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Axalko wood bicycle


The core of the frame is made with ash tree wood, a species indigenous to the region and that can also be found all over Europe. The bike has been favorably tested by members of professional teams as well as in two demanding races in France - the París-Roubaix and the Flandes Tour.

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Designer: Aitzol & Andoitz Tellería (Spain)
Manufacturer: Enrique Ardura (Spain)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood
Colours: wood

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Handmade fruit bowls. Each one is unique one-off piece.

Designer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Drip Painting
Material: Thermoplastic
Colours: Various
Dimension: 300mm x 400mm x 300mm
Price: £100

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Lamp with a lighting fixture made of powder coated steel combined with a classic shade. The foot is white powder coated. The shade is finished with a fabric with an authentic scene.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: MaaK (Belgium)
Colours: Blue or Red graphic
Dimension: 1000x400x800mm
Price: 579 Euro

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Calla Table


The table portraits the stylized shape of the Calla flower. It is made of a dominating elliptic surface that can slide inside the table base made of curved crystal. The basement transparency and shape represent the vase that contains the flower and gives the illusion of instability and suspension evoking an image of suggestive elegance. A table designed for soft atmospheres and sophisticated environments, that adorns the place giving a sense of harmony and relax.

Designer: Designer Flavio Scalzo (Italy)
Manufacturer: ProjectTheSign (Italy)

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Fauteuil II


The Fauteuil II combines a sculptural and opulent shape with a load bearing system of cell-like appearance in a usable object that is inspired by the classical armchair. Natural structures, such as bones, are ingeniously optimized load bearing systems which have a low density at a maximum load capacity. The Fauteuil II is a limited edition of 12 pieces. photo:2012 ©

Designer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Material: GFRP, car paint finish
Colours: silver, pearl, black
Dimension: 92 × 120 × 95 cm
Price: price on application

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A photovoltaic accumulator in a pure form. A contemporary out of scale architecture, thrown, as a die, in the middle of the city centre. A luminous design object that uses LED light to re-design an historical plaza. An element integrated with the urban culture, streetart & videomapping by V3rbo. An object able to give back the energy accumulated from renewable sources in impact zero batteries (60kWh). A lighting hub, a charging hub for electrical and electronic devices.

Designer: Romolo Stanco - Artwork by V3rbo. (Italy)
Manufacturer: Ottagono - RSE Ricerca Sistema Energetico (Italy)
Inspired By: Smart Cities
Material: Energy
Colours: Black&Light
Dimension: 5x5x5 meters
Price: for free

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Organ Donor


Organ Donor is a concept to inspire decision-making and commitment in the profound issue of organ donation. This imaginative iPhone Application was designed as a result of the mindset of individuals who support organ donation but who have yet to sign the organ donor register.

Designer: Jarred Shirley (United Kingdom)

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Folding Chair


The problem of the folding chair is a long standing question between efficiency of space and portability. The solution for the folding chair came by cutting highly precise lines through material sheets, as would a surgeon with a scalpel trough tissue resulting in a part origami part jigsaw puzzle chair.

Designer: Leo Salom (United States)
Manufacturer: Self (United States)
Material: Plywood
Colours: natural

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TIVD Cheese Slicer


The TIVD Cheese Slicer by Valencia based designer Sergio Mendoza is a new view on a Norwegian icon of design and innovation. Manufactured on natural wood and white ceramics it brings a fresh smile to our table.

The TIVD Cheese Slicer was unveiled at Milan's Ventura Lambrate as part of TIVD - This Is Very Dangerous.

Designer: Sergio Mendoza (Spain)

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Once again you run to the bus because you didn’t found the gloves? As a practical point, the wardrobe STEP helps to bring a little more order into the daily chaos. Hats, scarves... can be stowed in the upper compartment. On the hooks at the side you can hang your coat. The keyring is held by invisible magnets. Shoes find their place in the below compartment. STEP allows a casual use: the owner can append the function element according to his own needs or simply throw his jacket over the rungs.

Designer: Ariane März - maerzgruen (Germany)
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten (Germany)
Inspired By: my own little corridor
Dimension: Height 2120mm, Width 790mm, Depth 320mm

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