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Rag and Bone Chair by Martin Campbell


A chair made from cut round section timber (broomsticks) and a new innovative product I have developed called 'Join-Wrap' (caprolactone thermoplastic and fabric jointing wraps) by reapplying heat (using a hair-dryer or heat gun) the thermoplastic 'Join-Wraps' can be released enabling you to modify the chair design, add to it or use the wraps for another build project. The design can be altered and ephemeral or adapt and evolve with you to suit your needs.

Designer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: DIY
Material: Timber, Caprolactone Wax and Cotton Fabric
Colours: Black
Dimension: 650 x 600 x 600

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Pure Bottle


Pure-Bottle is a fully recycled and recyclable table set which consists of a glass, lantern and spoon, perfect to complement any dining occasion. Each table set is made from a recycled wine bottle which has been cut in two positions, giving new life and value to the object.
Together, Pure-Bottle proves that recycled products can be simple, functional and stylish. Pure-Bottles are sustainable glass products which tell a story.

Designer: Lucia Bruni /Lucirmás (Italy)
Manufacturer: Lucirmás (Spain)
Inspired By: Lucia Bruni
Material: 100% recycled glass
Colours: Green/Brown/Transparent
Dimension: 7,5 x 7,5 x 26cm

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SLIDE table lamp


The Slide lamp has a clear and communicative design. One look on the design tells you how to adjust it. The base and the two natural oak elements form a triangle.  The long slots in these elements make it possible to  adjust the lamp, by simply sliding & fixating the elements in a different position. From low and pressed to high and slender. It is a recognizable and appealing technique.

Designer: Peter van de Water (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Perlei (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Tools
Material: Coated steel & natural oak
Colours: White & oak
Dimension: height 40 cm - 70 cm

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Green Waters


“Green Waters” showcasing HI-MACS® at the recent IDEO BAIN trade fair in Paris. LG Hausys have partnered with French designer Patrick Nadeau in his Green waters display. A perfect amalgam of creativity and key topical technical innovations, perfect to showcase HI-MACS®.

Designer: Patrick Nadeau (France)
Manufacturer: Design & Creation (France)
Material: HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone
Colours: Alpine White

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Tilt : The hotel Au vieux panier asked me to design a room, I first told them that I wasn't interested doing just decoration in the room but I wanted to create something that will look more like an installation.


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Source Garden Chair


The inspiration behind this garden chair is phyllotaxis – the beautiful, spiral growth pattern found in leaf and flower petal arrangements. This organic pattern is naturally in harmony with the chairs intended outdoor environment. The spiral seats physical structure functions both ergonomically and economically, as the pattern is most dense where one’s body comes into contact with the seat and less dense towards the periphery.

Designer: Haldane Martin (South Africa)
Manufacturer: HALDANE MARTIN (South Africa)
Inspired By: phyllotaxis
Material: 60% recycled stainless steel & powder coating.
Colours: blue, yellow, green, magenta, white, black, grey
Dimension: 585mm W x 575mm D x 820mm H - 445mm seat H
Price: R 2770 (ZAR)

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Knob Hook


A simple and beautiful Knob Hook designed to complement the combination between wood and metal. Its large wood turned and hand finished knob attracts attentions with a powder coated steel back plate protects the wall from dirt and scratches.

Designer: So.much (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: So.much (United Kingdom)
Material: Oak, Powder Coated Steel.
Colours: various colours available.
Dimension: H.50 W.50 D. 60 (mm)

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Laptop Stand


A laptop stand that is lightweight and readily portable to suit all laptop types and sizes. The design allows the laptop screen to be opened and positioned at eye level during use. The keyboard lies on a forward inclined position, directed to the user and enhancing their comfort when typing.
The Laptop Stand is made from 100% post-consumer recycled waste.
More information and funding support, please visit the following link

Designer: Vincent Chan Kun Wa (Australia)
Inspired By: A4 paper
Material: X-Board Kraft
Colours: Brown (raw)
Dimension: 297x160mm (when folded)
Price: AUD$30 when in commercial production

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Edge Clock


The Edge Clocks, like everything in the Liqui Edge range are made from a light but strong cardboard which has been cut to leave the intricate, interior structure exposed on the thick edges. The faces have been veneered in finest quality oak and walnut using offcuts that would otherwise have been thrown away. For the icing on the cake the hands come in six vibrant colours three for each veneer type.

Designer: LiquiDesign (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: LiquiDesign (United Kingdom)
Material: Cardboard and real wood veneer
Colours: Oak and Walnut with a selection of hand colours
Dimension: 260mm outer diameter
Price: £35

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Pimp My Wall stickers


We design custom wall stickers in Hungary. Our products (besides the awesome design:) have two specialities:
All of our wall stickers are totally unique, we sell only 42 pieces of each. When sold out it goes to "sticker-heaven" and won't be available any more.
In the name of corporate social responsibility we donate 3% of our wallstickers price to foundations who's work we appreciate gravely and think is essentially impotant.

Designer: Tomi Eke, Livi Varga, Loci Alvegi (Hungary)
Inspired By: so many
Material: vynil
Colours: 18 different colours
Dimension: from 'S' to 'XL' 10cm to 232 cm
Price: 16 to 168 euros

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