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MILK Shirts Packaging


MILK Shirts are designed for comfort, fit, style and most of all impeccable craftsmanship and therefore our packaging has to reflect the quality of the product held within. We aimed at creating a unique, and lasting impression that makes MILK stand out.

Design: Lone Wolf Larsen

Designer: Lone Wolf Larsen (Denmark)
Manufacturer: MILK Shirts (Hong Kong)

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My name is TOM


Light up your night!

Tom is here for you, to comfort you at night.He will make you happier and more cheerful.He wants to be a good buddy of yours and guard your sweet dreams.
TOM is not only made to light a room; I wish TOM to become
a good buddy for people who work deeply into the night.
He will warm your heart and be with you as a real friend.

TOM will be participated in Tent London Exhibition 2012 in september

Designer: Kwang Hoo Lee (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Kwang Hoo Lee (Korea, South)
Inspired By: film E.T (1980) as like a secret friend
Material: Birch plywood, Pelt fabric
Colours: black,green,orange,purple,blue
Dimension: 300x300x450
Price: 250 us dollars

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Suspension lamp with wood structure and natural or white or grey enamelled finish. The diffuser is screen-printed white polycarbonate.

Designer: studio dreimann (Germany)
Manufacturer: Itre (Italy)
Inspired By: branches of a tree
Material: wood
Colours: nature, grey, white
Dimension: 120 x 47 x 19

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pendant lamp for large objects. 6 x 48W ESL

Designer: Constantin Wortmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Inspired By: nature
Material: PE & Steel
Colours: white
Dimension: diameter of 160cm
Price: ca. 5000,-euro

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Solar-control and Magnifying tables


Each object
consists of glass table-tops embedded in frames which supported by
original bended steel side-bars. The table-top of the first table has
solar-control glass instead of ordinary glass. The protection level of
this type of glass has 400 UV - the same level as in common
sunglasses. In the second table I used magnifying glass which can zoom
up to 5x.

Designer: Katherine Semenko (Russian Federation)

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wooden watches


This product is made of natural material such as wood. It is both cozy and fashionable. The belt may be made of different materials and different colors.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: wood
Colours: different

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Top of the pot.


"Top of the pot" is a wood stove full of modernity wich allows you to watch the flame without frustration. Even if the fire is extinct, its inside texture still animate it, for your eyes pleasure.

Designer: Bertrand Besnard (France)
Material: Cast iron.
Colours: Light blue.
Dimension: 70 x 78 x 45 cm

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Monks, storage cabinets


Monks is a family of 4 different storage cabinets designed by Paolo Cappello for the italian producer Valsecchi 1918.
Made with grey lacquered ash they and bright colours lacquered profiles.

Designer: Paolo Cappello (Italy)
Manufacturer: Valsecchi 1918 (Italy)
Material: Wood
Colours: Grey ash and colour (orange, green, yellow, blue) profiles

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Amalia by Eggpicnic, celebrates a Chilean material called mimbre, going back to the essential of working with traditional materials and techniques. This project was conducted in conjunction with mimbre artisans from Chimbarongo, Francisco Palma and Mario Rojas.

Designer: Eggpicnic (Chile)
Material: Mimbre
Dimension: 80x80x60 cm

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Skap – Skap is a sideboard with high quality integrate audio system and dock station for Ipod and Iphone. White or black lacquered structure and drawers in oak or Canaletto walnut. Dimension 1950x460x650mmH. Available also in vertical with hinged doors and shelves, dimension 500x450x1300mmH.

Designer: CASA1796 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Miniforms (Italy)
Inspired By: vintage radio systems mixed with scandinavian design plus italian taste!
Material: wood
Colours: White or black lacquered structure and drawers in oak or Canaletto walnut
Dimension: 1950x460x650mmH - 1950x460x650mmH

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