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Spectrum Chairs


Our company has been custom furniture out of reclaimed wood sourced from unique locations around the US since 2010. We are excited to introduce a small line of furniture made out of reclaimed wood found at an abandoned railroad depot in Alabama. We are an LA based furniture company and pride ourselves on creating new and relevant pieces out of repurposed and unique materials.

Designer: Jeremy Williams (United States)
Manufacturer: District Millworks (United States)
Inspired By: prisms
Material: Reclaimed Alabama Railroad Oak, Steel
Colours: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White
Dimension: 18 in. seat, 35 in. tall
Price: 325.00 USD for single pieces, discounts on multiple.

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Nexus Ceramic Wall Tiles


Nexus is the expression of nature’s geometrical perfection. Nexus collection is created in two different styles. It’s based on two separate tile series as PENTA and HEXA. Nexus Collection has three dimensional surface topography that illusions diverted hexagonal patterns.

Nexus was designed to inspire
Nexus can be used in spaces where you want to customize or define as a part of your imagination. By these customization options NEXUS wall tiles makes you apart of the design process.

Designer: Yigit Ozer (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Kutahya Seramik (Turkey)
Inspired By: natures most basic structural element of Carbon atoms geometrical form
Material: Ceramic
Colours: Carbon Black, Anthracite, Mink color Taupe, Polar White, Gray and Dark Green
Dimension: 46x35cm

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An international forum that seeks to explore and debate the emerging landscape of openness and exchange that is taking shape around practices such as open code, creative commons licensing, co-creation, de-localisation and collaboration. Digital technology and social networks have reached a point of maturity from which a new industrial culture is emerging, revolutionising the processes of creation, mediation, distribution and consumption. Taking design in all its expressions and forms as a starting point, the conference will be an important international forum of ideas, working platforms and specialised practices that are transforming the articulation of design with society, economy and culture. Designers, architects, artists, editors, web activists, programmers, curators, lawyers and cultural analysts will explore over two days the reality and the potential of open design culture, from new business models to the most experimental creative practices.

SPEAKER: James Bridle · Ele Carpenter · Alfons Cornella · Javier de la Cueva · Tomas Díez · Alastair Fuad-Luke · Marcos García · Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico · Ronen Kadushin · Ignasi Labastida · Aitor Méndez · Santiago Orós · Renny Ramakers · Laurence Rassel · Zoe Romano · Mario Sol Muntañola · Pieter Jan Stappers · José Luis de Vicente · Gregory Vincent · Victor Viña


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it was focused on the creative vitality which pursues the dynamism externally and internally

Designer: Se Hoon Lee (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: leesehoon (Korea, South)
Inspired By: creative vitality
Material: PVC
Colours: black
Dimension: w 900 h 1200 d 900

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Is inside out? Or is it not? Perhaps both? This is an Amphora from another space-time. An ancient object which we knew had to exist. And after years of excavation in other dimensions we finally found it!

Designer: Virtox (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (United States)
Inspired By: Amphora, Mathematics
Material: Ceramics
Colours: White, Black, Avocado Green, Pastel Yellow, Eggshell Blue
Dimension: 10 x 10 x 11 cm
Price: $137,50 - $160,00

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In Lamp


The front side and a wire made of textured black leather. In The light source acts as the rear surface - mesh LEDs coated with a matte plexiglass. As a decorative
element - only wire that goes from the center of the lamp.

Designer: Katherine Semenko (Russian Federation)
Material: Leather, plastic
Dimension: 20 x 20 x 12 cm

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Form Follows Function Table


This table is part of the Form Follows Function line. It is an object without loose parts. By laminating multiple layers of wood the top is thin and strong. The table is finished with oak veneer and painted in an ultra matt lacquer.
‘price on request’

Designer: Daan Mulder (Netherlands)
Material: wood

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Designed by Alberto Gorgojo and made by master craftsman Angel Peño. Cactus design aims to change the concept of pot that tends to be. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors, and is destined to the collection, care and admiration of the cactus. Their cylinders out of the pot as if they had grown from the earth, and of these cacti are born. One of them has the function of lamp with a light with the same type or form which could have one of these plants.

Designer: Alberto Gorgojo (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)

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Stack series


Stack series consists of armchair, chair, bar stool and table. In order to assemble our products you don't need glue, nails nor bolts. We create puzzle funiture.

Designer: Konstantin Achkov (Bulgaria)
Manufacturer: TENON (Bulgaria)
Material: 100% beech plywood

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LUMINALE exhibition Studio DRIFT

Our work combines two extreme opposite worlds...nature and technology to coexist and to become a new poetic evolution whereby boundaries are broken to create a sustainable future for both different worlds.

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