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LoLo the micro kitchen


The modular micro-kitchen LoLo is a modern and flexible kitchen alternative for compact spaces in offices, hostels or even at home. here at kickstarter LoLo consists of 4 separate and independent modules: for coffee makers, water coolers, microwaves and kettles. Each module is made of natural birch plywood, has functional storage drawers and is available in various colours and finishes. Any combination of modules can be purchased and arranged depending on individual needs.

Designer: Tanya and Misha Repin (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: lllooch store (Germany)
Inspired By: fairytales; away from typical modular kitchen aesthetic
Material: birch plywood
Colours: various; oil or enamel finish
Dimension: H182xW52xD45 cm (coffee, cooler and microwave modules); H80xW102xD45 cm (kettle module)
Price: See website

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Plant Trolley


moveable planting pot - no more heavy pots, useable for indoor and outdoor, suitable for climbing plants, natural privacy screen on your balcony, handle = climbing aid outside the pot -> rot proof -> windproof, climbing aid closer to the pot center /root, with water level indicator, outdoor with overflow, available in darkgrey/white

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: URBANATURE (Germany)
Inspired By: daily routine
Material: plastic PE, larch
Colours: white, darkgrey
Dimension: d - 39 cm, 120 cm
Price: 129,00 EUR

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Design Strategy & Research Center, Korea Institute of Design Promotion


Design seeks for esthetics which practicality and sensibility are well balanced. We suggest newly interpreted DESIGN BARN as a typology of lab where handles designs that are endlessly creative and challenging for innovative thinking.
We expect a birth and reaction of innovative thoughts for our next generation through people who work, research, and visit this lab. Written by Chanjoong Kim

Designer: THE_SYSTEM LAB (Korea, South)

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CALL FOR garden unique 2017 - contest for young designers


In 2017 Koelnmesse organizes for the fifth time the competition unique youngstars on the theme of outdoor living which became an important event within the spoga+gafa over the last years.

Within this competition up to 15 young designers or groups will be invited with their projects to spoga+gafa 2017 to present their prototypes to the professional audience at this tradeshow.

An international jury, whose members will be announced at a later stage, will decide shortly before the tradeshow on the three jury winners. Furthermore spoga+gafa is awarding an Audience Award whose winner is determined by a public voting on the website of the show. The prize money for the awards of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize as well as the Audiuence Award amounts to a total of 7.000€. Closing date for applications 15 Mai 2017


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Designing Friends for living


Presented last Summer, My Friend Paco born as a new brand of design accessories for the home. The motto is to cheer up our routines and daily life with joyful products, for all those who appreciate unique and contemporary design. My Friend Paco designs heartful cushions: some are printed with fun and colorful graphic motifs, others are hand embroidered either with floral motifs or abstract shapes and always playing color games, textures, and tradition.

Designer: My Friend Paco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: life experiences, stories
Material: fabric, cotton, velvet,
Colours: multi colored
Dimension: 45x45cm
Price: 52 - 68

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100th Anniversary of De Stijl: Tinker Redevelops the House where Mondrian was Born


Tinker created the multimedia design for the house where Mondrian was born. A musical video installation that takes visitors from his early landscapes to the abstract world he is famous for. Accompanied by the music that he liked, from Ravel to jazz, from Stravinsky to boogie-woogie. In New York, where he made a fresh start: he got rid of the black lines. Visitors enter Mondrian’s dream world, in which his work, the city, and his favourite music all melt together into one audio-visual spectacle.

Designer: Tinker imagineers (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: ham, post & van huystee (Netherlands)

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F06 table by Anidride Design for Gibam Composit


The possibility to create various compositions, able to satisfy all one's needs, is the concept that gives shape to F06 series. The clean-cut and rational design of its elements is perfectly combined with its materials and colors, to create a product that is practical and versatile.
The competence gained by Gibam in over 40 years of experience in the design sector can be summarized in the elegance of a totally Made in Italy product, designed by Nicola De Pellegrini (Anidride Design).

Designer: Nicola De Pellegrini - Anidride Design (Italy)

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Leather makes sense because it makes the link, in Hermès’ new collections of objects and furniture for the home.

Its use re-engages with the first act of the saddler and harness-maker: it dresses objects as it dressed the horse.

More precisely, the leather today reveals the objects as formerly it exposed the body of the horse.

Renowned for their finesse, Hermès harnesses relieved the animal of the ceremonial trappings that concealed it and hampered its movements. The leather harness re-established full visibility of the physical beauty of the horse, and at the same time liberated its dynamic potential. The operation was twofold: aesthetic – rendering visible –, and functional – rendering mobile.


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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017


Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, making it truly one of the most important design hubs in the world. To celebrate this rich and diverse community, Clerkenwell Design Week has created a showcase of leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events,  exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

Celebrating its 8th year in May 2017 (23-25) the award-winning* CDW has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading independent design festival and annually attracts the international design community to this small area of London for three days of exciting events. In 2016, the design community flocked to Clerkenwell with 34,973 attendees and over 300 exhibiting brands.


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re:publica LOVE OUT LOUD #rp17


re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, it has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants into a wide-ranging “society conference”, with 8.000 visitors at the anniversary edition re:publica TEN. Representatives of digital culture share their knowledge and decision-making tools, and discuss the future of the information society. Here they can mingle with activists, scientists, hackers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, journalists, social media and marketing experts, and many others. This fosters innovation and creates synergies between net politics, online marketing, network technology, digital society, and (pop) culture. What is more, around 46 percent of re:publica speakers are female – far more than at many other similar events. find here all sessions

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