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Stool and side table in solid wood and plexiglass.
The part in wood comes from the trunk of a tree, which has been cut horizontally and into a square, thereby leaving the tree rings visible and evoking the natural sensation of sitting on a cut trunk in the woods.
This is an unusual combination of a natural material and an artificial material, which are worked together and speak a common language, thus giving life to an object that is rational, fascinating and expressive.

Designer: mist-o (Italy)
Manufacturer: mist-o (Italy)
Material: Solid wood, plexiglass
Dimension: 28X28 H45

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Bold Cabinet


Thanks to the small size and the basic design, Bold is a provocative cabinet suitable for each part of the house. Combined with Round basin it can be a washstand while, with its plate for objects, it becomes a practical storage cabinet. The “oversized” handle is not only functional but becomes a bold element in the character of the object.

Designer: mist-o (Italy)
Manufacturer: Ex-t (Italy)
Material: Wood, metal
Dimension: 110X45X H75 / 55X45X H75

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This is a monolithic sculptured table that is extremely simple and linear but with the addition of an element that moderates the austerity and rigid quality of the object. There is a series of steps that direct one`s attention to the world of architecture by calling to mind the stairs of buildings and monuments and the steps leading to the door of a house.

Designer: mist-o (Italy)
Manufacturer: Mogg (Italy)
Material: lacquered wood or concrete finish
Dimension: 90X90 H35 / 130X70 H35

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Take Off Your Shoes and Jacket


Shoes, jackets, scarf-Everything wants to be packed, but what is if the corridor is very small? The usage is so simple as the design. By the position change of the wardrobe " Take Off Your Shoes and Jacket" it becomes a tray for shoes or jackets. Any kind of shoes sticks loosely between the two differently deep bended pipe. The clamp can be attached to the pipe construction. Depending in his needs, the user can be fixed additional tray to put accessories down there.

Designer: Ariane März (Germany)
Manufacturer: maerzgruen
Inspired By: my own floor
Material: sheet steel
Colours: green
Dimension: 85mm x 675mm x 175mm (h x w x d)

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