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<< call for editor / producer >> wooden modern duckie kids storage furniture by e-glue studio

Designer: E-GLUE (France)
Manufacturer: looking for one
Inspired By: ducks
Material: wood, rubber color wheels
Colours: mallard blue & duckie yellow
Dimension: 130 cm high

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Folding chair

Designer: Malte Grieb (Germany)
Manufacturer: AMBIVALENZ (Germany)
Material: Playwood, stainless steel
Colours: diverse
Dimension: 840x470x19mm
Price: 260

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Sight Mirror


Sight is a mirror. Using hand embroidery to compose a crosshair pattern softens an aggressive tool and associates a handmade process with an object otherwise mass-produced.

Designer: Debra Folz (United States)
Manufacturer: Debra Folz Design (United States)
Material: Mirrored Stainless Steel, wood, nylon embroidery thread
Colours: blue & gray [custom colors available]
Dimension: 24
Price: $750

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BERNDES Vario Click Induction White

    view gallery This is the name of the professional series made by the tradition-rich manufacturer of cookware in Germany.   Since 1921 the name Berndes stands for non-stick coated cookware of finest quality. Vario Click Induction White products are suitable for a professional approach on the stove and moreover, are a real design highlight. Made of highest-quality cast aluminium a ...


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Istanbul Twilight


Istanbul twilight comprises 7 candleholders, made of felt, dedicated to the metropolis that connects Europe and the Middle East. The shape of the candleholders are inspired by the silhouette of Istanbul. The use of colours reflect different shades of light on city facades at dusk and dawn.

Choice of material is based on a certain characteristic of wool: it doesn’t catch fire. The felt is cut into long strips and then coiled by hand into circles.

Designer: Siba Sahabi
Inspired By: Istanbul
Material: felt

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By transforming, the sofa-system can be jused in many different ways. The single segments can very easy be moved, by using the slits. Only the segment under the backrest is in a fix position.

Designer: Andreas Berlin (Germany)
Manufacturer: Signet (Germany)
Inspired By: Architecture
Dimension: 200 (265) x 100 x 60 cm

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When designing this bergère we concentrated on the joining of square section wooden tubes, moving freely in 3-dimensional space. We wanted to bring this project to life via the balance of two forces that might give a kind of casual elegance to the project: the contrast between the structure, segmented and "schizophrenic", and the network. Self-production for "design-uncovered" exposition in Milan, Italy.

Designer: Giopato & Coombes (Italy)
Manufacturer: self-production
Material: maple wood, polyurethane, wool, polyester.
Colours: white.
Dimension: height 84 cm, lenght 86 cm, width 97 cm.

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Solid wood sideboard. The joints of the drawers are hidden in the structure of vibrations

Designer: Alexandre Gaillard (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Roche-Bobois (France)
Material: Massive wood
Dimension: 230x815x500

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The Nanton Coat Rack


Regarded as an eyesore by some, transmission towers have now become a staple of cascading highway horizons. By reclaiming and re-intepreting this object the steel lattice design is the contrast of strength and visual airiness. This coat rack is sculptural and a striking design element to add to any hallway or entryway.

Designer: Palette Industries (Canada)
Manufacturer: Palette Industries (Canada)
Inspired By: Transmission Tower
Material: Chromed hand welded steel
Colours: Chromed or Matte Black
Dimension: 29 inches wide by 15 inches deep and 78 inches tall
Price: 934 CDN

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three legged table walks the sky


Twelve Tables were built for the Skywalk Bar in Graz. Each table is unique.
The wood for those tables hasn't moved more than 20km from being a tree to standing in that Cafe. it is nice to see how Customers choose their favourite table.

Designer: Arch. Rolf Seifert and Georg Mähring (Austria)
Manufacturer: Georg Mähring (Austria)
Material: Styrian Walnut
Dimension: various
Price: 1250-1550 excl. VAT

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