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Racing sideboard


lacquered MDF board, high gloss, with text lacquered on surface, it contains 2 hinged doors on the sides, and inside in the middle there is a dividing plate. The sideboard stands on 6 legs.

Designer: Martina Kerestanova (Slovakia)
Manufacturer: Dommier (Slovakia)
Inspired By: car and racing
Material: MDF
Colours: black and white
Dimension: Width=190,2 cm, depth=43,5cm, height=62,2cm
Price: 5500,- EUR

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Smith Sideboard


The key features of the ‘Smith Sideboard’ are a solid wooden top and base, feature ash finger grips, a-symmetrical cupboard doors and full width drawer for smaller items.
This contemporary unit is assembled using colour coded instructions with matching, in house designed instructions.
With adjustable interior shelves the piece allows the user to choose their own storage system.

Designer: Jon Clark & James Ecroyd (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Danish design and modern minimalism
Material: Ash
Colours: White, Grey, Wood
Dimension: 1200x350x720
Price: £500

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UID Cookie Box


The UID Cookie Box was a collaboration between Daniel Jansson, Alexis Morin and Sharon Williams, all second year master students in interaction design at Umeå Institute of Design (UID). The box is to be placed in a public or semi-public space and gives out cookies to whoever posts a certain hashtag on Twitter. It reacts on your tweets through lighting and will refuse you another cookie if you have just gotten one. Currently only a one off prototype that is up and running in Umeå.

Designer: Daniel Jansson, Alexis Morin & Sharon Williams

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Table TA


Loose self supporting tabletop on three-legged sawbuck legs

Designer: Lasse Svensson (Denmark)
Manufacturer: E601 (Denmark)
Material: Oak veenered, laminated spruce core / legs in solid oak
Colours: Lye nature / black stained / smoked oak
Dimension: LWH: 2480 x 885 x 730
Price: 2.000

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Hendrix by David Fox for Atelier de Berenn


Hendrix is the latest design to be launched at Orgatec for Atelier de Berenn Hall 9 Stand A051. A high and low backed lounge chair, produced from moulded foam and pressed steel componentry. Inspired by the curves of a brandy glass, and the lines of a classic microphone fringe line, hendrix will also be complimented by a side chair named Jackson.

For further information please contact

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Berenn (Turkey)
Inspired By: Brandy Glasses, Microphone hairdo`s
Material: Steel + Upholstered Fabric + Leather
Colours: All
Price: contact

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Coffee table BUTTERFLY - Metal table consists of 3 identical parts bent metal connecting screws thanks - Bicolor
MADE in FRANCE - Limited edition
Custom colors when ordering

Designer: Romain Duclos (France)
Manufacturer: Rlos Design (France)
Inspired By: Romain Duclos
Material: Metal
Colours: Blue and white
Dimension: 105x31
Price: 890

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SNAKE Necklace


SNAKE Necklace is a part of an entire an entire jewellery set including armband and ring. Is produced with strongest nylon that it has a good heat resistance and flexibility using the 3d print technology. All pieces are wearable and comfortable, light and pleasant to touch. Thanks to its modern and contemporary design it is easy to wear in combination with different clothings, easy to wear every day or for a particular occasion.

Designer: Dario Scapitta (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Snake
Material: 3d printed polyamide (Nylon)
Colours: Black

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Wooden Helmet


Helmet made out of joining planks of Teak wood & white Cedar.

Designer: Asad Firdosy (India)
Manufacturer: Firdos Furnishers (India)
Material: Wood
Colours: Red, Natural
Price: $300

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oled designstudy


Just like a satellite hovers the "UP" in space. The four OLED-lighting panels are adjustable sidewards and place the light where is needed. Technical innovation, energy efficiency in combination with
variability dispaly this OLED-lighting fixture.

Designer: Bernd Unrecht (Germany)
Manufacturer: Bernd Unrecht lights
Material: aluminum, steel, brass
Colours: chrome matt
Price: prototype

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Koala 45


An over-sized hammock offering you an unusual meeting place. This wooden structure, held togheter by 12 bolts, can carry up to 8 persons. It’s the perfect place for open-air conversations and relaxing.

Designer: stal collectief (Belgium)
Manufacturer: (Belgium)

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