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Spice rack made of wenge wood (on request in oak) oiled with 5 inscribable ceramic cans.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N (Germany)
Material: wenge/oak and caramic
Colours: black/white
Dimension: 420 x 60 x 60 mm
Price: 118 Euro

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Valencia Disseny Week


For the fouth year running, the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV) is promoting Valencia Disseny Week (VDW), a major event packed with designrelated activities that will be held in Valencia from 18 to 22 September 2012, coinciding with the Feria Hábitat Valencia trade fair. The design week aims to become a beacon for all the design-based events that are hosted concurrently in Valencia, in order to promote design culture to a wide range of target audiences while simultaneously supporting all those involved. During the week, Valencia will become one of the leading international capitals for design and a national benchmark. The design week will encompass almost one hundred activities including exhibitions, showrooms, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, talks, workshops and much more, with a view to promoting Valencian design, as well as welcoming national and international design, and conveying that design is an effective tool for industrial improvement and for the economic sustainability of the business network. This year’s activities will be structured around different categories: Routes, City, Big and Fair.
VDW Routes establish two circuits in two areas of Valencia (Ruzafa and City Centre). Each area will officially open activities on alternate days of the week to ensure greater accessibility and to encourage the influx of visitors.
CITY CENTRE AREA: Wednesday, 19 September
RUZAFA AREA: Thursday, 20 September

Another of the new features of this edition is VDW City. The idea is to include the shopkeepers on the city center in the project, inviting the multitude of visitors to the city to experience their products and allowing a collective that uses design on a daily basis to share the city's know-how with them. VDW Big. This new category includes events that have a higher exposure level. VDW Big activities are those that by their size, either by the place for its production or the company that organizes them, cannot be framed on VDW Routes. VDW Fair. The Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) project, which was created by the ADCV, has been a success thanks to the fact that it runs in parallel to Feria Hábitat Valencia. By launching this project, the Designers’ Association has made it possible to increase design services in Valencia meaning that the Trade Fair is similarly reinforced. The ADCV will be visible in Feria Hábitat Valencia thanks to its stand and will be actively participating in the trade fair with cultural contents created for enriching the range of activities, attract a wider audience, boost activities and stimulate all the sectors involved. Valencia Disseny Week is organised by the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV), a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1985 by industrial and graphic designers. It serves the professional interests of its members, promotes design from a cultural, corporate and social perspective, creates strong ties between companies and designers, and promotes national and international networking with the design world. Its organisational structure includes a Board of Directors consisting of the members, a manager and a coordinator. It currently comprises 281 members who are mostly professional designers in the fields of graphics and product design, with a smaller proportion of contributors and industry related companies. The companies that are ADCV members are Andreu World, Barreira, Capdell, Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU, Diazotec, ESAT, La Imprenta, Instituto Superior de Enseñanzas Artísticas de la Comunidad Valenciana, Luzifer Lamps, Fernando Gil, José de las Heras, Gandía Blasco, Lladró, Punt, ITC/AICE, Simbols, Koo International, Departamento de Pintura de la UPV, Grafitti Rótulos, Vinyl Decor, Guarro Casas, Gráficas Vernetta, Inclass, Vondom and Poma Reineta.


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3d Printed Magic Lantern


The ligtweight shell acts like a magic lantern rotating with the heat oof the lamp. The material is a olished fire resistant lastic that turn slowly projecting patterns onto the surrounding surfaces.

Designer: Margot Krsojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Magic lanterns, coal effect electric heater
Material: acrylic based polymer
Colours: white
Dimension: 20cm

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Shroom is an outdoor light fixture and furniture series with an unique detection system that reacts to movement. “We wanted to create a lighting adapted to the life and needs in Nordic cities, close to nature and with long dark nights during the winter, say the designers.” The light dims to a 10 % light strength, if nobody is in its proximity and when someone passes by, Shroom smoothly brightens to full luminosity, lighting up the path. This is both energy-saving and avoiding light pollution.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: SaintLuc (France)
Material: Linen composite, Aluminium, Painted steel, LED, PMMA

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Nature Preserve jewelry


all my jewelery are handmade from natural shapes, materials and textures.
acorns, pine cones and nuts become magnificent jewels while maintaining their natural beauty.

Designer: Gur Kimel (Israel)
Manufacturer: Gur Kimel (Israel)
Inspired By: nature , woodland
Material: Silver , Gold , wood
Colours: silver, gold
Dimension: real acorn size
Price: 90-140 USD

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IWA collection


The word IWA means ‘stone’ in Japanese. The collection’s central tenet is “the essence of a piece of art originating from carved stone”. Miguel Ángel Buonarotti, a famous sculptor, believed that each marble block he worked on had a soul, a latent artwork that he tried to recover. His sculptures, he said, were always there; he only had to remove small stone fragments to bring its soul back.

Designer: Jorge Goval (Spain)
Manufacturer: Fanstudio (Spain)
Material: Coated Plyurethane Foam
Colours: any RAL, PANTONE or NCS color

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The MyKidPad exclusively on Kickstarter. 
A lightweight and protective case, transforming the iPad 2 and 3 into a portable tool for gaming and fun to expand your child's world, anywhere-anytime. The MyKidPad, designed for kid-safe fun & adult piece of mind by idiom+.

Designer: Thomas Lehman (United States)
Price: $29/$39

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Weave Collection


The design is aimed at creating an intriguing shape from every angle the chair is viewed. Weaving the timeless shape of the body with the flare of the contemporary legs satisfies both the traditional and contemporary elements. The unique all weather rope blended with the steel allows for both durability and comfort.

Designer: Brandon Kershner (United States)
Manufacturer: Outback Company (United States)
Inspired By: Harry Bertoia, Ray & Charles Eames
Material: All Weather Rope & Powder Coated Steel with Sunbrella Cushions

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Cowboys Muscle T


Cowboys Muscle T is part of a quality shirts collection with nature inspired hand made illustrations that characterize Pipa & Rama tee's. Produced through exclusive limited edition prints and urban
shapes, the western theme came up from Nuno and Filipa's personal tastes and growing up dreaming about the Wild West.

Designer: Filipa de Araújo, Nuno Ramalhão (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Pipa & Rama (Portugal)
Inspired By: Nature
Colours: Pearl and Charcoal Melange

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Swing table


The Swing Table
Putting a little extra fun into dinner time and boardroom meetings,
this four poster table uses its structure to suspend a central GEO
lampshade and eight hanging chairs that sway playfully.

This design creates an exceptionally divergent experience and
aesthetic, creating a room within a room, with chairs that float
around the table, it also makes vacuuming a breeze.

Designer: Chris duffy (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Material: Walnut from Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled
Colours: Available in bespoke finishes and sizes.
Dimension: (H) 220cm (L) 235cm (D) 135cm
Price: £6,895.00

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