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Weave Bench


Cast Aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced steel wire.

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Material: cast Alu , Carbon fiber, Steel wire
Dimension: L 2581mm W 923mm H 463mm

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Artsy design slogan in tightly kerned Helvetica


Sure, there are other tees with artsy design slogans in tightly kerned Helvetica, but this is THE “Artsy design slogan in tightly kerned Helvetica” tee.

Designer: WORDS BRAND (United States)
Colours: Multiple colors available

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vortex - salt and pepper shakers by moloko


This salt and pepper shaker is conveniently filled from the top, through it's big funnel-shaped opening. Nobody wants all of the stuff to fall out again when using the shaker. So the moloko design team created a really simple but effective retaining system that lets the shaker be filled easily but keeps the condiment inside when you turn the shaker upside down.

Designer: Moloko Product (Germany)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (Netherlands)
Colours: White and Black

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SWOMO is a new, unique watch brand with a social project at its core. Our fundamental principle, which we like to call TIME for TIME, sums up our project - for every 50 watches that we sell we pay for a disadvantaged child in Africa to attend school for an entire year.

Designer: SWOMO (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: SWOMO (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: A child's basic right to an education.
Material: Miyota 2035 movement. Silicone case.
Colours: Black and green. White and Blue.
Dimension: 32mm diameter case, 235 mm total length.
Price: 35 GBP (including postage and packaging)

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Childrens Wardrobe by Hokimö


This wooden wardrobe from Hokimö is handcrafted in Germany. It is made from 100% solid wood and only treated with totally safe oils and colored glazes. The wardrobe is customized, so one can choose different dimensions, different kind of solid wood and different colors. The wardrobe is available online and the price includes delivery and assembly.

Designer: Marco Keller (Germany)
Manufacturer: Hokimö (Germany)
Material: solid wood (beech/ core beech/ spruce)
Colours: white, pink, green, grey, blue, brown
Price: starting at 2560 incl. german VAT

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Kronleuchter lumiereCrown


The lamp is a reinterpretation of a classic chandelier. The impression of the lamp is sophisticated and constructional. The open assembling makes the construction visible and able to be experienced: a metamorphosis from a closed, statically, to an open, light and dynamic form. To realize different lighting situations, the chandelier can be closed and opened. Closed, the light is focussed and the light diffusers are creating a lamp shade - open, the room gets illuminated.

Designer: Denise Hachinger

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A luxurious collection of seven handcrafted, bespoke pieces made entirely by English craftsmen in the UK.

Designer: Christopher Jenner (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Self Produced
Inspired By: English carriage work, classical furniture, childhood play
Material: Milled aluminium, handblown glass, suede
Colours: Blue and Bronze
Dimension: h540mmxw530mmxl530cm

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Gowned Odalisque


A hand-sculpted and resin cast furniture sculpture piece embellished in linear glass beads. The beadwork alludes to fashion and luxury, while ultimately meant to portray an integral skin on the feminine form.

Designer: Pryor Callaway (United States)
Manufacturer: Pryor Callaway (United States)
Inspired By: the feminine form and fashion
Material: fiberglass, resin, and linear glass beads
Colours: black and silver
Dimension: 65
Price: contact designer

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Furniture and Jewelry


Every furniture piece is a unique item. An innovative design, born from the union between the creative force and the austerity of the forms and adorned with noble metals such as gold, silver and lacquers. Due to its high quality, the production is dedicated to an international public made of collectors and is aimed to bring all around the world the excellence of made in Italy design and the strength of a product able to rework the past in a modern, unique style

Designer: Barbara Abaterusso Design (Italy)
Material: bronze,gold, silver and lacquers

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Concrete Textile Furniture


“Concrete Textile” objects from very thinly rolled sheets of textured concrete, treating this traditionally solid industrial material as though it were fabric. The furniture pieces can be used as a low coffee table or side table. These hollow pieces appear deceptively airy and fine – but they are in fact extremely robust. The inside surfaces feature patterned white cement while the outside texture is rough, raw and grey-coloured.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal Studio (Netherlands)
Inspired By: the concrete innovations of G.tecz
Material: concrete
Colours: various
Dimension: various
Price: 450 euro

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