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For Snaidero, traditionally present at the Fair, the 2012 edition marks the perfect opportunity to reaffirm the company's commitment to devising new home living solutions, and to acquire important meaning in times of sweeping changes in the way people relate to their homes.

Snaidero at Eurocucina 2012
17-22th April
Exhibition Hall 11, Stand A23 – C24

Designer: SNAIDERO (Italy)
Manufacturer: SNAIDERO (Italy)

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Benetton Colors exhibition at Design Museum


Benetton Icon Stores, United Colors of Benetton's
network of trendsetting shops, revamped to become international focal points of fashion, web culture, publicly-participated multimedia experimentation and lifestyle, present a series of events in European design capitals, attesting the
value that United Colors of Benetton ascribes to art, architecture and design:
fundamental inspirations for the brand, and experiences to be actively shared,
be it in museums, while shopping or just in everyday things.

In London, from 3 to 13 April, the exhibition Happiness and other survival techniques, inspired by COLORS magazine's trilogy (Happiness, Shit and Transport), will be presented at the prestigious Design Museum and concurrently at Benetton Icon Stores in London, Milan, Barcelona and Paris. COLORS, the magazine that talks about the rest of the world, is published by Fabrica, Benetton Group's communication research centre. The Icon Stores will host the projection of videos and artistic animations about the COLORS London exhibition on the Benetton Live Windows: a network of large high-definition videowalls, which transform traditional store windows into high-tech multimedia screens, giving rise to a new customer experience where the individual's approach becomes a participatory experience. This Benetton Group project, developed by Fabrica for selected Benetton flagship stores, recently won the Gold Apex Award for the Retail category in Las Vegas during Digital Signage Expo, the world's number one event for the interactive technology and digital signage sector.

Visitors to Benetton Icon Stores will be led through the stories of COLORS, in an unpredictable journey through our habits and contradictions: an unusual and
authentic world, as only reality can ever be. They will also be offered copies of
the magazine alongside other in-store initiatives inspired by different cultures,
young people’s creativity and the future of new media.


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Living room media storage


Locally handcrafted cherry wood furniture piece with unique angular doors to give a little twist and a modern feel to the usual living room TV unit.

Perfect to enjoy a television set with the middle open portion to partially hide the home theater electronics. Each door hides two shelves for DVDs or books storage.

Designer: Etienne Carignan (Canada)
Manufacturer: Etic Design (Canada)
Material: Cherry wood
Dimension: 44

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Ceramic vase collection


Designed as a table centerpiece with simple modern lines and a smooth lip inspired facade. This collection plays with three proportional sizes to create an interesting variation of height and width with each their specific function and a curious family look. They will look at their best along each other…

Three useful sizes; big fruit bowl, medium flower vase and tall decorative vase.

Designer: Etienne Carignan (Canada)
Manufacturer: Etic Design (Canada)
Material: Ceramic
Colours: Off white
Dimension: From 4.25

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COVIS side table


Good, if brief, twice good. This leitmotiv perfectly fits in the side table COVIS. Just 2 parts to form a whole which can be assembled without tools. It is possible to set the height of the tabletop depending on your sofa.

Designer: Ricard Mollon (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Material: Aluminium
Colours: White - Dark grey
Dimension: H64 x L45 x W50
Price: 275

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The Architect Bag


Leather bag suitable for A3 documents or as a Laptop bag. Opens flat to act as a Portfolio. Includes 5 inside pockets for iPhone, Digicam,Ruler, business cards, etc. Fully lined with woolen fabric. Riri Swiss zipper with double opening function, available in bronze or silver. Other leather colours available. Made to order allow 4 weeks deliery time.

Designer: Lidia Gerster-Morales (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: oldbag (Switzerland)
Material: Hide leather
Colours: chocolate, coal, mineral, storm blue, wine, stone grey
Dimension: 45 x 32 x 10 cm
Price: 390 CHF

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NANOOK - Armchair


NANOOK is the master of bears, the one who decides the luck of the hunters in the Arctic regions. This armchair blends the beauty and grandiosity of this animal through the robust body covered by white leather. NANOOK armchair embodies a myth from Inuit culture and tells a story while you leave yourself to its comfort.

Designer: BRABBU (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: Synthetic Leather and ebony
Colours: White
Dimension: w 73cm x d 71cm x h 83,3cm

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G5 Stool


A stool made from discarded scrap wood found in the G5 postal district of Glasgow. Bound together with a ratchet strap.

Designer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Martin Campbell (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: DIY
Material: Scrap wood
Colours: various
Dimension: 1000 x 400 x 400

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Dunny Skyline


This wall-to-wall case offers a home for books, CDs, records and Dunnys (vinyl designer toys) in a cheerfully chaotic manner. These Dunnys are exhibited in small showcases spread over the wall. By replacing the hinges of the showcases with magnets, the design remains abstract and the visibility at a maximum. At night, the rhythm of the case remains visible by lighting the Dunnys from behind, creating a playful skyline of silhouettes.

Designer: Atelier 010 (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Atelier 010 (Netherlands)

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Inuit Armor Chair


A comfortable dining chair, which is easily produced as the seat is made without any weldings. We have chosen to use the beautiful full Inuit sealskin from the Phoca groenlandicus (Greenland seal). We do this to draw attention to the problems of the Greenland Inuits as their sale ofsustainable sealskins have become victim of an EU import restriction to all other sealskin. It is perfectly legal to import and use the Inuit seals - the customers just do not know that.

Designer: LUND & PAARMANN (Denmark)
Manufacturer: LOPFURNITURE (Denmark)
Inspired By: Armor
Material: Steel, seal and walnut.
Colours: Pigeon blue, grey and brown
Dimension: 52 x 70 x 48 cm
Price: 115 Euro

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