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The Farmery


The Farmery is a start-up in Raleigh, N.C. that is developing an urban farm and market built from shipping containers and standard greenhouse components. The bottom level serves as a market to sell the crops, and the entire structure is used to grow the crops. The structure uses the inside of the containers to grow mushrooms, and the walls of the containers are covered in growing panels to form living walls where herbs, strawberries, lettuces and greens are grown.

Designer: Ben Greene (United States)
Manufacturer: The Farmery (United States)

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A romantic collection. The abstract lines of hearts decorating the body with elegance, giving a sophisticated touch of glamour. Made entirely of polyamide, this collection is also available in five different colours size.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Inspired By: hearts & love
Material: polyamide
Colours: red, black, dark purple

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CRUST table


Crust Table, this stylish table fits conveniently in the modern home, office or public space. The table is light and geometrically designed to be simple yet contemporary. The table top is constructed from 2mm sheet metal. Crust Tables are available in four different colours, each of which is powder painted and highly polished to give an eye catching glint to this beautiful piece of furniture.

Designer: Marcin Laskowski (Poland)
Manufacturer: Melounge studio (Poland)
Material: metal
Colours: black, white, green, blue
Dimension: 500 x 500 x 500mm

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Hocky is a project economical in terms of form whose main goal is to ensure high functionality and comfort in domestic use. In couches and armchairs an innovative solution consisting in movable armrests was adopted, which can also be used as backrests or tables placed anywhere on the piece of furniture. This creates the possibility to configure the leisure and workspace optimally.

Designer: Marcin Wielgosz (Poland)
Manufacturer: merely (Poland)

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bob coffee set


bob is a set of three parts designed to help you leach your cup of coffee.
since today having time to spend on breakfast is something rare because of stressing accelerated lives, bob is here to make things a little bit softer. it´s main objective is to make you laugh and feel better.
while the coffee is been leached, the hot water produces delicious coffee scented steam which goes through bob´s nostrils.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: dragons, crocodiles
Material: stoneware
Colours: lime green, light blue, purple, white, black, orange
Dimension: 161 mm x 79 mm x 123 mm, 1,1 kg

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Vienna Design Week 2012


The aim of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is to show and enable people to experience the many-faceted creative work in the fields of product, furniture and industrial design as well as experimental design. After four successful festivals yet another exquisite and colourful programme of events will be awaiting the visitors this October. Design has been and is an important field in the production of culture: it shapes our material culture, our everyday life and our consumer world, it influences our lifestyles and fashions and most fundamentally our aesthetic sense and judgements. This wide-ranging impact is a reason both to celebrate design and to examine it critically, and VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has made both of these its mission.
A Platform for Design
In cooperation with many partners – from Vienna museums to production and retail companies to designers from all over the world – the whole of Vienna becomes a platform and showplace of design. VIENNA DESIGN WEEK doesn't have the character of a trade fair but instead offers a variety of venues and approaches specific to Vienna. The festival sets out to be "international but localised", with an abiding interest to cooperate with the flourishing design scenes of Central and Eastern Europe, and certainly beyond. Bringing to Vienna an important international design show every October is another example of the long-due international exchange VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is stimulating.
Time for Experiments
The festival aims to reveal creative and production processes and encourage experimental work on the spot. It also presents and promotes design that in the first instance withdraws from the scheme of utility value and functionality in order to create awareness and pose questions or also simply just to have fun. The exploration of materials, mood values and the interaction between people and objects lie at the centre of design practice and consequently are important points of reference within VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.
International Festival and Viennese Culture Event
With exhibitions, venue-specific installations, theme specials, discussion events, a programme of films and, of course, enough opportunity to party and network, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is not only an attraction for the international design scene but most explicitly also aims to interest and appeal to a wide public audience of Viennese and visitors to Vienna. This year VIENNA DESIGN WEEK energetically goes into the sixth round taking up a firm place on the international festival scene while being a fixed early-autumn cultural event in Vienna.


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Mono furniture collection


Contemporary contract furniture designer and manufacturer, Isomi, will launch the Mono Collection at 100% Design in London this September, made with the unique Solid Surface HI-MACS®.

Designer: Paul Crofts (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Isomi (United Kingdom)
Material: HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone

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With Memento ME IN A GLASS tabletop glassware becomes a fashion accessory. What was previously sold as single items are now trapped in original packaging which give birth to a world of different collections. ME IN A GLASS is an unusual mix of design, research on materials, craftwork and cutting-edge manufacturing procedures, creative inspiration and the desire to play with imagination.

Designer: Alberto Pangaro (Italy)
Manufacturer: Memento Srl (Italy)
Material: glass from colored vitreous paste
Colours: various

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PROOFF #006 SideSeat


Innovative design brand PROOFF has chosen Super Brands London to be the launch pad for brand new product PROOFF #006 SideSeat. Designed by Netherlands-based duo Studio Makkink & Bey, the same designers behind the groundbreaking PROOFF #001 EarChair, PROOFF #006 SideSeat is the latest addition to a portfolio of products which encourage users to be interactive and flexible with their working space, and create privacy in an otherwise public area as well.

Designer: Studio Makkink & Bey (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Prooff (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Public and private space
Material: FSC certified MDF, HPL and desktop
Price: TBC

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Diamond Wood


Tesler+Mendelovitch is a textile team that researches and develops new concepts and materials. As a creative design team we produce new materials which are used for original products and applications that include furniture, apparel and interior.
Diamond-Wood is the assemble of our new material into a flexible geometric wooden coffee table, that plays with geometric lines and with the scale of objects.

Designer: Orli Tesler - Rachin (Israel)
Manufacturer: Tesler + Mendelovitch (Israel)
Inspired By: Mathematical patterns
Material: Layered Veneer
Colours: All
Dimension: Made to order any size
Price: Stools:800 / 990$ Coffee Table:2500 / 3200 $ Trio Coffee Tables:4500 / 5500 $

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