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The base frame consists of massive oak wood elements, a composition in framework style. It is mounted with only 6 screws. Its table top is made of clear glass. The tables are available in 2 lengths and are produced in small series.

Designer: Tom Strala (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Strala (Switzerland)
Material: oak, clear glass
Dimension: 72 x 100 x 310 cm

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A different nail art
The Board SPANNend stages the nail polish in the perfect frame and lets it turn into a work of art. Whether severly straight or in chaotic crisscross - “SPANNend” is individual and functional. Colorful rubber bands hold the bottles in place and add color and dynamics to SPANNend.

Designer: Barbara Ott and Laura Schillke
Material: MDF
Colours: black

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VALUES! Trend Diary 2013


The search for new ideals has characterised our generation. But which values and virtues are still relevant today - religious, moral, spiritual or personal?
The 2013 Trend Diary by EIGA Design presents design projects that explore the theme of "values."  53 designers get a special platform as a weekly motive in the exclusive designcalendar.

Available directly at the publishing house Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design (NBVD), stationers and online booksellers.

Designer: Henning Otto, Elisabeth Plass (Germany)
Manufacturer: EIAG Design (Germany)
Price: 17

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Cooperation Between KPM Berlin & Bugatti

    view gallery At the Beijing Motorshow in April 2012 Bugatti launched a new version of the classic Grand Sport, the “Wei Long 2012”, which is outfitted with KPM porcelain elements. The design theme is the Chinese year of the dragon. Just as the L’Or Blanc 2011 the Wei Long 2012 is a unique model. For the interior and exterior of the car KPM Berlin designed porcelain elements with dr...


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Paper Chair


The Paper Chair is the result of the research on how a sheet of paper can become strong when bended. With a thin metal frame a sheet of metal is laser cut, bended over the structure and welded in few hided points.

Designer: Marco Sousa Santos (Portugal)
Material: Laquered Steel. Covered with a waterproof metal treatment.

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This project explores recent but forgotten visual language in product design and how the pleasurable physical interaction with consumer products of old, which has been lost in many of today’s consumer gadgets, can be integrated into and given relevance utilising contemporary technology.

Designer: Austin Yang (United Kingdom)

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    view gallery AND-RÉ, constantly concerned with the urban mobility, environmental sustainability and urban quality lifestyle issues, enthusiastically accepted the challenge of developing the design of the Public Bikes for the Portuguese city of Vilamoura. The office was responsible for the overall design of the VILAMOURA PUBLIC BIKES, a system of shared bicycles which opened earlier this month. ...


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STYLO makeup table


A feminine, multifunctional table for the modern woman. With its mirror, the external tray and two delicious drawers Stylo is the ideal make-up table. There is room for all your makeup and all your jewelry. The mirror can also be removed, and then her boyfriend can use it as a desk.

The external tray for storing create a cleared table top. Divided drawers for storage. Handleless drawer front for a sleek look and a delicious experience.

Designer: SAYS WHO (Denmark)
Manufacturer: (Denmark)
Inspired By: CHARMING function in CONTEMPORARY style
Material: Lacquered OAK and MDF
Colours: Oak and white
Dimension: Table: height 75cm, width 113cm, depth 55cm. Mirror: height 55cm, width 45cm, depth 2cm.
Price: Table: 799 EUR, Mirror: 199 EUR

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Photopaddles are a low-tech smart phone accessory fun for all ages. Users can accessorize their friends and/or innocent by-standards with mustaches, hats, glasses and more and submit their photo to to add to the growing archive of images taken around the world.

Designer: Steven Haulenbeek (United States)
Manufacturer: (United States)
Material: acrylic and vinyl
Price: $6.00 USD

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small work station

Designer: maj (Germany)
Manufacturer: WERKBANK (Germany)
Material: solid birk or walnut wood, black MDF
Colours: wood, dark grey
Dimension: h118 x w52 x d35cm
Price: Euro 650

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