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Handmade for the industry


Most of the products around us are made industrially. Although I am a big fan of craftsmanship I believe our world sometimes just needs products to be made industrially. To make the products produceable for machines they need a 3D file which is designed and drawn on the computer. Usually this is done entirely computer based. Products are starting to look the same and a personal details are lost. I wanted to make a technical product by hand but still produceable for the industry

Designer: Dave Hakkens

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Plug & Play


Plug&Play is a system of table leg and table top components that can be combined easily and freely.The table height can be varied in order to create either a dining or a coffee table simply by plugging together the shapely, turned leg elements. PLUG & PLAY combines traditional woodworking with new form and function in a striking manner. This new Table will be shown at IMM Cologne, Int. Furniture Fair 2012 for the very first time! Stand E34, hall 3.2, D3 Professionals

Designer: Mia Kepenek, Nicholas Frei (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: studiokepenic (Switzerland)
Inspired By: traditional woodworking
Material: Oiled ash, white matte varnish
Colours: Tabletop Lightwood and beech, white matte varnish.
Dimension: Height 370 mm, Ø up to 70 mm

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Skinny iPad case


The world's slimmest iPad 2 case with built-in keyboard

Designer: Boris Brawer
Manufacturer: Hatch & Co

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cantilever sliding gate with coloured led lighting and personalizable perforated metall filling: 'design your own gate'

Designer: WeLL Design (Mathis Heller) (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Heras (Netherlands)
Material: aluminium
Colours: you decide
Dimension: 6-12m length, 1,5 - 2,5 m height
Price: on request

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Ena chair


Awarded in the Red Dot International Award, design concept, singapore 2011,the injection-moulded ENA Chair is a monobloc piece that harnesses the lightness and strength of plastic to achieve an eye-catching cantilever. These materials, as well as the versatile singular form, make this comfortable chair appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Its contemporary design offers a dynamic and fun aspect.

Designer: Ashref Chichini + Kamel Fakhfakh (Tunisia)
Material: polypropylene and polycarbonate

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KOI is a foldable, monmaterial, lightweight and 100 % recycable deck-chair. To store it or for transportation, its easy to unfold it and roll it together to a tube.

Designer: Flo Florian, Sascha Akkermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: Confused-Direction Manufactur (Germany)
Material: Polypropylene
Colours: various
Dimension: 200cm x 65cm x 65cm

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an armchair made of cardboard, assembled and fixed with glue.

Designer: Paolo Gentile (Italy)
Manufacturer: drydesign (Italy)
Material: cardboard
Dimension: 650x730 h650mm
Price: 420 Euro

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CHOCOLATE SPOON is a curvacious armchair fully upholstered in fabric or leather.Available as either the Classic Edition with solid timber legs or as the Millenium Edition with a chrome finished metal sleigh base.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (South Africa)
Manufacturer: (Norway)

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Wardrobe, Butler


In the stlye of a stick-man this design presents itself as an extremely universal and flexible wardrobe, that can be lean very easy –and simply everywhere- against every room wall. The lifestlye accessory of powder- coated round pipe stages itself in different colours to an eye-catcher for fancier who appreciate little functional details. Countless accessories and combination possibilities advance the wardrobe to become a versatile and especially functional product.

Designer: Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano (Germany)
Material: powder-coated round pipe, steel

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Volna Floor-Mounted Table by Nuvist


It was very important to create soft and serene experience in the tangible and the visual sense for this type of table design.
This kind of furniture can be considered a sculptural artistic piece which can fit any modern interiors and even though it can be arranged with different design styles.

Designer: emrah cetinkaya (Turkey)

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