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Milan Design Week preview Design for Bee-Sign


Bokja and Wait and See turn DESIGN into BEE-SIGN with the intent of raising awareness on the dramatic bee's extinction issue. A swarm of colorful Bokja Bees will be unleashed upon the the worldly visitors of the Salone, and a giant bee will be on silent sale with all proceeds going to the
World Save Bee Fund

Designer: Bokja (Lebanon)
Manufacturer: Bokja Bees (Lebanon)
Colours: multicoloured

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Milan Design Week preview e-lastic table


London based designer Timothy Schreiber will present his new e-lastic table next week during Milan's salone del mobile.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: natural patterns
Material: plastic
Colours: white, black, red

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Vases Carex


The inspiration for this vases was found in a sense of homage to simple nature. Vases Carex will be on display at spring Zeughausmesse fair from april 7 to april 10 2011 in Berlin.

Designer: Studio Cave Canem (Czech Republic)
Inspired By: nature
Material: glass
Dimension: height 30 cm and 22 cm

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Urban London Collection


A collection of 100% wool hand-tufted rugs designed by interior designer Adrienne Chinn.

Designer: Adrienne Chinn (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Adrienne Chinn Design (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: The urban London environment.
Material: 100% New Zealand wool.
Colours: Grey, white, black, red, blue
Dimension: 140 x 200cm
Price: £1,950.00

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Hatch Design Egg Coloring Contest


Each year we mail over 700 egg coloring kits. Recipients can enter a photo of their best egg design at and vote on other eggs, rating them from rotten to golden. The winner is awarded a 24k gold-plated egg cup trophy.

Designer: Jeffrey Bucholtz, Katie Jain, Joel Templin (United States)
Manufacturer: (United States)

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Graphic Design

Senior Konzepter m/w

Aperto AG  

Berlin, Germany




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Two translucent bowl-shaped discs are tied together with nothing more than a 65 meter long thin string.The construction is screwless! The string is beautifully wrapped around, giving the Disque it’s modest look.  After one year of research the Disque is now ready for production.

Designer: Marc van der Voorn (Netherlands)
Inspired By: bobbin
Material: 65 meter string, stainless steel parts, acrylate discs
Colours: -
Dimension: diameter 62, height 12 cm
Price: -

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OXOYE chair


An object clearly inspired by car design, especially by streamlined retro cars from the 30s that had pure and dynamic silhouettes. Realized using wood and polywood structure, metallic parts and high resilience foam. Oxoye will be displayed during Salone del Mobile 2011 at Rho FieraMilano, stand B11 – pavillon 10 in Milano, Italy.

Designer: Samal Design (France)
Manufacturer: Soca (France)
Inspired By: car design

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Standard Primitives Table


Standard Primitives Table is part of the new collection Standard Primitives that consists of modular, furniture objects composed of primitive, pure forms. Interchangeable elements enable the objects to be appropriated as desired, empowering the user to take on the role of designer and to design his or her own personal environment. Materials: echopanel, paper, aluminum, ash wood.

Designer: Dave Keune

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teakwood outdoor stool produced from the teakwood off cut material.

Designer: nakarin k. (Thailand)
Manufacturer: DEESAWAT (Thailand)
Inspired By: thailand traditional traingle shape pillow
Material: teakwood
Colours: natural

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