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Shades Hanger Necklace


A necklace designed to hold sunglasses as well as eyeglasses in a stylish manner. Made out of ceramic tiles with scarab stone.

Designer: Maria y Limjoco (France)
Manufacturer: Maria y Limjoco (France)
Inspired By: The yin and yang of the ever powerful sun.
Material: Ceramic tiles, scarab stone (handmade)
Colours: white, gold, bronze
Dimension: 49.5 cm
Price: 15.5 euros

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Opera Sideboard Phanton


4 sliding doors with various size and shapes drawer in the interior

Designer: Márcio Marques (Portugal)
Inspired By: This sideboard comes from the emotions experienced after seeing the phantom of the opera
Material: lacquered wood
Colours: Black and gold
Dimension: 2200x950x480mm
Price: price over demand

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Petite China


A small teacup inspired by the beauty and softness of female breasts. The beautiful shape of this la petite femme is something you want to protect while having hot and steaming fun.
This teacup is made from porcelain and the shape resembles the soft touch of the beautiful form of a lady while having a nice hot tea session.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Looking for a Manufacturer
Inspired By: the beautiful form and soft touch of female breasts.
Material: porcelain
Colours: light jade green

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Crane Light


Davidson pays homage to the iconic Arco lamp with this scaled down celebration of industrial art and lighting sculpture.
The crane is a 1:50 scale model of the tallest crawler crane in the world.

Designer: Charlie Davidson (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Charlie Davidson Studio (Sweden)
Inspired By: A series of disconected events
Material: Die cast metal, glass and polyurethane
Colours: Various
Dimension: Height 2.1m
Price: 27000SEK

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“Rennholz” is to be understood as a statement for e-mobility. The vehicle is driven by a standard Bosch cordless screwdriver and built out of bent wood. Therefore the concept opens up new perspectives on the use of sustainable materials for vehicle construction. Besides sustainability, wood brings some more benefits to vehicle construction. The natural flexibility of bent wood, for example, has a positive impact on driving comfort.

Designer: Rennholz (Germany)

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Starhill Gallery


Starhill Gallery is perhaps Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic shopping mall, featuring an extraordinary array of luxury shops and fine dining restaurants. Sparch's design proposal, dealt with the reinvention of the existing façade, providing visual interest via a continuous shop front that wraps the existing building in a crystalline skin of glass and stone panels, thus establishing an iconic new identity for Starhill Gallery.
Photo credits: Lin Ho

Designer: Sparch Asia

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AK-LH extinguishers collection by Fire Design


Since very recently, AK-LH collaborates with Fire Design and has created a collection of 21 AK-LH extinguishers, arty interpretations of this highly useful security tool.
Presented in January 2012, these collection is harmoniously combined to transform your interior in a modern art and design gallery.

Designer: AK-LH (France)
Manufacturer: Fire Design (France)

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Inspired by the classic lace decoration, BLACK WIDOW Armband is apart of an entire collection realized in polyamide using the 3D print technology. Easy and light to wear every day or for a particular evening. The collection includes also pendant, earrings and ring. Available in different colours.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Lace decoration
Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
Colours: Black, red, indigo, dark grey, white

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mooring bollard


spun steel and machined log

Designer: justin lamont (Australia)
Manufacturer: LifeSpaceJourney (Australia)
Inspired By: mooring bollard
Material: steel and timber
Colours: any
Dimension: 400mm diam x 450mm height

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Omar Angel Perez Stiletto Sculpture


Custom stiletto heels.

Shoes Omar Perez
Model Stacey Holland
Hair/makeup Cara Dulce Makeup
Photographer Bryan Anderson
Production Assistant Jessi Marri Becker and Joshua Ardoin
Retoucher Sandi Gagne
Videographer Nathan Jimenez — with Stacey Holland.

Designer: Omar Angel Perez
Material: Bloodwood, Vinyl, Zipper, Band Saw blades
Price: $3,200 pair

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