as much a functional piece of furniture as it’s a philosophical sculpture. It was made during a project called Skud på stammen in Denmark during the summer 2012.

Woodwork: Jens Hjortshøj
Photo: Neel Munthe-Brun & Rikke Løbner Espersen

Designer: Martin Björnson (Sweden)
Inspired By: and the projects theme recession.
Material: Frame: solid walnut. Hands: solid basswood, hand carved
Dimension: 400x800x~200 mm

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Collection of vases Stereotypie


While the actual shapes of vases we let blowing in small family glassworks in Jizerské hory,decorations themselves are based on time- consuming craftsmanship and multiplication of subtle linear structures that already anticipated the mood of long winter evenings.

Designer: Petra Kucerova (Czech Republic)
Material: glass
Dimension: height 30 cm

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This desktop organizer inspired by the topography, creates a cork landscape, with a mountain to plant your thumbtacks, a lake for your clips to swim, and a volcano where your pencils erupt

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO (Spain)
Inspired By: topography
Material: cork
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 21.5cmx24cmx5cm
Price: 60

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70s Celebrity Mirror


Get your 15 minutes of fame with this mirror inspired by a 1970s analogue TV.

Designer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Timber veneers used on TVs in the 1970s
Material: Mahogany/ silver mirror
Colours: Clear semi matt finish.
Dimension: 550x450x13mm
Price: £90

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Bojt Studio Bent Wood Rings


Born of hardwood, Bojt Studio bent wood rings caputre the unique color and grain of the woods of the world.

Designer: James Nord (United States)
Manufacturer: Bojt Studio (United States)

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Mother Mine


Mother Mine & All of Us. A Collection of Furniture inspired by Human anatomy.
Limited Series - Unique Piece

Designer: anafatia (Portugal)
Manufacturer: anafatia product's (Portugal)
Inspired By: Human Anatomy.
Material: MDF. Material - Lazer Cut
Colours: Natural Process
Dimension: 1000x1300x400mm
Price: 20.000,00

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Awake is a digital alarm clock for young people, who use their smartphones as a alarm clock. The usb interface allows to connect, all current smartphone models with Awake. The alarm clock is charging station, speakers, night light and clock.Over and above that, the clock itself is an oversized snooze buzzer, that can be found easily.

Designer: Simon Michel (Germany)

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FOGGER vertical planting unit by VAKANT


The FOGGER is a highly efficient, vertical planting unit. Just take some pre-germinated vegetable seedlings of your choice and insert them with the neoprene plugs into the pillar, fill up the tank with water and the included organic fertilizer, and you are ready to start your own fully automatic cultivation! Up to six weeks the plants are self-sufficiently supplied with water and nourishment via a fogponic cultivation technique. VIDEOLINK

Designer: Lorenz Schott & Michael Lessmoellmann (Germany)
Inspired By: urban gardening
Material: ceramics / wood / aluminum / neoprene
Dimension: 0,55m x 0,55m x 1,5m

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