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Cubist Table


A table that combines end cuts of plantation grown teak wood. Eco friendly and modern do not have to be mutually exclusive!

Designer: Jason Phillips (United States)
Manufacturer: Phillips Collection (United States)
Inspired By: Cubes
Material: Teak Wood
Colours: Natural
Dimension: dia54x30
Price: available upon request

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Larva seating system


Modular seating system, consisting of only five elements: footstool, corner element, sit element without arm and a left and right armseat. You can combine very easily until you feel you have reached the perfect combination, until your space has been ideally filled, full or empty, separate chairs or corner-combinations or even a relaxing island.

Designer: studio segers (Belgium)
Manufacturer: B by indera (Belgium)

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THE HIDDEN MODERNITY OF LONDON ARCHITECTURE - Most of London's modern residential designs that are being brought to life in the city where the rarity of raw land to build on, have architects finding leftover spaces between existing buildings that overshadow the new developments, thus many of the amazing modern residential structures being built are hidden from plain view, with their dislocation from the main roads.

Designer: EDITION29 (United States)
Manufacturer: 29GPS, LLC. (United States)
Material: Digital
Dimension: 768x1024 px
Price: $2.99

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Time Flies


Wooden wall clock.

Designer: Jenny Walsh (Ireland)
Manufacturer: Jenny Walsh Design (Ireland)
Inspired By: Another year almost over. How Time Flies
Material: Cherry-wood veneer, metal second hand & clock machanism.
Colours: wood
Dimension: 255mm (at noon) - 360mm (with wings extended)
Price: 40

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LG Touch smartphone


LG Touch - Smartphone with raised touch screen
LG Mobile Design Competition 2012 / Grand Prize / Tokyo 20.11.2012

LG Touch is a state-of-the-art smartphone with raised touch screen that morphs in 3D thanks to micro-shock waves running through a polymer membrane. The raised touch screen gives the users tactile feedback (a feature smartphones currently lack).

Designer: Andrea Ponti (Italy)
Manufacturer: LG (Japan)

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TWIIN bike rack


Twiin was designed for a bike rack competition held by the city of Reykjavík and won joint 1st price along with another entry. It stores two bikes at a time and it functions for both high and low bike frames. This is what the judges said about the design: "The bike rack form is beautiful and classic. The bike rack is both noticeable and remarkable when placed in an urban environment. The function of the bike rack is versatile and it complements the urban environment when it doesn't hold bikes."

Designer: Sigrún G. Halldórsdóttir (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Reykjavíkurborg (Iceland)
Material: Steel
Colours: Variable

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Messy - A Clothes Angel


Messy will keep your clothes in order - when out of the wardrobe - and not quite ready for the washing machine yet. 2 cuts in an ash plank: Very simple and very efficient!

Designer: LUND & PAARMANN (Denmark)
Manufacturer: LOPFURNITURE (Denmark)
Inspired By: Angels
Material: Ash and metal
Colours: Nature ash, black stained ash, metal in various colours
Dimension: 200 x 70 x 70 cm
Price: 260 Euros

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Monsters E-co


A monsters invasion in the city, diffused in urban space for a different location and function. Monsters E-co, working on an innovative, ecological and funny redesign of current bins, develop an awareness on recycling, assisting an useful, functional and essential design with an attractive, witty and strong visual graphic impact. Recycled plastic E-cological Monsters attract people to use them.

Designer: Gradosei (Italy)
Material: Polyethylene
Colours: Green,yellow,blue and floral white

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URBANA - shower base with seat


This shower base embody an ergonomic and smart design, exemplifying beauty combined with practicality and versatility.The design of this shower tray is human and purposeful. Every detail was deeply studied to offer the user a comfortable seating and a pleasant showering experience.

Designer: Fleurco (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fleurco

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Designer Paul Nederend has a fascination for traditional woodworking, which is shown in this design. Chair Pole is very accessible and is recognizable. Nevertheless it is original.

The wooden frame (oak) is made with traditional woodworking techniques, with real craftsmanship and without the use of screws or bolts. This gives the Pole a whole lot of character, but the contemporary fabrics really make the chair come to life. For upholstery there’s chosen for the famous Kvadrat Hallingdal.

Designer: Paul Nederend (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Odesi (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Forest, woodworking
Material: oak wood, fabric
Colours: green, yellow, lightgrey, darkgrey
Price: 520 euro

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