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Like a family in which a mother cares for her children, family GIFU is
integrated by several lamps of different sizes, the users can create their
own clan.Each lamp is made of 5 pieces of beech wood of two sizes, forming
the four legs and long neck. GIFU is an articulated lamp, that allows it to
be placed in different positions and be foldable.

Designer: Pau Stephens & María dle Pilar (Spain)
Manufacturer: Selfproduction (Spain)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: beech wood
Colours: blue and wood

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Crisis Lamp


A metaphor for the world crisis, a gold bar that melts down as we start to realize that with passion everything is worth it.

Designer: Meikstudio (Portugal)
Inspired By: world economical crisis
Material: Pure Gold lamp with led lights
Colours: Gold
Dimension: 420mm height x 105mm wide x 105mm depth
Price: Price over request

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A romantic collection. The abstract lines of hearts decorating the body with elegance, giving a sophisticated touch of glamoour. Made entirely of polyamide using 3D printing technology, this collection is available in different colors.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Heart
Material: Polyamide
Colours: Black, Red, White, Purple

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Brahma pendant lamp


Brahma is the new family member of Pedret Lighting lamps. A lamp made of solid brass and porcelain lampshades, with suspension, flush, wall, floor and table versions. A design by Jordi Blasi and the Pedret Barcelona team.

Designer: Jordi Blasi
Manufacturer: Pedret
Material: solid brass + porcelain

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Balance II


"Balancing on the edge of the table the luminaire draws attention due to its optical illusion. The weight of the battery and the electronics at the base of the object moves the center of gravity under the table’s edge and keeps it from falling. The fine aluminum supporting structure carries the acrylate embraced OLED and in this way the subtle design emphasizes the thin OLED panel."

Photo: Pieter Michiels
Design team: Tore Bleuzé / Ralph Nafzger / Dieter Dekyzer

Designer: Tore Bleuzé (Belgium)
Material: Aluminium, pmma

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A series of vases inspired by the rules of Bou-Taoshi, a centuries old game from Japan.

Designer: Yukihiro Kaneuchi (Japan)
Material: Beach sand,Resin

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Giro Wastepaper Bin


Large capacity wastepaper bin made of rotomoulded polyethylene, 100% recycled and recyclable, ideal for outdoor use. Made-up by two pieces, body and top, screwed together and, depending on the version, fitted with a security lock. The optimised design allows for 5 different wastepaper bin versions, with different options according to the needs. The bag is hidden inside either fitted on the body or held by bag supporting rings.

Designer: Jordi Blasi (Spain)
Manufacturer: Vilagrasa (Spain)
Material: 100% recycled rotomoulded polyethylene
Colours: Black
Dimension: 680 x 1000

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Ipad2 3D Printed Covers


IPad2 3D printed Covers
Different patterns,
possibility to include name in the print.
different FDM materials and colors.

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Material: FDM materials
Colours: FDM materials
Dimension: 192.5mm x 246.8mm x 14.7mm

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Non La


Non La is a little table ceramic clock in shape of a cone, first on show @ Milano Design Week 2012 designed by Studio Klass (Marco Maturo + Alessio Roscini) for Diamantini & Domeniconi. Its lively nature together with satin or shiny tones, available into different colors, make it suitable for any home setting.

Designer: Studio Klass (Italy)
Manufacturer: Diamantini & Domeniconi (Italy)

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servus_1 by Philipp Beisheim


the concept behind this project is to take recognisable objects to open up a new relationship between the object and the observer. servus_1 consists of a mirror and a chair, where the invention lies more in reconnecting and building authentic, narrative layers. Once combined into a single piece of furniture these everyday objects, that accompany us through our living space establish a new dimension and alter our perception and impresses with an aesthetically interesting form.

Designer: Philipp Beisheim (Germany)
Material: solid oak

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