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Aurelia LED lamp


Inspired by the astonishing underwater creature--Aurelia, the Moon Jellyfish, the energy-efficient LED lamp offers a delight for not only your eyes but also your sense of touch. With a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, it enables easy luminosity adjustment. Glare is eliminated thanks to LED’s small-size characteristic, making it possible to hide the LEDs in the center. The LED light reflects directly on the inner shade’s strips also helps create the translucent ambience.

Designer: QisDesign (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: QisDesign (Taiwan)
Inspired By: Aurelia (Moon Jellyfish)
Material: PMMA
Colours: Pink / Aqua / Orange
Dimension: 460mm(H) * 350mm(W)

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The Cantilevered Floor Lamp


Inspired by the adjustable architectural drafting lamp, the Cantilevered Floor Lamp rises from a rectangular steel base at an angle and extends horizontally, cantilevering five feet. A linear sliver of steel is cut to allow for a beam of light to flood down to a table or workspace below. It's pivoting arm allows for 180 degree rotation with very little pressure.

Designer: taylor donsker (United States)
Inspired By: Architectural Drafting Lamp
Material: Carbon Steel
Colours: Unlimited
Dimension: 60
Price: $450

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Spun bar stool


spun steel and reclaimed timber,a addition to the spun range

Designer: Justin Lamont (Australia)
Manufacturer: LifeSpaceJourney (Australia)
Material: spun steel and reclaimed timber
Colours: any
Dimension: custom

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Shopper, designed by Enrico Severi, is a new piece of furniture, inspired for shapes and forms by the most domestic and everyday use containers: the shopping bag. With its decorative character, this item, is useful to ironically personalize any living space, designed for different uses and as a multipurpose container. Shopper is a high quality product, expression of technology in glass processing.

Designer: Enrico Severi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Urbinati (Italy)
Inspired By: Inspired for shapes and forms by the most domestic and everyday use containers: the shopping bag
Material: Made with body-tinted glass panels, hand welded.
Colours: Ocean blue, europe grey and extra clear versions.
Dimension: H98 L68 D30 cm / H61 L44 D20 cm

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Pezzo di Culo


A concept chair which has 3 cushions to support your butt. It observes the glorious view of your behind.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Ass observing
Material: Chromed Metal, Wooven Fabric, Foam upholstry
Colours: Red, Shiney Black

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Vinyl lamp


The Swiss designer Björn Ischi decided it was time to revive the LPs in another form. He tried it out with the Vinyl lamp.

The popular classic has made its comeback in the Swiss Designer office JDF Raum und Kunst. Entire generations of music fans grew up with vinyl LPs and are still fascinated today. Vinyl can find its place in every Room, without loosing its recognition value. Vinyl will always find the right place. Slim and discreet, it will nevertheless always catch your eye

Designer: Björn Ischi (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Raum und Kunst (Switzerland)
Inspired By: Vinyl disk
Material: Steel, powder coated
Colours: Black shiny, Black mat, White, Cyan, yellow, telemagenta
Dimension: 350 X 2 mm
Price: Go to

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Diapod is a mini slide projector which can be fixed to a tripod.
With outstanding image quality, Diapod enables the creation of all kinds of lighting atmospheres thanks to LED technology which combines lighting power and low energy consumption (3 watts). A product which allows you to rediscover your old slides or create new ones from digital photos thanks to a dedicated Internet service.

Designer: Matthieu & François (France)
Manufacturer: LUDIA (France)
Material: Aluminiun / Glass
Price: 118 Euros

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a must have tableware & a perfect gift

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Chick Lamp


A minimal portable floor or table lamp. Chick lamp is made of oak wood with box joint, white or black laquered iron rod and sandblasted glasses on both sides. Chrome toggle switch. A simple form created according to the golden section, enclosed by an iron frame stuck in a groove perimeter. The whole structure is fixed by only two small screws located under the wooden box. Best used with low energy bulbs.

Designer: Luca Vagnini (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)

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VELA Vondom


VELA is a modulate system with a prismatic geometry elementary that bases its singularity in the balance of its proportions. The elements can combine among themselves to be able to integrate in any space. Their flat volumes seem to float to some centimeters of the floor and when they are illuminated they are transformed into light architectures.

Designer: Ramón Esteve (Spain)
Manufacturer: VONDOM (Spain)
Inspired By: prismatic geometry elementary that bases its singularity in the balance of its proportions
Material: polyethylene
Colours: 9 colors

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