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Exhibition @ The Aram Gallery in London

    view gallery Send to Print / Print to Send offers an impression of uses of 3D Printing in the design industry today from 13th January – 25th February 2012. This timely exhibition shows work by designers and organisations who are developing the capabilities of this technology. In addition it will include examples of the increasingly important role 3D Printing plays in the design process, particul...


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Bentwood Ring by Bojt Studio


We are artisans who carry on the Scandinavian tradition of bending wood. Our process combines the ancient art of steam bending wood with modern chemistry to create unique rings of exceptional beauty and unsurpassed quality. Beyond beauty, the rings are functional and unbelievably tough.

Designer: James Nord (United States)
Manufacturer: Bojt Studio (United States)
Inspired By: Ancient Scandinavian Steambending
Material: Honduran Mahogany and Maple
Price: $75

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LINUM Series


The technical challenge matter of LINUM is 'Thinness'. It is very strong because there is a thin aluminum sheet in the inside. The original of LINUM disregarded a thinner wooden seat on the aluminum board and sticking was disregarded.

Designer: Naoki Hirakoso (Japan)

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Toy Story fashion collection by Bossini for Disney

    view gallery The Bossini “Toy Story” collection was recently launched with a prices range from 10€ to 100€. The collection contains items for Men, Ladies and Kids. Bold colours, oversize cuts & imprints of the Toy Story heros as Buzz, Woody or Jess. The collaboration with Bossini and Disney created a fashion collection for true Pixar fans – beyond stupid merchandise...


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power for brain


A demitasse cup has a grip formed into wind-up.
The movement of drinking espresso is same as winding up brain to charge power and refreshing.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: demitasse cup & saucer (Japan)
Material: white porcelain, platinum coating
Dimension: W91xD64xH58(cup), φ130xH15(saucer)

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N1 Kitchen System


Portable kitchen system.
In collaboration with Sarah Fung, Maxine Kim, Paul Methot, Jessie Kim & Xavier Yee

Designer: Kyle Thacker (Canada)
Material: Stainless Steel, Wood

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Invisible Bridge by RO&AD Architects

    view gallery From a distance it is scarcely perceptible, the bridge of RO & AD architects across the moat of a historic Dutch fort - and this should be so to the surroundings of Fort de Roovere from the 17th Century to visually impair as little as possible. “We have been working at making our building projects and products more sustainable for a number of years now. After having watched the do...


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silk seating collection


collection of seating elements made from a powder coated steel structure with carbon fiber back

Designer: javier moreno studio (Spain)
Manufacturer: looking for producer

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news|added Nov 30, 2011

Liebeskind for Zumtobel at Art Basel Miami Beach

    view gallery Zumtobel is presenting an exclusive premiere for the new eL masterpiece at Art Basel Miami Beach from the 1st through the 4th of December 2011. This masterpiece, developed by Daniel Libeskind in collaboration with Zumtobel, will be unveiled to the public for the first time in the Art Collector Lounge. Zumtobel's extensive engagement with the issue of the importance, proper use, and effects ...


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Repair It Yourself


These shoes are designed with a reversible connection between the sole and the upper, allowing the repair process to be more transparent in relation to the material the individual component is made of. This project brings back in the hand of the consumers tools and knowledge for repairing. The shoes come with a repair kit specifically designed for them, but which can also be used to repair other goods in the house.

Designer: Eugenia Morpurgo (Italy)

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