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Build Your Block Pillows


BYB is a Brooklyn based company that designs pillows featuring original photography of buildings, including apartment buildings and businesses. The idea is so that everyone can choose the designs and colors that inspire them and then build a custom street on their bed or couch.

Designer: Patrick Chirico (United States)
Inspired By: Brooklyn brownstones and bodegas
Material: 100% cotton and recycled polyfil
Colours: ranging the whole spectrum
Dimension: mini to large
Price: $36-$72

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Mistral Tornado by Moooi

Mistral: A beautiful shade, a light in the darkness, a sparkling idea, simple and effective... and now even an electrifying & artistic cyclone!


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Silhouette Chair


An exploration in conceptual design and material interaction in order to create a visual statement. Each individual profile is assembled together to form a modular type of seating system that allows it to be whatever the user wants it to be. Totally closed up – a tightly knitted chair for one. When opened, it forms a curvaceous bench in any direction for two or transforms into an art piece.

Designer: Evie Group (Australia)
Manufacturer: Evie Group (Australia)
Inspired By: A stereotypical form of a chair
Material: Birch plywood, rubber
Colours: Birch ply & black rubber
Dimension: Closed: 370 W x 470 D mm Seat back height: 780mm Seat height: 470mm Seat depth: 380mm
Price: $1700 AUD

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This unique play on words calendar takes somethings which happens each month, this may be an event, a relevant occasion or a distinctive seasonal condition and spells out the month within each chosen phrase. The name of each month is clearly visible with the use of colours typically reflecting the temperature of that time of year. This calendar is perforated at the top so you simply tear off each page when that month has ended to reveal the next.

Designer: Thomas Stanley (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Thomas Stanley Design (United Kingdom)
Material: 100% recycled paper
Colours: White
Dimension: A5 Portrait Calendar = H.210 W.148.5 D.4mm, C5 Pocket Envelope = H.229 W.162 D.1mm
Price: RRP £14.95

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Yatzer On The Go!

    view gallery The Yatzer iPhone Application is finally here!  With projects launched daily, our App keeps you up to date on the latest and richest experiences from the world of creativity that inspires all of us. With a keen eye and careful curated content, we share our love and insight as to what makes our world so rich and beautiful. As you, our readers are also on the go, we have decide...


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Jangir Maddadi’s new lamp was born from man’s fascination in the future and outer space. Droid is a retro-futuristic interpretation of life in the stars. In this piece, form and function work together to create a lamp that is both light source and sculpture.
Details are meticulous. Featuring dimmer controlled LED light sources in both the front and the rear, the user is given complete control over the light amount style. Clicked on or off, the Droid is timeless.

Designer: Jangir Maddadi (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau (Sweden)
Inspired By: Inspired by man's fascination in the future and outer space.
Material: brass, painted steel, LED lighting technology
Colours: white, black, brass
Dimension: 110 cm high; 160 cm when lengthened
Price: Available upon request

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Berchtesgaden Youth Hostel - Design meets Adventure


LAVA’s reinterpretation of an existing youth hostel has resulted in a new type of space. The design is all about the individuality of spaces - LAVA achieved this by the clever reorganisation of the existing volume resulting in different types of bedrooms.
And a sustainable makeover includes low energy facade, floor heating, the installation of a bimass pellet heating system and the use of local materials and craftsmanship.

Dimension: 1,500 m2

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Island by Mathieu Lehanneur for AirMineral

    view gallery The air is our true home. No designer has embraced this axiom like Mathieu Lehanneur at the beginning of this third millennium. With The Island for Aimineral he has designed the prototype of a new machine dedicated to well-being through the respiratory tract with the absorption of the marine plasma Quinton. Quinton is a mineral serum made from ultra pure sea water. It allows the organis...


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Foldboat by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies

    view gallery Project “Foldboat“ was made by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies. Both product designers developing and releasing Boat One and Boat Two. Foldboat ‘Boat 1′ is made from a single sheet of P.E. plastic and folds into an easy to carry pack measuring 1m,50 by 60cm; this allows it to be easy to store and transport.Boat 1 is extremely accessible, easy to transport and very lo...


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Spooled - Wound for Sound


Spooled is designed to protect the ear buds themselves and make winding and unwinding the cord easy. Insert the jack from through the hole from bottom to top of the spool and pull the ear buds into a protective cover, then wrap everything up and stash the jack back inside the barrel as well. Taking their cue from old wooden thread spools, they offer a simple solution to often a frustrating problem.

Designer: Donald Corey (United States)
Manufacturer: Fred and Friends (United States)
Inspired By: Frustration
Material: Silicone
Colours: Tan
Dimension: 2
Price: USD$10.00

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