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BUZZIHOOD Design Alain Gilles for Buzzispace

    view gallery It is just like when you pull your hood on from those warm hoodies, or when you bring those high collars up from your jacket. The idea is to feel protect, but not isolated. You regain that too-often-lost privacy associated with the use of mobile phones but you never the less remain in touch with those surrounding you. You do not have to share your private conversations with everyone else an...


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Street lamp by Modo Luce


Stripes of different width, white and coloured, create the wall lamp Street: ironic inspiration from crosswalks and road signs. Thanks to his essential design, it can be placed in many spaces, as alternative to principal lighting, from domestic to offices, restaurants and commercial environments.

Designer: Romano + Menegon + Ceneda
Manufacturer: Modo Luce (Italy)

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Sun-yellow trench coat


A beautyful trench coat from the CSF 2012 S/S collection.

Designer: CSF (Hungary)

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eClip was honored with IDA Award and Golden A'Design Award. eClip protects your personal data, intellectual property, employer data, customer data, and trade secrets with security software. eClip features a gold memory connector that is scratch resistant, extreme weather resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, alcohol resistant, and electromagnetic resistant. eClip is also compatible with Mac and PC and is RoHS, FCC, CE certified.

Designer: Derrick Frohne (United States)
Manufacturer: Frohne (United States)
Inspired By: economic recession
Material: ABS
Colours: White
Dimension: 61mm x 12.5mm x 2.1mm
Price: 107.99 USD

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Lounger comprised of an outer cover of recovered sail, fibre glass batten frame and inner foam filling.
Its peculiar shape make it very comfortable as the curve of its vertex acts as support for the head It also provides shade and protection from the wind.

Designer: Enrique Kahle (Spain)
Manufacturer: DVELAS (Spain)
Inspired By: Rigging concepts, sailing, design
Material: Recovered Sail
Colours: White
Dimension: 3000 x 2000 x 1150 mm
Price: 649

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Three supports chair made of bended iron or inox tube, recovered sail and rope.
For its manufacture; halyard cuff of the sails and other reinforced parts are used so every chair is a Unique Edition.

Designer: Enrique Kahle (Spain)
Manufacturer: DVELAS (Spain)
Inspired By: Rigging concepts, sailing, contemporary icons
Material: Recovered Sail
Colours: Inox, Black, Red
Dimension: 870 x 920 x 830 mm
Price: 389,95

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windrobe grey


vitrine, MDF high glossy varnished, 135 years old windows from Berlin, the size is perfect for a small home library or for kitschen stuff.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Manufacturer: studio ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: Berlin buildings facades
Material: MDF
Colours: grey
Price: 2.700,-Euro

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Music mixing is no longer just reserved for professional DJs. The PokketMixer is the first mobile mini DJ mixer for everybody. It‘s easy to use and – since it needs no power supply – it’s very versatile. The handy PokketMixer is easy to wire up and is ready in just 30 seconds. So anyone can spontaneously be a DJ easily anywhere and at any opportunity.

Designer: Christian Komm (Germany)
Manufacturer: POKKET GmbH (Germany)
Material: aluminium
Colours: midnight-black
Dimension: 109x80x27
Price: 89,95 EUR

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flower collection


something colourful, with unusual shapes that are both distinctive and
attractive. Due to printed and cut-out motifs flower plays with light and shade.

Designer: Harald Guggenbichler (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fermob (France)
Material: seat in perforated steel, steel wire base
Colours: available in all 23 FERMOB colours
Dimension: 52x78x53,5 cm
Price: chair: 264,- Euros table: 295,- Euros

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PRIVATE SPACE easy chair


Well suitable for office use also, the clear and straight designs of these furniture - sideboard, easy chair and side table - pick up traditional timber joints, but still create a modern atmosphere of comfort and ease: explore the warm look and feel of solid ash wood in combination with white.
Easy chair with ottoman, structure in solid ash with mortise and tenon joint, a slightly swinging backrest offers comfortable seating, further fabric colors on request.

Designer: jannis ellenberger (Germany)
Material: solid ash clear lacquered, textile or leather
Dimension: 66 x 80 x 79 cm
Price: 749

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