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float candle

Designer: Roman Ficek (Slovakia)
Manufacturer: Candle Design (Slovakia)
Inspired By: paper boat
Material: candle wax
Colours: yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green
Dimension: 150x80x50mm
Price: 2.00 eur

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Plastic Bottle Family


Sarah Turner has been busy the past 2 months hand making a life-sized family made from waste plastic bottles for Light Night Nottingham. Sarah normally makes lighting from waste plastic drinks bottles. So for her installation she decided to use some of the same techniques used in her lighting designs but on a much larger scale to create these stunning sculptures.

Designer: Sarah Turner (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Recycling waste bottles
Material: Waste plastic drinks bottles
Colours: white, blue, green, pink
Dimension: life-sized

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Rising Table


The Rising Table ignores the clichéd notion that a table is little more than a flat surface that is held up by four separate legs. The result is a surprising mixture of fluid design that blends the multifaceted tabletop with the latticework of wooden beams that function as the center of the construction.

Designer: Robert van Embricqs (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Robert van Embricqs (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: wood
Dimension: flat 100x120 rised: 100x100

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HI-MACS® launches the 2012 new colours


LG Hausys announced the launch of the new 2012 HI-MACS® colours and new CAD compatible colours available for download that will make architects and designer’s work easier.

Designer: LG Hausys
Manufacturer: LG Hausys - HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone
Material: HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone
Colours: Andromeda, Carina, New Moon, Hercules and Midnight Grey

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clothing storage

Designer: daniel moyer (United States)
Manufacturer: DANIELMOYERDESIGN (United States)
Material: salvaged steel cabinet, black locust base, cedar + plywood interior

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Bentwood Anniversary Rings


Bentwood Rings by Bojt Studio to celebrate anniversary

Designer: James Nord

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The Log Bench


The Log Bench was designed to store firewood but it can also store almost anything like magazines and towels. It's upper part can be lifted up and can be used to carry wood from outside back to the fireplace.

Designer: Claudia Després / Jérémy Couture (Canada)
Manufacturer: Six Point Un
Inspired By: Canadian outdoors
Material: Maple, Aluminium
Colours: Natural / White
Dimension: 18 in x 14 in x 17.5 in / 45.7 cm x 35.6 cm x 44.4 cm
Price: 879.95$ Canadian dollars

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New parents often rush out to buy a bassinet a short time. With that in mind, come coo over the Moep.
First stage for Moep is as a unique rocking chair and bassinet combination that allows you to sit close to your baby while comforting him or her to sleep. When bassinet days are over, reassemble Moep to a chair with an attached magazine rack. Moep is made from birch plywood and easily self assembled using just twelve screws and two pieces of rope.

Designer: Dirk Ploos van Amstel (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dirk Ploos van Amstel (Netherlands)

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Il Falò


Do you remember? Attracted from an early age to this powerful element of nature we all have had our encounters in one way or an other. The burning fire, the movement, the heat and the moments we share in the presents leave always an impression on us. The Faló lamp represents and reminds us of the campfire light thats indends to bring people together.

Designer: Kurt Merki Jr (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Prototype (Switzerland)
Inspired By: campfire
Material: aluminium and LED's
Colours: silver
Dimension: 120x170cm
Price: Prototype

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WEAMO Mini Table for One


The Mini Table for One shown the accompanying Mini Stool both from the Natural Kids Range. High Quality Birch Plwood finished off with child friendly laquer, perfect for fitting in with any room in the house.

Designer: Richard Wearmouth (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: WEAMO (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Scandinavian furniture design, my kids
Material: Birch Plywood
Colours: Natural Birch
Dimension: Length = 360mm, Width = 380mm, Height = 386mm
Price: £119.95

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