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SnowXu foldable snowshoes


The world's first truly foldable snowshoes. They easily fit on a backpack with room to spare. They are also some of the lightest snowshoes you can buy.

Designer: James Page (United States)
Manufacturer: DebK LLC (United States)
Material: Aircraft aluminum, Urethane coated nylon fabric
Colours: Black with amber accents
Dimension: 33
Price: $180 USD

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Stealth Division - MACH1


MACH1 - Worlds first full telemetry enabled downhill race skateboard. Inbuild GPS and accelorometer sensors with data logging and bluetooth capability.
Rigid prepreg carbon monocoque construction with a deck weight of just 1295g. Integrated "Gnarvigator" sensor/radio/bluetooth unit to measure position, velocity, acceleration, g-forces, vibration. Ready for HUD and/or voice rider info system.

Designer: Alex Luxat (Germany)
Manufacturer: wefunk Skateboards (Germany)
Inspired By: F1, integrated military info systems
Material: carbon epoxy laminates, Airex foamcore, Makrolon, electronics
Colours: matte black carbon
Dimension: 37.5
Price: > 10.000 (concept prototype)

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In Case of Riot


A design response to recent troubles in the world, our In Case of Riot table features a welded square steel pipe frame base and a used riot shield as table surface. The top is removable and the steel structure custom built to hold the shield steady, but also made for easy removal in case of a riot.

Designer: Max Arlestig & Maximilian Gebhardt
Material: square steel pipes, swedish police force riot shield

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news|added Dec 22, 2011

New generation of sports cars GTO by Donkervoort

    view gallery After two and a half years of development Donkervoort Automobielen in Lelystad – in close collaboration with quattro GmbH, fully owned subcompany of the AUDI AG – has presented the next generation of open sports cars: the Donkervoort GTO. A combination of beautiful shape, the latest auto techniques and the ultimate experience. With a capacity of 340 to 400 HP and a torque of 450...


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Golden Suede


Shoes in coloured suede.

Designer: paolo torelli

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Senseg turns touch screens into Feel Screens

    view gallery With Senseg touch screens come alive with textures, contours and edges that users can feel. Using Senseg technology, makers of tablet computers, smart phones, and any touch interface device can deliver revolutionary user experiences with high fidelity tactile sensations. Senseg enhances touch interfaces with high fidelity tactile effects, a new generation of “haptics.” Whether o...


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LMFAO customized Confetti


Nr. 1-Hit-Duo LMFAO besitzt seine eigene Konfetti-Kreation – Konfetti-Promo zum deutschen Album-Release „Sorry for Party Rocking“

Designer: Those clever Germans (Germany)
Manufacturer: CONFETTI YOUR LIFE (Germany)
Inspired By: LMFAO
Material: Paper
Colours: colorful
Dimension: 4

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World Furniture Day


January 22, 2012 will be the 1st WORLD FURNITURE DAY! Furniture and design fans around the world unite and share your passion! Join us and spread the news!

World Furniture Day on Facebook and Twitter


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Vesna Lounge Sofa by Nuvist


we designed a swivel and flexuous uniform which is simple, stylish, modern curvy form and it is designed to bring comfort and pleasure to your life.

Vesna Sofa is not only an eye-catching modern piece of furniture, it is literary the embodiment of comfort, pleasure and relaxation. It is comfortable in any living places, offices, houses, hotels, airport, exhibitions and also open places like terraces, fairs or beaches.

Designer: emrah cetinkaya (Turkey)

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Shelving System


Reduced to the essential the Shelving System consits of several elements which are seized into each other geometrically. The basis for this system is formed by metal climps that allow to bulid up the system without tools. It can individually be equipped with shelves and storage boxes. With these endless design possibilities areas of applications and forms can be freely defined. During assembly the user will experience by itself that a bench seat or a TV-rack could also arise.

Designer: Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano (Germany)
Material: MDF melamine-coated, Steel, powder-coated

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