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Miss chair


Purist in appearance - formal, strong and clear in design, but nevertheless graceful and elegant. Small details of this chair create something special:
the back feet, which start round and grow into a rectangular top; or the
upholstery, which detains the legs.

Designer: Harald Guggenbichler (Austria)
Manufacturer: Tonon (Italy)
Material: wood, upholstery
Dimension: 50 x 75 x 46 cm
Price: 835 - 1090 Euro

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Terça Sideboard


Inspired by the wooden construction that bring a bucolic air for the contemporary way of life, the "Terça" Buffet has horizontal lines that meet vertical lines, a good synchronization of joinery, asymmetry and balance.
The furniture has craftsmanship in its construction, resulting in a three dimensional texture on the doors, its eye-catching and more sensory for the touch.

Designer: Notus Design Studio (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Sava Móveis (Brazil)
Inspired By: The name
Material: wood

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Hand Painted Sweaters


Fair Trade Sweaters with hand painted designs and Petite Coat Skirt made from organic calico

Designer: Salty Philip (Ireland)
Manufacturer: Lynn MacPherson (Ireland)
Material: Organic Calico, Fair Trade Cotton
Colours: Green, cream, red, black
Dimension: sizes s/m/L
Price: Sweaters 35, Skirts 30

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Sculpted Double Rocking Chair


This custom double wooden rocking chair built by Paul Lemiski of Canadian Woodworks. This chair made a wonderful wedding gift, the contrasting woods Lacewood and Canadian Black walnut created a spectacular look for this chair. Heavily influenced by Sam Maloof, just like his furniture form follows function, it is one of the most comfortable rocking chairs you’ll ever have the pleasure of sitting in and built to last generations.

Designer: Paul Lemiski (Canada)
Manufacturer: Paul Lemiski (Canada)
Inspired By: Sam Maloof
Material: Walnut & Lacewood
Colours: Dark & Light
Dimension: 48x48x48
Price: 8500 Canadian

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Clip Tree


Clip Tree is a configurable valet for use in the home, office, or hotel room. From cell phones to spring scarves, messenger bags to a child’s raincoat, Clip Tree provides a way to elegantly frame our possessions.

Designer: Matthew Plumstead (United States)
Manufacturer: McCarty Quinn (United States)
Inspired By: Musical notation
Material: walnut, TPE
Colours: white or orange
Dimension: 26.5
Price: $240 US

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Edison lamp


This lamp is about freedom of thoughts and imagination. When someone is thoughtful we say this person is flying far away. So this design uses the lamp as a symbol of thoughts and ideas, with the bird legs provoking the sensation that the lamp can lift off any moment, in a free and vivid act. The articulations allow a position changing, giving it more life and possibilities of nonobvious use.
Let your imagination fly!

Designer: Anderson Horta (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Anderson Horta Emotional Design (Brazil)
Inspired By: freedom of imagination
Material: plastic cupola and wood base
Dimension: maximum height 102cm - cupola: h 25cm x Ø 30cm

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Helix bench


Bench have a form of helix, wrapped inside yourself. This lets take out transverse ribs and create a bench of one clear line.

Designer: Alex Petunin (Russian Federation)
Inspired By: helix form
Material: Chromed metal
Colours: Mirror

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Watch Three


Timepieces partly made of concrete. Swiss Made limited edition of only 100 pieces.
The straps are made of rubber, and attached to them are 42mm steel cases which are wrapped in polished concrete. The 8 different watches in this collection will have simple numeric names (One,.. Three,.. Seven,..).

Designer: Dzmitry Samal (France)
Manufacturer: (Switzerland)
Inspired By: city
Material: concrete,
Price: 980

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100% Design London 2012


100% Design is the largest and most prestigious single-site design event in the UK.  As one of the world’s most important design trade events, 100% Design is the commercial cornerstone of the annual London Design Festival.

Media 10, the leading independent publishing and events company, took ownership of 100% Design in January 2012. The purchase of the show matched a long-standing commitment to design in the UK alongside knowledge and experience of the design industry stretching back nearly 20 years.

For the new phase of 100% Design has been completely revised; it’ll be defined by four new shows - each with its own dedicated section of the floor plan: 100%Interiors, 100%Office, 100%Kitchen & Bathrooms and 100%Eco Design & Build. A tunnel entrance, an auditorium seating 200 and a dedicated area for international pavilions will also be new for 2012.

The show attracts exhibitors, visitors, designers and press from around the world. For 2012, we anticipate an audience of 40,000 visitors.


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Mother of Pearl


The inspiration of this organic-shaped Spa, created by Milan based studio DesignLibero, comes from the mother of pearl. It allows a sensuous escape from stressful life, by stimulating all the five senses and soothing them. A touch interface lets you create your own combinations of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy. You can choose one of the available wellness programs or create your own and memorize it. Integrated pots allow you to have a glimpse of nature when indulging in the bathtub.

Designer: DesignLibero (Italy)
Inspired By: nature
Material: corian
Colours: white

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