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Watch sculptures by Dominic Wilcox

    view gallery Dominic Wilcox has created five new watch sculptures on themes of protest, surveillance, money and football. Dominic Wilcox is a British designer who creates unique and innovative objects, drawings and installations. His work has been exhibited and published extensively worldwide. "I spend most of my time attempting to reveal the hidden surprises which are embedded within the banal, everyda...


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Tribeca Issey Miyake presents

    view gallery New Light Sculpture by Grimanesa Amorós tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE (New York) is proud to present Uros, a lighting sculpture installation from a recent series of works by Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amorós. Uros will be unveiled on Thursday, December 15 and running through January 14th, 2012. Amorós recently represented Peru at the 54th Biennale di Venezia at the Fondazione C...


news|added Dec 13, 2011

IMM Cologne [D3] Contest preview

    view gallery Designers present new furniture concepts and show totally new perspectives. Concentration of creative potential at [D3] Contest & powerhouse of the next design generation . A stool like a fibrous primeval mushroom, magnetically grown; a lamp made of folded concrete; furniture made of recycled plastic used like solid wood: materials that have undergone unusual processing and been put to...


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umbrella in reed


Umbrellas are put into many ABS stems like reed, as its stand. The pliant stems holds umbrellas tight, and raindrops trickle down stems and gathers in a tray, becomes a pond.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: umbrella stand (Japan)
Inspired By: reed
Material: ABS pipe, polished stainless steel
Colours: white / polish
Dimension: W720xD150xH510

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Voronoi sideboard


Sideboard designed for the "Shelf House"

Designer: Daniel Capela Duarte (Portugal)
Manufacturer: MUTANT architecture & design (Portugal)
Inspired By: Voronoi Diagram
Material: Lacquered MDF
Colours: Black
Dimension: 3000 mm x 600 mm x 700 mm
Price: 9.999,99

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Can you hear them? Listen! These “forest pearls” are telling us their stories. Their shapes are defined by the fine whorls and curves of the original piece of wood. Our craftspeople merely apply their sensitive devotion and feel for shapes to transform these minimalist organic objects into the finest forest treasures.

Designer: woodloops - just nature!
Material: oak, olive

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Icunabular Side Table


Invisible City, launches its first handmade furniture collection, Incunabular, designed by Creative Director, Simon Moorhouse. The side table is available in black American walnut, ash or oak and finished in Danish or white oil. The Incunabular collection will be available to purchase in the New Year through the Invisible City website.

Designer: Simon Moorhouse (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Invisible City (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: international paper standard ISO 216, Series A
Material: Black Walnut
Colours: optional white draw front
Dimension: 450w x350d x675h
Price: TBA

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Fascination on wheels – we’ve fastened a pair of robust, cast iron wheels onto “lorry” and we’re on a roll. This simple object, reminiscent of the building blocks of our childhood, has been turned into a versatile bench – on which we can sit, dine, or just reminisce.

Designer: woodloops - just nature!
Material: oak, ash

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E 5.55


This project combines a 3d printed part with 111 five-eurocent-coins to create an intricate, flexible necklace.

Designer: Michiel Cornelissen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (United States)
Material: nylon, copper
Colours: white,black
Dimension: 22.3x22.3x2.3 cm
Price: 75

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Basket Table


This side table called Basket is made out of steel plate and steel wire has an striking Pentagon shape. The steel plate top is supported by an steel wire frame. The table is
powder coated in 5 colors.

Designer: Peter van de Water (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Cascando (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Basket coat stand
Material: Steel plate & steel wire
Colours: Black, white, red, light blue & aubergine/purple
Dimension: 42 x 42 x 52 cm
Price: 262

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