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CMYK Folding Electric Bike available @ Kickstarter

    view gallery Brooklyness is a collaboration between designers and builders located in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NYC. Founded by lead designer Manuel Saez of Argentina, we are dedicated to creating efficient solutions for urban mobility. “We live in the city; we work in the city; we ride in the city. See more of our work at” Manuel Saez & Partners presents a new bicycl...


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Simplicity is the best definition for the elite award hanger. Its supports are adjustable in height and rotate 360 degrees. The lower support ring can hold a key to never lose it.

Designer: Andreu Capdevila (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: Miguel Milà ( TMC light )
Material: Steel painted/chromed and natural cork cap.
Colours: Black
Dimension: 1670x60x60
Price: 260

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White & White Clock


The White & White Clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock. Digital wall/desk white LED clock with white frame digits. Nothing else, simply time. White & White Clock is a clock with an alarm and time display mode 24 hour. In dark hours the light sensitive sensor changes the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. The power supply is conducted through a general mains-operated adaptor that suits any kinds of sockets.

Designer: Vadim Kibardin (Russian Federation)
Inspired By: KIBARDINDESIGN studio
Material: ABS plastic
Colours: white & white
Dimension: W285mm x D35mm x H110mm
Price: US$ 178.80 - US$ 202.80

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Puxxle · The pixel puzzle


Imagine what it would be like to take a bath with a shark, to have a cactus that doesn't sting or to laughingly reach into an alligator´s mouth. Pixel by pixel, you can create, let grow and have your dream come true. The puxxle makes everything possible.

Designer: YOYO - Catarina & Luisa Lente (Spain)
Manufacturer: YOYO (Spain)
Material: Vinilys
Colours: available in different colours
Dimension: available in different dimensions
Price: 18 to 45

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available in different RAL color
available in different dimensions upon request

Designer: mrsmith + (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: STEEL
Colours: available in different colours
Dimension: 400X400X300
Price: 125,00

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Acid stained concrete carpet


We chose to work in concrete as it is the building block and fundamental icon of all large cities around the world. Each tile was separately stained with acid and we built a tiled carpet with entirely unique characteristics. The acid staining process is an excellent medium to express the deterioration, tarnishing, oxidization, destruction and the natural processes we are fighting so hard to eradicate from our modern daily lives. The home will be the last sanctuary of imperfections.

Designer: Paula Benvegnu & Tristan Cochrane (Spain)
Manufacturer: Tristan Cochrane & Paula Benvegnú (Spain)
Inspired By: concrete, tile, carpet, acid, stains, art, installation, interior design
Material: concrete, acid
Colours: rusty orange, blue, green, brown
Dimension: 3 x 3 mts.
Price: poa

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Almost every book has a different format, but are usually on the same shelf. This bookcase gives each book its own space. The cabinet is composed of three layers of plywood.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Material: plywood
Colours: different sizes and different veneers are possible

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Sissi Armchair


The Sissi armchair is constructed from bent tubular steel and expanded polyeurathane panels. We decided to design a comfortable lightweight upholstered armchair without polyeurathane moulding. A high tension fabric wraps around the metal structure to create complex three dimensional surfaces. As one approaches, the chair legs appear more and more verticle and when finally sitting the feeling is of importance, support and comfort.

Designer: Giopato & Coombes (Italy)
Manufacturer: Beside (Italy)
Material: tubular steel, expanded polyeurathane.
Colours: brightly coloured woolen felt and neutral leathers.
Dimension: width 75cm x lenght 65cm x height 71cm

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NU table by After6DesignStudio


Multifunctional Table by After6DesignStudio

Designer: Sia Zanjani (Canada)
Material: Wood+Glass
Price: $1150

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Spline Chair


The reduced footprint at the back of the chair means the chair takes up less floor space therefore ideal for restaurants or confined dining spaces.
The chair is offered in Solid American Black Walnut and White Oak with a formed veneered seat panel as well as colour lacquered Beech (available in a variety of colours)

Designer: Sean Dare (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Dare Studio (United Kingdom)

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