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Pure gold toilet paper support

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: This piece is inspired by what i feel about the way my generation is being treated
Material: Gold
Colours: Gold
Dimension: 200x150x95mm
Price: Price over request

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Incómoda de Saltos Altos


Mother Mine & All of Us. A Collection of Furniture inspired by Human anatomy.

Designer: anafatia (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Tampcor | J.Honório (Portugal)
Inspired By: Human Anatomy
Material: Corian®
Colours: White & Black
Dimension: 1200x550x350mm
Price: 10.000,00

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Analogue Side Table


A usefull side table or bedside table inspired by the use of timber on appliances from the past.

Designer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Robin McGrath (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: 1960s and 70s TVs
Material: Walnut and fauxe suede
Colours: Green or red suede options.
Dimension: H60xW45xD35cm
Price: 490 pounds sterling

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The Re-Ply


The design upcycles cardboard by rescuing it from the recycling loop and making it into something more permanent and durable. A single pair of bolts attach the seat to a steel base, allowing it to rock.

The Re-Ply is currently planned for production and available now on Kickstarter.

Designer: Dan Goldstein (United States)
Manufacturer: (United States)
Inspired By: Eames, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Jasper Morrison
Material: Cardboard, Steel, Felt
Price: 180 USD

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Team is a modular & multifunctional seating system. The base is formed by a back panel and a seating element. Accessories can be hung over the back panel.

Designer: Peter van de Water (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Cascando (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Wall
Material: Coated steel, upholstery and laminated panel
Colours: White accessories, light and dark grey panels.
Dimension: appr. 260 x 130cm Height 85cm

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ceiba lamp


This leafy tropical tree gives the name to this lamp, that resembles the structure of its big branches and the way like they project the shadows through them. Its form is generated from two flat surfaces which are extended by internal supports.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: Wood
Colours: Natural, White
Dimension: 90cm x 20cm
Price: 380

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VECTRO chair


Armchair Vector is a timeless piece with an original and unique shape. Ideally suited to both; modern and classic spaces. It will be an excellent main piece for interiors that are juxtaposed to their surroundings. The high quality crafted finish guarantees comfort.

Designer: Marcin Laskowski (Poland)
Manufacturer: Melounge studio (Poland)
Colours: grey,black,white,brown,
Dimension: 1000 x 700 x 700

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saigon lacquer trays


This delicate Saigon Lacquer collection is manufactured in the highest possible quality. Each product consists of several layers of wood, after which 16 layers of lacquer were applied in the traditional fashion, resulting in beautifully finished products without seams. The quality of the finishing, combined with the shapes, have resulted in unique handmade products.

Designer: arian brekveld (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: imperfect design (Netherlands)
Material: mdf and lacquer
Dimension: ø440mm x 35mm
Price: euro 230,00

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Gilded Bowls


Turned, carved, gilded and blackened hardwood.

Designer: John Eric Byers (United States)
Manufacturer: John Eric Byers (United States)
Material: hardwood and gold leaf

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ARIK LEVY interview

"Creation is an uncontrolled muscle" according to Arik Levy (born 1963).

Artist, technician, photographer, designer, filmmaker, Levy's skills are multi-disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Best known publicly for his sculptures such as his signature Rock pieces -, his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels "The world is about people, not objects."

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