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Will Design For Money


A tee for designers everywhere. Whether you're "free" lance or on staff, wear your art on your sleeve with this seemingly obvious but often overlooked truism.

Inspired By: Undervalued and underpaid designers
Material: Flex print on cotton
Colours: White on Black (other color options)
Price: Standard Weight $16 / American Apparel $23

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Candlestick made out of oak inspired by fireplace log. It is double sided and features hole for tea and long candle. Due to its raw material and random hand cuts every piece is original, nobody can have same CANDLOG twice.

Designer: Martin ampach (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Martin ampach (Czech Republic)
Inspired By: wooden log
Material: wood
Colours: natural oak
Price: 16 EUR

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Furniture for spontaneous space occupation


The price of the material used in these items is competitive with low-cost furniture. To achieve this, the principle is one of autoconstruction.

Designer: Ecole (France)

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Edition29 STRUCTURES lets the creators of great edifices tell us about their work through landscapes of great imagery. This Issue is in keeping with the Edition29 Architecture editorial Issues featuring modern structures from the far corners of the globe.

Designer: Edition29 Design (United States)
Manufacturer: Edition29 (United States)
Inspired By: Great Architecture Books
Material: Digital
Dimension: 768x1024 px
Price: $2.99 USD

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Dolce Vita


Celebration series: Champagne glasses, tall and wide, dessert bowl, serving dish, serving bowls. Handmade glass.

Designer: Cecilie Moi Sindum (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Magnor Glassverk (Norway)
Inspired By: Ancient Italian drinking fountains
Material: Glass

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Centerpiece by Studio Daniel


*Centerpiece is series of sculptural vases with a combination of two traditional Dutch crafts. A combination of fragmented Delfts Blue vases with beautifully hand crafted wicker braiding. By filling in the missing parts of the fragmented vase by elegantly combining the two materials which are visible by contrast.

Designer: Studio Daniel (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio Daniel (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Rotan
Material: Rotan and Ceramics
Colours: Delft Blue, White and Rotan
Dimension: Height - 32 cm Diameter - 20 cm Weight - 2.1 kg
Price: 489,= EURO

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Preview - LuvOwl Project, Milan, April 2012


The concept of LuvOwl is simple, birds eat the Owl, and then bright colours “appear” around the city - true public art! LuvOwl is produced by moulding seed, suet and food colour into the form of an owl commonly but ineffectively used as a bird deterrent. The Owls are based on the RGB colour model so in theory seeds from different coloured owls combined in the birds’ gizzards should produce a broad array of colours.

Designer: Craig Alun Smith (Canada)

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Jamaican Breadfruit fine bone china


exclusive fine bone china tableware and giftware decorated with the Breadfruit, a tree brought to jamaica in the 18th centru by the famous British explorer Captain William Bligh. The china is manufactured in Stoke on Trent, England. The china is finished and gilded by hand using the traditional methods.

Designer: Jenny Mein (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Fruit & flowers of the Caribbean
Material: fine bone china clay
Colours: white with green

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Inspired by stationary – pushpin and wall cork are two elements that come together.We need wall cork to stick the pin, but it just grows to a bigger scale and for different appliance.Pushpin cork is the combination of pin shape and cork, notice the simple shape and explore the material at the same time. Combination the warm, natural cork in a unique and playful way. Flip on to have a larger surface as a coffee table or side table.

Designer: Kenyon Yeh (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: COOIMA (Taiwan)
Inspired By: stationary pushpin
Material: cork
Colours: natural
Dimension: W. 38cm - D. 38cm - H. 47cm
Price: 250 USD

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black ice tables


black ice tables are a set of 2 nesting tables made from richlite material.

Designer: timothy schreiber
Inspired By: ice nature
Material: richlite

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