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Pink glasses


The Pink glasses project is a concept of a label for a rose wine from California.
Do you have any doubts that the pink glasses have the amazing power of mood improving? Model of Pink Glasses project will be shown at Packaging Innovation Showcase Scanpack 2012 in Götenbotg.

Designer: Luks Piekut (Poland)
Manufacturer: Luksemburk (Poland)
Inspired By: California
Material: Self-adhesive label
Colours: pink, grey, yellow
Dimension: 15 x 6 cm

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ORGATEC Modern Office & Facility 2012


Modern Working Environments

Furnishing, lighting, flooring, room acoustics and communication and media technology. ORGATEC is the only trade fair to present so many comprehensive solutions from all relevant sectors for working and living spaces in the office. ORGATEC 2012 particularly focuses on the flexible and dynamic working environments of the future.


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A better place for hang-ups / "Wandzeug" is a laser cut wardrobe made of sheet steel. Currently there are various expressions and prhases to choose from.
Updates are coming regurlarly. Soon, clients will be able to order their own motifs and words.

Designer: Nikolaus Hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Sellando (Germany)
Material: Sheet steel
Colours: Black, white, red
Dimension: 8' high x 35' long
Price: 89.-

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Thonet Concept Bike by Andy Martin Studio

    view gallery London based-designer Andy Martin was asked by THONET to design and develop a concept road bicycle using their steam bending process developed in the 1930s.   Andy Martin Studio developed three designs of which the final was selected because its beauty and modest connection with the heritage of the company.   Andy says 'The challenge was to take on fairly low...


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Handmade table

Designer: Anders Guld (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Anders Guld (Denmark)
Inspired By: Childhood memories and a study of joints.
Material: Oak, walnut and maple
Dimension: l x w x h: 130 x 80 x 75 cm

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Starbucks Espresso Journey by nendo

    view gallery Starbucks Espresso Journey — A pop-up shop dedicated to Starbucks' espresso drinks, in which visitors can learn more about drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and cafe mochas. nendo designed the space to be like a library, with bookshelves. On the shelves, they positioned books with covers in nine different colors. Each color of book corresponds to a different espresso drink. Visito...


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EDITION29 HOUSED for iPad lets the architects and builders of dwellings from across the globe tell the stories behind these modern habitats. Each Issue contains over 150 pages of stunning photography, audio, text and video that brings to life these amazing structures. And all new visually driven dynamic touch navigational system. This tablet exclusive collectable magazine is made for iPad 2 and New iPad users with iOS 6.

Designer: Edition29 (United States)
Manufacturer: Edition29 (United States)
Inspired By: Great Architecture Books
Material: digital
Dimension: 768x1024 px
Price: $2.99 USD

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CURB is refined and rough. A sofa with gentle detail and a distinctive profile. The outer timber structure serves both as a structural frame and as an aesthetic quality. The corners of the frame are assembled with finger joints, which highlights the constructive elements.

Designer: SAYS WHO Furniture Design (Denmark)
Manufacturer: (Denmark)
Inspired By: ROUGH and refined details
Material: Black-stained ash and oiled walnut with fabric
Colours: Many different fabrics
Dimension: 180 x 90 x 75 cm. Seat height: 39.5 cm.
Price: From 1477 EUR

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play retro


Simple retro lines form two dynamic tables, the S and Z tab. They can be used separately or assembled together performing variable functions according to their compositions. Just play retro and you get what you need.
Functionality is the main aspect of the design. Playing with the tables gives different forms; each is of a useful design. It can be used as:Small library and magazine holder/Side Table(the S one )/Tavolino Table (the Z one)/Coffee table.

Designer: yousra (Egypt)

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Huddle is a 3d printed light shade showing the modern cityscape; high rise buildings huddling close together. Directly mounted on the LED bulb that is included, the need for a fixture is ruled out.

Huddle comes in a pendant as well as a floor lamp version.

Designer: David Graas (Netherlands)
Inspired By: mass urbanization
Material: polyamide
Colours: white
Dimension: 9 x 9 x 9 cm

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