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Recycled Camera Lens Cuffs


Craig Arnold is a photographer who broke a lens and created this unique collection of jewellery. Display your passion with style, with this unisex camera bracelet. Each cuff is one-of-a-kind, displaying the characteristic wear and tear from its previous life.
Perfect for the photography professional or passionate hobbyist.

Designer: re:vision (Australia)
Inspired By: Photography
Price: from US $220

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Cleaning Pearls


A miniature decanter containing 500 stainless steel pearls to effectively scrub & clean the interiors of actual wine decanters & bottles. Designed to simplify the process of dispensing, collecting, & straining the pearls.

Designer: Stefano Di Lollo (Canada)
Manufacturer: Trudeau Corporation 1889 Inc. (Canada)
Inspired By: Homemade Wine Making
Material: Durable Plastic
Colours: Stealth Black
Dimension: 3 1/2 x 4 3/4
Price: Approx. $13 to $16

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Design the New Business official trailer

Design the New Business is a documentary that explores the relationship between design and business and how they are affecting each other.


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VIAL's portable Fida folding mat is the perfect companion for relaxing moments like these. The water-resistant folding mat can be easily transported to anywhere in its own supplied bag, folded out, and with a few deft moves be turned into a comfy seat: roll on those blue skies and summertime picnics.

Designer: Patrick Frey (Germany)
Manufacturer: VIAL GmbH (Germany)
Material: PES
Colours: orange, green, purple, red, light blue, petrol, dark blue, yellow
Dimension: 162x114cm
Price: 129

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A leather made irregular shape sofa, set with 2, large piece comes with small stool. Special design for large interior public area.

Designer: Poon Kin Cheong (Hong Kong)
Material: Leather
Colours: Black
Dimension: 1600mm (W) x 850mm (D) x 380mm (H)

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like paper lamps


What seems to be folded paper, is made out of slewed concrete. The
property of concrete, to precisely display the surface of the utilized
formwork, is taken to advantage. As well as wood shapes the facade
of bare concrete buildings, in this case paper empathizes with this part.
Although the manufacturing follows certain paper paterns, the completed
shades develop individuality through own edges, kinks and creases.
Each is unique.

Designer: Miriam Aust & Sebastian Amelung (Germany)
Manufacturer: DUA (Germany)
Material: concrete

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Restaurant & Bar Design Awards


Totally independent, the UK and International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is the world's only concept of its kind dedicated exclusively to hospitality design.

The Awards invites and receives entries from the world's top architects, designers and hospitality operators. Entries come from all types of environment including hotels, transport, business, industry, fine dining, education, sports and leisure, healthcare, government, aviation, cruise and retail. The judges are a highly influential panel of top design, lifestyle & hospitality personalities, whose role is to recognize and reward entrants for design excellence. The winners of the various categories including the best designed restaurant and the best designed bar, will be announced at an Awards ceremony & party in central London in September 2012.


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m² bench


The M² consists of a shell-formed concrete seat, reinforced with optic fibre, supported by a steel under-frame.

Designer: studio segers (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Wolters-Mabeg, Urbastyle (Belgium)

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