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York Lounge chair


Lounge chair constructed in oak veneered birch plywood. Cnc machined, hand assembled and finished in hardwax oil. Grey wool uphgolstery, optional coloured butons

Designer: Jacob pugh (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: splinterdesigns (United Kingdom)
Dimension: 600w x 795d x 735h

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Blooming Coat Stand


A simple and elegant coat stand, with interlocking wooden parts and metal hooks. The coat stand can be reduced to different sizes and transported with ease.

Designer: So.much (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: So.much (United Kingdom)
Material: Ash, Powder Coated Steel
Colours: various colours available
Dimension: H.1800 W.375 D.375 (mm)

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hörbert for kids


hörbert is a wooden mp3-player for kids, made in germany.
When talking about robustness and quality, wood, stainless steel and aluminium are the right components to use. hörbert features nine play lists that can be freely arranged by software. Content up to 8,5 hours is stored on and played from an SD-Card inside hörbert. With one set of batteries, hörbert may run up to 45 hours.
hörbert is available online, and can be engraved with a personal message, too.

Designer: Rainer Brang (Germany)
Manufacturer: Winzki GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Inspired By: our imagination of how toys should be like
Material: mostly wood, aluminium, stainless steel
Colours: natural wood, coloured keyboard
Dimension: 24,5cm x 18cm x 7 cm, weights 950g incl. batteries
Price: starting at 239.- incl. german VAT

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Prairie Pan


If the wood of your campfire has turned to coal you can start cooking with the Prairie pan. Grilled sausages, Roasted Peppers or a cup of soup tastes even better warmed-up outside.
The roster in the bottom of the pan does not block the heat. Your meat cooks beautiful brown and your soup can stands firmly on the fire. With the leather wrapped carry handle you can move the pan and lay the sausages easy on your plate.
Remove the lather handle before putting the Prairie pan in the dishwasher.

Designer: Kodjo Kouwenhoven (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Kodjo Kouwenhoven (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Prairie campfire
Material: Stainless steel and lether
Colours: Metal/brown lether
Dimension: 32x46x5 cm
Price: 95 euro

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Contemporary Décor


Fuorisalone will also host an unmissable appointment at Superstudio 13. LG Hausys, the producer of HI-MACS®, will present a sophisticated global setting known as Contemporary Décor, featuring a kitchen produced entirely from new generation Solid Surface.
Superstudio 13
Studio 10 - Via Bugatti 9 - Milan
Opening time: from 17th to 22nd April, from 10:00 to 21:00.

Press Day: 16th April, from 15:00 to 19:00

Designer: LG Hausys Design Center (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: LG Hausys
Material: HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone

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BLOOM: a design jewel for your home


Bloom is a product designed to reduce waste, according to ecological values. The heating circuit, wisely distributed, takes an amount of water 20 times lower than a conventional radiator. A design inspired by art and nature, an advanced exclusive technology that ensures high performances and low consumptions; the use of noble materials and precious finishing details, assembled with the meticulous care that only “Made in Italy” can give you: all this is BLOOM.

Designer: Giovanni Tomasini (Italy)
Manufacturer: BLOOM (Italy)
Inspired By: Nature and Art
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Available in a wide range of colors; moreover, handmade sheeting in gold, silver or copper leaf .
Dimension: 1800x600 mm / 70,9x23,6 inch

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Twist Side Table


Twist side table is a new plywood table by Timothy Schreiber to be launched during Milan's furniture fair in 2 weeks.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Material: Plywood
Colours: natural/black

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