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Swifty Scooters’ aim is simply to produce the best, folding adult kick scooters in the world. Through the power of design innovation and British engineering Swifty Scooters demonstrates a 21st century relevance to urban mobility.

Innovative folding mechanism, ultra slim for efficient storage, can be rolled on its front wheel or easily carried weighing just 7.8kg.

Smooth and fast to ride.
Swifty Scooters are now successfully exporting all over the world.

Designer: Jason Iftakhar (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Swifty Scooters (United Kingdom)
Price: £499.00

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Das Kant Regal


1 shelf, 4 ways of display it. The constructivist structure allows the user to find unusual manners to fill in the spaces. The idea is to have one piece of furniture that can adapt to different sized ambients.

Designer: Jaqueline Diedam (Brazil)
Inspired By: Wassily Chair
Material: Metal stripes
Dimension: 180x56x69

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Bookcase PEGMA


Parametric bookcase with randomly generated curves created using the imotiu furniture generator wizard.

Designer: Pau Ginés i Sànchez (Spain)
Manufacturer: Imotiu S.L. (Spain)
Dimension: 160x45x60cm

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Sometimes, furniture manufacturers such as IKEA draw their inspiration from the designs of small manufacturers. In our case, it was the other way around. When setting up his own, first studios, Gerhardt Kellermann took his inspiration from the BEKVÄM footstool, with the clear intention of improving it. His design, AEKI is many things in one: a side table, a footstool, a bedside table, but more than that, a creative sculpture, similar to a three dimensional letter.

Designer: Gerhardt Kellermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: AUERBERG (Germany)
Material: ash
Colours: stained black and dark blue and varnished
Dimension: H 48 x W 43 x D 33 cm
Price: 198,00

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Passa cabos Cork Lamp


The "Passa Cabos" is a cork lamp made by portuguese designer André Valério and produced by Ervilha Criativa. Designer says: This project aims to explore the approach of objects and animals to humans in the stories of everyday.
I found a very interesting story about a specific specie in some countries called ferrets were trained to pass electrical cables inside ducts. This lamp tells this story.

Designer: André Valério (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Ervilha Criativa (Portugal)
Inspired By: ferrets
Material: cork
Colours: brown cork
Dimension: mm: 300 x 120 x 100 mm inches: 11,81
Price: 95

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The frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo. The layers are pressed together. The shape is formed by the bamboo's natural bending curve.
The layers of bamboo curve through each other and entwine, locking each other in place. End result is a mix of nature and mathematics, of possible and impossible. A super strong masculine dynamic shape that looks different watched from different viewing points.

Designer: J.P.Meulendijks (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PLANKTON (Netherlands)
Inspired By: qualities, possibilities and characteristics of Bamboo
Material: Bamboo / Cradle2cradle certified glass
Colours: caramel / natural
Dimension: diameter: 1400 mm. height: 742 mm. (glass-top) 770 mm.(bamboo-top)
Price: from 1611,57 euro exc. VAT

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Eden | Coffee Table


Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire.

Available set of 2 center tables and a side table version.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Studio (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Material: Structure made in Mahogany, fully plated in polished brass with it's top delicately engraved
Colours: Options: Brushed brass, stained brass, polished copper, brushed copper, stained copper
Dimension: Big W. 162 CM | 63,78'' H. 36 CM | 14,17'' D. 112 CM | 44,09''

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Clark Suspension


The ideal choice to attribute to your home a softy and sophisticated touch with a sculptural drama. Its structure is made in brass, covered by a golden bath just like real trumpets are. This lamp gives the perfect ambience to your dining room or living room. Let yourself be part of Clark suspension lamp, dare to change your way to see.

Designer: Diogo Carvalho (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Delightfull (Portugal)
Material: Structure in brass, covered by a golden bath
Colours: Frame: Chrome or Gold Plated. Details: Chrome or Gold Plated.
Dimension: Height: 27,5
Price: 2170

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Fakir carpet


The « Fakir carpet», both dangerous and inviting with long silky hair, hides dozens of metal spikes.

Designer: Célia Nkala (France)
Manufacturer: Perception park
Inspired By: fakirs
Material: Icelandic sheepskin & Métal
Colours: white
Dimension: 43X27,5 Inches

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Another Ceramic Candlestick


Each member of this perfectly functional and charming family of candlesticks consists of a ceramic lid on a turned oak base. Inside is a concealed box, perfect for hiding away or keeping belongings safe.

Designer: Marie Dessuant (France)
Manufacturer: Another Country (United Kingdom)
Material: solid oak, glazed stoneware lid
Dimension: (diam x h): Small: 900 x 300, Medium: 900 x 600, Large: 900 x 1200

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