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DESIGN HOTELS & The Future Laboratory trend briefing


The next ten years will bring a seismic shift in the way we live, work, travel and communicate. Leading emerging states such as China, India, Brazil and Turkey are playing an increasingly significant role in global politics and business. The Internet connects consumer communities across the globe, bringing us
from an age of mass media into one that is defined by customization. Consumers forego standardized offers and search for curated experiences and adventures.
Brands that do not respond to these and other gamechanging developments will fail. Standing still is not an option. The Future Laboratory is one of Europe’s foremost brand strategy, consumer insight and trends research consultancies.

Their approach is simple:
to identify the trends that matter, the consumers that count and the ideas, insights and innovations that will shape the years to come. In their presentation
co-founders Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond will attempt to draw a roadmap into an uncertain future.

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Emily pendant lights


Emily is a series of pendant lights with shades made of sheet steel, which are covered with frosted plexiglass for diffuse illumination. The aesthetics of the lamp emerged through the examination with manual metal processing methods. A central aspect of the design is to achieve a long life-span and therefore sustainability. The use of materials that age gracefully underline Emily's special character.

Designer: Daniel Becker (Germany)
Material: sheet steel, plexiglass

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Soft lines, sinuous shapes in the coffee table "Silk" by Alessandro Di Prisco.
A single thermoformed sheet of Corian, one meter by one meter.

Designer: alessandro di prisco (Italy)
Material: corian
Dimension: 100 x 100 x 20 cm

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Savage Chair


Sharp intention is focused on reconsideration of the ordinary. Manufactured objects conspicuously transform into unexpected new forms, eliciting strong statements about the current culture issue of abundant waste.

Designer: Jay Saejung Oh (United States)
Material: Jute(PLant Fiber) and Discarded Plastic Objects
Dimension: 56 x 44 x 42

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Continuous Function is an expressive and technological investigation path exploring the three-dimensional potential of textiles.
Continuous Function goes beyond the traditional discontinuity differentiations of elements and materials in a product and creates a new relation with the space, through the use of unconventional materials and production processes.

Designer: yetmatilde (Italy)
Manufacturer: selfproduction (Italy)
Material: jute and resin
Colours: natural
Dimension: 200x50x50cm

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Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ


The Element is a smokeless cooking system that uses a gas or electric stove element to heat lava rocks, creating the delicious BBQ flavor we’ve all grown to love. We like to think of it as a triumph for the modern man, bringing all the flavor and fun of a traditional BBQ to the convenience of your stove top. The adjustable grill height and removable handle allows you to have complete control throughout the cooking experience.

Designer: Joshua Brassé (Canada)
Inspired By: The limitations of apartment living
Material: Stainless steel, cast iron
Price: $225

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The washstand is based on the tradition of washstand pitcher formerly having been used on a simple table or cupboard within the sleeping room. It combines functionality and aesthetics to install a more open space within home.
One piece washstand incorporates a sink, two-level counter top, a towel rack, and two different sized holders for brushes or jewelry, delivered with or without holes for faucet, the structure is demountable.

Designer: jannis ellenberger (Germany)
Material: high-quality mineral composite, solid ash clear lacquered
Dimension: 121 x 95 x 59 cm
Price: 1199

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Step Up


'step up' is a wooden 'ladder' to store your shoe collection. Place the 'step up' against the wall and put your shoes in a playfull combination to create an appealing and aesthetical object. The 'step up' can hold more than 15 pairs of shoes and provides you a visual overview of your collection.

Designer: Tore Bleuzé (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Obi-One (Belgium)
Material: wood

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Missboss Desk


Missboss desk is an extraordinarily elegant writing table. The craftmanship is superb and we have focused on every little detail. Three drawers are hidden in the front, and behind the leather covered part of the tabletop, there is a room, where you can hide your laptop charger.

Designer: LUND & PAARMANN (Denmark)
Manufacturer: LOPFURNITURE (Denmark)
Inspired By: Function!
Material: Solid walnut, lacquered steel, full grain saddle leather
Dimension: H: 73 cm (78 cm) W: 138 cm D: 73 cm
Price: 3870 Euro

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International Conference on Typography


The Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) is organising 5th International Conference on Typography. Under the title "Beyond the Ink" and during three days, the Conference will hold exhibitions, lectures, workshops and scientific presentations to give new answers to the technological changes that have driven a revolution in typography. Since Macintosh made its appearance in 1984 many things have changed for typography. Computer tools have revolutionized typographic practice and the emergence of Internet
has had a significant impact at other levels no less important. This has led to the
emergence of a new field of graphic design, web design, in which typography is still in its infancy. Also other platforms like mobile devices, which are opening other areas to colonize and posing new challenges, including the possibilities of reading that ebook offers. At the same time, some means such film or television screen that, since virtually its origins were a place for the letter, are evolving and expanding their language. 5th Conference on Typography will deal these issues and many more about how to address the use and creation of typography in a new context subjected to constant technological transformation.

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