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Concrete Drawer & Cabinet Knobs


Having your home decorated with the same old hardware isn’t going to let you stand out, and certainly won’t turn many heads at your next dinner party. One quick fix to your home's routine knob are KAST Concrete's new concrete drawer and cabinet knobs. Made in Alabama, these concrete knobs are top quality and have excellent design and feel for any decor. Whether you are renovating a kitchen or just want a fresh look on an old desk, these knobs will give you the subtle 'pop' that you desire.

Designer: Grey Hensey (United States)
Manufacturer: KAST CONCRETE DECOR (United States)
Material: Concrete
Colours: light-gray...(coming soon: blue, yellow, brown, charcoal)
Price: $8

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Mobile, modular treatment unit for dentistry, with special emphasis on use in developing countries

The draft DENTASSIST includes a mobile dental unit for dental treatment of vulnerable people, mainly for persons who have no access to the national health care or any medical care due to geographic or political background. The design was developed with the help of aid agencies and for global use, to enable a basic dental care.

Designer: Philipp Kupfer & Markus Schönecker (Germany)

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Microsoft Keyflex


Input devices are often made for work and therefore has certain negative feelings associated with them. I set out to create a computer-input device that was completely focused on entertainment and home environment. The design of the device is borrowing language from living rooms instead of offices. It’s referencing to ceramics, organic shapes and textiles.

Designer: victor johansson (United Kingdom)

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My high-backed chair has given me the opportunity to create a multifunctional piece of furniture - a chair, equipped with both shelves and a small drawer. The chair can then be used for multiple purposes, and therfore you need less.

My High Back Chair will be exhibited at the Danish Museum of Art TRAPHOLT in Kolding. From 11. October to 14. April 2013. The exhibition title is: Skud på Stammen 2012

Designer: Jimmy Kessler (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Cabinetmaker: Marius Krogsgaard Thomsen (Denmark)
Material: Oak
Dimension: 1415 x 455 x 420 mm

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Zwol pendant lamp


Zwol is a pendant lamp which is based on a standard trouble lamp. The body of Zwol is made out of “acrylic one”, its made by hand in a silicone mold. The body is finished off and partially protected by a laser cut, birch plywood cage.

Designer: stal collectief (Belgium)
Manufacturer: (Belgium)

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Machine Alarm Clock


Bicolor cogwheels well in view for Machine alarm clock are the perfect symbol for starting the day. Also quarters of an hour can be selected and after ringing, just push the button to silence.

Designer: Enrico Azzimonti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Diamantini & Domeniconi (Italy)
Inspired By: Cogwheels
Material: Different colors lacquered wood frame
Colours: white black Duchamp green grey violet orange strawberry red sky blue - magenta
Dimension: Ø10 x p 6,5 cm

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set of lamps and furniture

Designer: Salvador Nadal Belda (Spain)
Manufacturer: El nebot del persianer (Spain)
Inspired By: tradition cultural
Material: oak wood, blinds are pine
Dimension: 1,90x0,75cm table / lamp-container 0'98x´15cm

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CRETE coffee table


The coffee table CRETE is built on the the concept ​​"back to nature" with the use of wood and stone, which also captures one of today's trends. The choice of material exudes durability and sustainability. A piece of furniture that will last for years. The attention is caught by the concrete tactility and the visibel wooden legs in the table top. Each table tells a unique story through the natural materials.

Designer: SAYS WHO furniture design (Denmark)
Manufacturer: (Denmark)
Inspired By: Scandinavian design style, back to nature and natural materials
Material: Concrete: nature or anthracite. Legs: oiled or black stained oak.
Colours: Concrete: nature or anthracite. Legs: oiled or black stained
Dimension: Width and lenght: 92cm, height: 41cm
Price: from 880 EUR

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white Shark


Elegant, sophisticated, timeless, an homage to the desk. With integrated drawers on top, the table gives enough space for all desktop tools and documents.
All drawers have an innovative slow-motion opening and closing System which is self developed by our company.

Designer: Bohry (Germany)
Manufacturer: MONOMENT (Germany)
Material: powder-coated aluminum, glas, oak
Colours: white
Dimension: 70cm x 170cm x 76cm
Price: 1978

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Structure chair for MAD at INTERIEUR

    view gallery The Structure chair is the synthesis of 32 standard elements of equivalent length, a basic yet complex construction, an optimized and low-energy production for a maximum of pro-active emotion, games of shadow and emptiness, with autonomous and free lines set in a known frame.   Structure is the end result of a product made from 32 solid wood profiles, round and identical...

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