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Odyssee jewelry collection


With the collection "Odyssee" monomer has designed its first jewelry line, which is characterized by a clear design. Exciting, voluminous shapes, whose skin is covered with a pattern. The result is an interplay of clarity and distortion of transparency and exclusion.

Designer: monomer (Germany)
Manufacturer: monomer
Material: Polyamide, Metal
Colours: any color you like and of course silver and gold
Dimension: small, medium and big
Price: 65 - 180

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Fragments | Frammenti


The Concept event in the La Perla showroom, created by Silvio De Ponte, is based on the concept of Fractal, generating a unique and homogeneous mix, becoming a sort of great embroidery products and establishing a new spatiality. The Fractal is a system constituted by a component module that is multiplied to generate a new complex and articulated scenario, comprising a set of fragments on different scales.

Designer: Silvio De Ponte Architect (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)

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Hanging Mirror


Designed and handcrafted from a selection of beautiful glass bottles, these coat hangers are perfect for the entrance of your home or will spice up the walls of cafés and restaurants. Available in two different sizes and colours and now a new 'mirror' version, they will be the topic of conversation and unlike small metal hooks, they will treat your clothes with care and respect. Produced in collaboration with Taller Aleph, Barcelona.

Designer: Lucia Bruni /Lucirmás (Italy)
Manufacturer: Lucirmás (Spain)
Inspired By: Lucia Bruni
Material: 100% recycled glass and mirror
Colours: Transparent/green
Dimension: 58 x 18 x 12
Price: 190,00

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International Eyewear Design Contest 2012


The goal of this contest is to identify and honor creatively innovative product ideas in the area of corrective frames. The contest is geared toward university-level students in programs of study that emphasize creativity. The design concepts should draw on and expand upon the latest trends in fashion and design. The contestants are free to design frames for women or men. With respect to the choice of materials, contestants should use materials that are
processed on an industrial scale.

The OWP Brillen company has created glasses collections of international
quality ever since its establishment in 1947. A total 75 percent of our production is designated for export. We have our own subsi diaries in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and the USA, as well as sales representatives in 42 countries worldwide. To continuously accommodate of this international orientation, we make substantial investments in product development, technology, logistics and service. In this manner, we can always respond to the needs of extraordinarily diverse markets and target groups.

Our well-balanced portfolio of renowned license brands and our own two private labels, well established in the market, ensure the successful sales of the OWP collections. OWP is therefore considered one of the top suppliers in the industry today, and has earned its reputation among opticians throughout the world as a creative, highly innovative company.


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data.anatomy - HONDA civic - by Ryoji Ikeda

data.anatomy [civic] is an audiovisual installation by the acclaimed Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, arising from a collaboration with Mitsuru Kariya, the development leader of the new Honda Civic car.


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Seal it tight!
X-tape series with the printed image of "joining" on box sealing tape, make optical illusion and visualize the original function of tape.
It is a witty metaphor of strong adhesion of a box sealing tape, creating visual images of combining the wrapped items tightly with joining-related stuff such as hinge, strap, o-ring, and tower bolt.

Designer: mmiinn (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: mmiinn (Korea, South)
Material: Opp
Dimension: W50mm L30m

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Bamboo table


Presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 by Lema s.p.a. and designed by Giopato & Coombes, Bamboo table is composed of a metal tubular that twists itself following easy but forceful angles. The glass top completes the table giving him lightness.

Designer: Giopato & Coombes (Italy)
Manufacturer: Lema S.p.A. (Italy)
Material: metal and glass

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Gummi C


Rubber Bands. Use it to tie your hair into a ponytail, keep a bunch of envelopes together or use it as a slingshot.
Look beyond its functionality... and you can see a bracelet
GUMMI C turns an ordinary rubber band into a refined bracelet, an icon of nonchalant elegance.
Simply stretch your rubber band and fit a Gummi C shape onto the thinner part. Stretch back and Gummi C will stay fixed.

If your rubber band gets worn-out, replace it with a new one (extra included).

Designer: martine viergever (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: martine viergever (Netherlands)
Inspired By: a rubber band
Material: rubber band + sterling silver, goldplated sterling silver or gold 14K
Dimension: 80, 90,100 mm
Price: 25,00 - 32,50 - 99,00

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Coffee and Mustache Silver Rings


Silver Rings hope can make you and your loves smile :)

Designer: Angela
Material: silver
Price: $49-$59

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CBC / Cardboard-Chair


Lounge chair made of cardboard with a gently smooth surface and comfortable geometrie.

Designer: Martin Ritter (Germany)
Manufacturer: Martin Ritter (Germany)
Material: cardboard
Colours: natural
Dimension: H 780mm / B 690mm / T 800mm
Price: 450 Euro

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