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Mercedes Benz Brand Pavilion


For its 125th birthday, the brand Mercedes-Benz presented employees a brand pavilion and celebrating this anniversary with a road show through Germany. dan pearlman developed the Brand Pavilion. A comprehensive target group survey of various age groups gave shape to the Pavilion of Dreams. The gained insights were integrated into an emotionally moving spatial experience, providing fireworks for the mind and the senses.

Designer: dan pearlman (Germany)
Manufacturer: dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH

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TheB-Chair is revolution in shapes, material technology, aesthetical dynamism. The traditional concepts of a seat remain, being modified to lead the observer to new sensations of suspension, vertigo, challenge to physics laws. The transparent half, ethereal, hides one's eyes, giving the bright colors of the frame, space, with a visually unstable resulting equilibrium.

Designer: GZA-Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Inspired By: The whole shape derives from the joining of two chairs
Material: Methacrylate, structural frame aluminum and carbon fiber
Colours: 20 different combinations
Dimension: 60x60x110(h)
Price: from 2100 exw Italy

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Purzelmonster App


Purzelmonster is an app for children aged four to seven. Due to its patchwork style, the user can assemble more than 1000 different monsters. There are fourteen backgrounds to choose from, each accompanied by suitabel sounds. The monsters can be moved around with the touch of the user’s finger or by moving the iPhone/iPad.

Designer: Heiko Stückle (Germany)
Manufacturer: Heiko Stückle (Germany)
Inspired By: Patchwork puppets
Material: Digital
Price: 0,79

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Chair by Arne Jacobsen + table + lamp.
With permission of Fritz Hansen (Denmark) to manufacture 9 copies

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Arne Jacobsen

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New Gas Fireplace WiFi & iPhone apps


Gas fireplace manufacturer Escea has just launched their new range of gas fireplaces, which feature a world first: inbuilt WiFi connectivity, and the ability to control your fireplace from your iPhone or Android smart phone. “The future of our homes and the products in them is focused on connectivity; The days of having a coffee table covered in remote controls are numbered.” Says Nigel Bamford, CEO.

The new range of fireplaces are also very high efficiency, see-through, and ultra wide.

Designer: Alex Hodge (New Zealand)
Manufacturer: Escea (New Zealand)

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OH cabinet


The OH cabinet can be used vertically and horizontally. By piling up the cabinet on several manners, you can create yourself your own wall unit.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Gelderland Group (Netherlands)
Material: laquered 30mm MDF
Colours: any RAL-colour, matt/gloss
Dimension: 73 x 36,5 x 36,5 cm

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The Guest by Jaime Hayón for Lladró

    view gallery The Guest is an ongoing project which invites cutting-edge artists from around the world to create a distinctive personality for an original porcelain character. With this exciting and fascinating concept the Spanish brand is going for the most ground-breaking design. The project is totally in tune with the founding mission of Lladró Atelier, a space set aside for the creativity of t...


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Super Architecture Defile


The dress was completed 2019. It is made of recycled materials.

Designer: Mariam Ayvazyan (Armenia)
Material: recycled material

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Kross Wood


is created through the balance of two identical pieces of teak wood crossing together.

It can be placed against a wall, or used as a partition, transforming the spaces simply by well-chosen props.

Designer: Jakkapun Charinrattana (Thailand)
Manufacturer: Plato (Thailand)
Material: golden teak wood
Colours: natural teak wood color
Dimension: W 38 x L 189 x H 160
Price: 36,600 baht

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Caffe Q


White ceramic demitasses with saucer. Slightly larger than the standard size, particularly suitable for those who love espresso coffee in a wider cup.

Designer: Sand & Birch Design Studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Blueside Emotional Design (Italy)
Inspired By: Q Letter
Material: Ceramic
Colours: White
Dimension: saucer l x p x h 138x138x10mm;cup l x p x h 72x65x58mm
Price: couple 50 Euros

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