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Stone Lamp


The natural stone lamp Unique was developed for the marble company Marbrerie Kaiser SA. Due to the use of rare Onyx marble, the light shows all the delicacy of the stone. The singular combination of stone structure, form and light results in a harmonic association that makes Unique unique.

Designer: Björn Ischi, JDF Raum und Kunst (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Marbrerie Kaiser SA, 2800 Delémont (Switzerland)
Inspired By: Plant
Material: Onyx Stone,
Dimension: 3 Variants

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Books have an important role as the tool to give us knowledge and aspiration. There are often cases where people welcome the converting point of their life to check in their lives through 1 piece of book. This objet that shows the meaning and importance of a book through the ‘V’ shape that is often used in checking is used as the bookshelf where we can hold up the books.

Designer: Jongho Park (Korea, South)
Material: birch laminated wood, steel
Dimension: 800x400x200(mm)
Price: each 350$(US)

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Melting Chair


Philipp Aduatz´ intention in the design of the Melting Chair is to capture a transient transformation within a sculptural object. The Melting Chair, which is suitable for use, is carefully crafted to appear to the viewer either as a solid chair melting away or as a solidification of a liquid melt. The Melting Chair comes in a limited edition of 12 pieces.

Designer: PHILIPP ADUATZ (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Inspired By: Liquid melt
Material: Fibergalss, silver coating
Colours: silver
Dimension: 95 × 93 × 78 cm
Price: price on application

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Gymbot - social robot personal trainer


Gymbot is a concept of social robot presented to ICSR 2011 award.
The aim of Gymbot is to increase your physical and psicological health, teaching you a better and healthier life style. Gymbot checks your diet, encourages to do gymnastics and take care of yourself.
A real personal trainer that lives with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Gymbot was selected among the other entries by the jury to be publicated.

Designer: Max Battaglia - givingshape design studio (Italy)
Inspired By: lazyness, bad behaviuors, un-healthy lifestyle
Dimension: 160 cm tall

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Easy Table Lamp


The Easy table lamp wants to go to the basics of a lamp (from this comes the name), made up of only two parts: an arm with the light source and a base for it. These elements are combined together simply fitting one into the other. The lamp is made respecting an eco-friendly approach, for this the materials used are: wood for the arm; a compound made with resin and marble powder for the base; the light source is LED lights with to possibles intensities of light. Images by ph. Andrea Basile

Designer: Bonaguro Giorgio (Italy)
Inspired By: simple geometry
Material: wood and composite material (resin and marble powder)
Colours: white
Dimension: 200 x 290 mm

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Loop Lounge Chair


Loop Lounge Chair was created to show the character which has become the advantage of rattan materials. The attention of the details especially on the construction and joint parts, was meant to add greater value on the piece of furniture.

Designer: abie abdillah (Indonesia)
Manufacturer: chamdani (Indonesia)
Inspired By: a rope tie
Material: rattan

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Feel it


feel it is a flexible floor lamp for secondary lighting. The 4 lamps and their wires are upholstered with mink fur, and can be moved around at will. Example, if you want to read, one of the lamps can be removed from the stand and taken over to the couch. Then you can sit comfortably with your own soft reading lamp.

Feel it invites you to use multiple senses. It provides the full experience when you touch and feel the lamp.

feel it, touch it, cuddle it, the choice is yours

Designer: Camilla Engholm Poulsen (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Kopenhagen Fur
Inspired By: The use of multiple senses
Material: Mink fur and steel
Dimension: H: 140cm

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Design Days Dubai


March 2012 brings the inaugural edition of Design Days Dubai, the first fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited editiondesign. preview here @ facebook. Held in collaboration with the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, the Emirate’s dedicated Authority for culture, arts, and heritage, Design Days Dubai will be an annual event in the international art and design calendar attracting influential galleries, collectors, designers, critics and curators from around the world with its exclusive showcase of collectible and limited edition design and cultural and educational programme.
Over 20 of the world’s leading galleries specializing in 20th and 21st century collectible design will take part in this year’s fair, along with a public series of talks and workshops led by international designers and experts including Rabih Hage, Li Edelkoort, Nada Debs and Kwangho Lee.


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Fluke Limited Edition Skateboard by Karim Rashid


Limited Edition Skateboard
Blank Plank is a collaboration between street culture and art. Blank Plank sifts through the wide array of talented artists, product designers, graphic designers, photographers, architects, fashion designers, musicians and all sorts of creative outsiders to find individuals who strive to be different. Each Season (4) artists are exclusively invited to create a limited edition artwork for Blank Plank.

Designer: Karim Rashid (United States)
Manufacturer: Blank Plank (United States)
Material: Canadian Maple
Colours: Artwork
Dimension: 8x33.5
Price: 60 USD

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Armadio Ospite


Max wardrobe dressed in true sartorial style. The exterior is clad in eco-leather with exquisite seams along the edges and on the handle. The interior is entirely upholstered in grey linen fabric and fitted with drawers, clothes hangers, tie racks and LED lighting. It is also available with automatic doors.

Designer: Sabine Uhdris & Alessandra Frigerio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Proma Realizzazioni D'Interni (Italy)
Inspired By: Foldable furniture
Material: Eco-leather exterior and linen interio
Colours: graphite & sand
Dimension: cm 130 x 76 x h 183.5
Price: upon request

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