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Nordic lamp


Inspire by nordic design, is a table lamp with diffused light made with white clay.
Structure composed of wooden arms mounted by metal bolts.
on-off function is by a rocker switch located in the ceramic base

Designer: Federica Bubani (Italy)
Material: white clay and wood

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Bao Toaster


Breakfast is a morning ritual most people experience. As a result of modern times however, this ritual has become a rushed event - not one to savour and enjoy. Bao by Studio Bup aims to bring back the quiet experience of breakfast. Affording the opportunity for people to slow down and reconnect with the way in which they make their food.

Designer: Studio Bup (Canada)
Inspired By: Classical toasters, play and the everyday
Material: Ceramic and cork
Colours: White and mint

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Neat is a range of cleaning apparatus that aim to engage the user through use and materials. 100% British the range is designed to be produced using the expertise of local manufacture, highlighting British design.

Designer: Eleanor Jane Harris (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Eleanor Jane Harris (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Household cleaning products.
Material: Felted fabric, oak, aluminium.
Colours: cream, brown, grey.
Price: £300 for set. also available individually.

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Wall Hung Console


The first in a new series of wall hung pieces that explores the tension created by a massive piece that floats delicately on the wall. The platform allows for the inclusion of drawers. Drawers always add a moment of discovery that is in keeping with my asymmetrical and unexpected sensibility. This can be seen in the one drawer that opens out the end of the console, rather than out the from like one would expect.

Designer: Nico Yektai (United States)
Manufacturer: Nico Yektai (United States)
Material: Walnut with maple drawers
Colours: natural walnut color
Dimension: 12

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Suspension lamp constructed with four shades elliptic

Designer: Alexandre Gaillard (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Neweba (Switzerland)
Material: Metal structure and textile
Colours: Withe
Dimension: 500x450mm

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Phono-Case Reclaimed Record 4/4S Case


A great spin on the 4/4S case. Wrecordsbymonkey's Phono-case is made from reclaimed vinyl records and allows you to interchange the back panel choosing your favorite LP or groove pattern.

Designer: Patrick Chirico, Brian Farrell (United States)
Manufacturer: WrecordsByMonkey (United States)
Inspired By: Modern twist on classic things
Material: Vinyl Record, Plastic
Colours: White, Black, Gray
Dimension: 4.6'' x 2.4''
Price: $33.00

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