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DS Exhibitors imm 2009

Gerold Achim Adamietz: Weltkultur Shelf

Weltkultur Shelf – elegant and lightweight. Extremely simple and stable. What is not needed is not there. Clear structures in best Bauhaus tradition. Another modern classic by the architect and designer.

Designer: Gerold Achim Adamietz, GERMANY
Contact: Gerold Achim Adamietz
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DECAF: Grafitti Lamp

Graffiti is considered a form of vandalism in many big cities, a grotesque way to de-beautify them. But the graffiti advocates consider this a way to reclaim the public space in the city, making it more personal. These graffiti makers are not considered artists but just cheap felons.

Designer: Victor Salman, USA
Contact: DECAF
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David Bargiel: not a coketable

not a coketable was developed from the Punkmachine in relation to René Margrittes subversively examination of the being of things. It puts the subject in question. The Punkmachine is a recycling lab.Things get deconstructed, researched and put into a  new context after rebuilding.

Designer: David Bargiel, GERMANY
Contact: David Bargiel


B.lab Italia: TECKELL

B.lab’s TECKELL gives new life to the game foosball, introducing it as an elegant design piece in our formal living spaces. TECKELL is characterized by its pure design and essential forms, its crystal transparency, and its elegant statuettes in aluminum.

Producer: B.lab ItaliA, ITALY

Contact: B.lab Italia
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Blumberg°: Vielfach

Vielfach° is a mutable storage rack. The storage modules are coming in four different sizes. All purpose usage intended: suited to private living as well as office and sales location. Material: steel plate, powder-coated. Four different sizes: CD, DVD, books, file folder

Designer: Florian Harmer, AUSTRIA
Contact: Blumberg° Florian Harmer
Email  |



At the Mobile di Salone 2008 bok. presented his hosepipe furniture. A furniture serie made of old and new hosepipes for interior and exterior use. Amazingly, water can still run through the designs. The serie currently includes a floorlamp in two sizes, a relax-chair, a dining chair, a stool in two sizes and a table.

Designer: Sander Bokkinga, THE NETHERLANDS
Contact: bok. Sander Bokkinga



Since 2005, CLAASSEN & PARTNER have been working with a range of clients from various different fields. Designers Sophie Birkmayer and Tammo Claassen see their challenge not only in transforming function into form: They always also integrate their work into a larger cultural context.

Designer: Sophie Birkmayer & Tammo Claassen , AUSTRIA
Producer: Classen&Partner
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d.sign 21: bone

The label based in Stuttgart established itself already in Cologne, Milan, London and Tokyo. This year d.sign21 is presenting once more a furniture of technical challenges. The lounge-chair bone was produced by rapid manufacturing.

Designer: Simone and Christoph Völcker, GERMANY
Contact: d.sign 21, Simone and Christoph Völcker
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Jutta Vogler: another chair

With her degree work at the design school Münster master saddler Jutta Vogler is exploring new ground by creating a seating object. The interplay of outline and surface, light and shadow unfolds a variety of impressions – from disembodied up to massively present.

Designer: Jutta Vogler, GERMANY
Contact: fortkord Jutta Vogler
Email  |


Annika Frye: Platine light and hanging utensilo

The lamp Platine provides energy for the equipment on the desktop and helps to clean up the cable chaos. The different components and their functions define the shape of the milled acrylic glass panel.

Designer: Annika Frye, GERMANY
Contact: Teilchenbeschleuniger Annika Frye
Email  |


Johannes Hoyos: Sparei deluxe

Johannes Hoyos was born 1978 in Canberra and moved to the austrian alps. Inspired by the encountered efficiency and the thorough perfection of natural design he slowly evolved to become a product designer with the urge to transform natural design into the living world of us all. All products mirror his inspiration through nature and its never-ending urge to simplify and improve.

Designer: Johannes Hoyos, AUSTRIA
Contact: Johannes Hoyos
Email  |


Annette V. Huizing: mille foglie

mille foglie paper objects: each object looks different depending on how the paper rolls and wallpaper glue dry together. combine them as you like. Put for example a low side table object (with "smashed top") on top on another to creatie a stool.

Designer: Annette V. Huizing, THE NETHERLAND
Contact: Annette V. Huizing
Email  |


instalight® 1025: System for furniture illumination

Tiny luminaire of anodized aluminium profile for the illumination of products and exhibits in fair, shop and furniture construction, e.g. show-cases, furniture, shelves. Available as wall, pendulum or floor light.

Designer: Roman Skupin, GERMANY
Contact: instalight® 1025
Email  |


IVANKA: Seeyou

Concrete gravestone from Hungary.

Designer: Ákos Maurer-Klimes and Péter Kucsera, HUNGARY
Contact: IVANKA Budapest Hungary
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Jens Otten

In contrast to comparable structures known from architecture, the shell of the chair is an ergonomic convenient, very exact approach to a free-form surface. The cooperation of the elastically deformed flat elements leads to a stable spatial arrangement.

Designer: Jens Otten, GERMANY
Contact: Jens Otten
Email  |


jf. Design

jf. Design creates consumer products, packaging, furniture, environments and jewelry with a critical, sometimes humorous view on society and culture. The studio offers full design services from research and concept development to production and presentation. We believe in a comprehensive design process to arrive at user-oriented solutions with an emotional resonance, focussing on user needs as well as their desires and dreams.

Designer: Jennifer Flume, GERMANY
Contact: jf. Design
Email  |


Joachim Frost: stiks

stiks is the original “just stick together” table. It consists of six pieces -  four legs, one ring and the table board. Each leg interlocks with the next one until the circle is closed. stiks is available as lounge table and dining table.

Designer: Joachim Frost, GERMANY
Contact: stiks
Email  |


Joey Roth: Sorapot

Sorapot is a modern teapot. Its architectural shape and simple functionality bring tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus. Made from stainless steel and glass, it displays tea leaves as a moving sculpture. Its raw, unfinished materials become more beautiful through use.

Designer. Joey Roth, USA
Contact: Joey Roth
Email  |


John Nouanesing: Paint Or Die But Love Me Table

Created by French designer John Nouanesing, the Paint Or Die But Love Me table defines its own shape while the legs appear to be dripping wet paint. The glossy red surface shows an almost alive product that demands you to love it, as it suffers of that.

Designer: John Nouanesing, FRANCE

Contact: John Nouanesing

Email  |


JoJo Jau, Yin-Shiang: lens mirror & wall sticker

When the lens is converted into a mirror, it becomes a direct and instant reflection of you. Through the camera, how would you like to be presented? Seeing or being seen?  This decorative wall sticker represents a practical and interesting living style and further “mirror” an ideology of today’s people, self photographing oneself.

Designer: JoJo Jau,Yin-Shiang, TAIWAN

Contact: JoJo Jau,Yin-Shiang

Email  |  Profile


Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore´s design style is a mix of traditional craftsmanship, modern life, materials and new technologies.  All the products vary in function and aesthetics but Matthew hopes the range will illustrate the versatility of Junk Inc and prove he is a worthy addition to the British design industry.    

Designer. Matther Moore, UK
Contact: Matthew Moore
Email  |


KINZO AIR by bau+art

KINZO AIR by bau+art our new office furniture light: It’s a sporty-futuristic, elegant but functional, extraordinary unusual piece of office furniture. An all-new office world has been generated. KINZO AIR – All New Office Furniture.

Designer: Chris Middleton, GERMANY
Producer: bau + art GmbH, GERMANY

Contact: bau+art GmbH
Email  |


Christian Maas: Lichtinfusion

The concept of Lichtinfusion is based on a transformation of an everyday object which frees itself from its predetermined function and advances to a purist elegant design object.

Designer: Christian Maas, GERMANY
Contact. Christian Maas
Email  |



Designer: Arthur Rottier, NETHERLANDS
Contact: PCS
Email  |


TapetenAgentur: gohome wallpaper

gohome is a new brand for individual living. The concept: There are always moments in life when it’s better to stay at home. For those days, we have created an exclusive number of high-quality speciality products to help you feel cosy at home.

Designer: Carsten Malz, GERMANY
Producer: TapetenAgentur, GERMANY

Contact: TapetenAgentur
Email  |  | 


Massieoffice: Cuts&Loops suspension light

Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum

Designer: Paul Massie, CANADA
Contact: Massieoffice
Email  |


Miron Lior: Serpentine Table

This Serpentine coffee table is made of continuous strip of lacquered plywood.

Designer: Miron Lior, USA
Contact: Miron Lior
Email  |


miroco: rotondo

Furniture with a Personality rotondo is a circular wall cabinet and an interior lighting element. The select materials used serve to give it an exciting high grade appearance. Shape, light and colour generate moods and emotions.
Emotion comes full circle

Designer: Michael Rottmar, GERMANY

Contact:miroco e.K.
Email  |


Peter Donders: morphs

These morph designs by Peter Donders, who prefers to work with organic shapes, not only harmonise very well with the plants in your garden but also offer excellent sitting comfort. Made of solid foam with weather-proof coating, this product line can be used as part of your interior decoration and is equally suited to be used outside, in your garden or on your terrace. All morph models are available in your own personal color choice.

Designer: Peter Donders, BELGIUM
Contact: Peter Donders
Email  |


nea studio: Vanity Table

The Vanity Table is part of nea studio’s Arctic Line, a collection of furniture inspired by natural forms in the Nordic landscape such as melting ice and snow.
Small multi-purpose 8mm thick wood table painted glossy white or another colour, aluminium reinforced leg. Integrated bowl for make-up, pens, keys, flat surface for mirror/laptop/lamp: 76 cm high, 35 cm wide x 87 cm long – bowl diam. 47 cm

Designer: Nina Edwards Anker, NORWAY
Contact: nea studio
Email  |


neostil.inside: schema F

The manually adjustable table top-mount schema F provides a
representative performance of the table board and offers stability without being

Designer: Marius Wolf, GERMANY
Contact: neostil.inside
Email  |


pure position: growing table

Der Designer Olaf Schroeder präsentiert das mitwachsende Möbel growing table für Kinder ab 2 Jahren. growing table ist ein visuell langlebig und puristisch gestaltetes Produkt von hoher Funktionalität.

Designer: Olaf Schröder, GERMANY
Contact: pure position
Email  |


Palette Industries: The Camus Floor Lamp

“You cannot create experience, you must undergo it.” Using text as a means of decoration and structure, the Camus floor lamp creates situations where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal, communal experiences and memories. The Camus lamp is a beacon for the human experience with a sophisticated sense of modernity.

Designer: Ian Campana, CANADA
Contact: Palette Industries
Email  |


GoodAndBad Design

GoodAndBad Design is a personal focus on good and bad products and their effects. Plastic soldiers accumulation tableware as metaphor of bad design that make cost and wars over the world.

Designer: Giulio Patrizi, ITALY
Contact: GoodAndBad Design
Email  |  |


Christian Poppel: Söller

Söller is a combination between bed and wardrobe. Material and shape define IN and OUT. Söller becomes an autarkic bedroom, offers you  calmness for sleep.

Designer: Chrsitian Poppel, GERMANY
Contact: christian poppel möbel stores
Email  |


Raf Schoors

Highchair Josse and chair Raph are two of Schoors latest designs. The baby chair in a playful shape is also very convenient – it’s fully collapsible. In two ticks this original highchair turns into a portable flat board.

Designer: Raf Schoors, BELGIUM
Contact: Raf Schoors
Email  |



Tufty is composed of a hard veneered shell and some hard looking, bot soft-cored spikes, that are easily bent for convenience. Work your way through and get hugged and properly supported.

Designer Jonas Jurgaitis, LITHUANIA

Email  |



The concept is to give designers the space they need for storing rolled or mounted documents, and allowing for the quick clearing of the desktop by having a second desktop just below for more storage.

The materials are recycled corrugated cardboard, reclaimed oak, and acrylic. The cardboard is cut by laser to allow for extreme precision, and quick production. The desk is shipped in four pieces for efficiency and is quickly assembled with a few screws.

Designer: Evan Remington, USA
Contact: Evan Remington
Email  |



This interactive exhibit stands for our understanding of design. The simple globe combines haptic experience with intelligent communication of complex content. As a sturdy stand alone, plug-and-play exhibit, it can travel the world freely without an escort.

Producer: simple GmbH, GERMANY

Contact:simple GmbH
Email  |


snoopmedia: einander bench

einander is a different bench. It eludes the observer's accustomed view with its changing forms. Just a few moves turn the bench into a mezzanine, side by side becomes closer and maybe even interconnected. einander is a bench concept in flux and it transforms itself.

Designer: Gerald Neu, GERMANY
Contact: snoopmedia GmbH
Email  |


sonoro audio: elements

elements unites defined shape and innovative ease of use. The modern materials combined with sleek minimalism are a futuristic fusion. elements is a visionary homage to the timelessly beautiful culture of radio and will soon be available as an internet radio.

sonoro audio, GERMANY
Contact: sonoro audio GmbH & Co. KG

Email  |



Chair Eduard and table Paula are made of solid oak. Both look young and fresh, light but solid. The shaped backrest is covered with natural felt. A special design characteristic is the withe seam around the felt.

Designer:Johannes Steinbauer, GERMANY
Contact: Steinbauer Möbel – Raum – Produkt
Email  |


Drzach & Suchy: Shadow Casting Panel

Shadow Casting Panel encodes multiple images in a single object.  Under ambient light such a panel is an abstract entity, but an appropriate illumination unveils the encoded images via shadows, where the visible image depends on the direction of light.

Designers: Drzach & Suchy, SWITZERLAND
Contact: Drzach & Suchy
Email  |


Sven Vogler: Statement

Out of his series „Getting together“ Sven Vogler is exhibiting the board system Statement which can be seen as a perfect synthesis of straight design and handcraft. With its practical complexity and calmness the Statement defines and structures the room.

Designer: Sven Vogler, GERMANY
Contact: Sven Vogler
Email  |


Carpetus: Multiplay

Multiplay is a carpet, but it’s not only one carpet.  With its interchangeable triangle pieces, you can create different shapes, patterns, combine different colors, and create your own designs.

Designer: Tamer Nakışçı, TURKEY
Contact: Carpetus Halıcılık
Email  |



STAUMEILE is a freely made-up German word suggesting an image of retained books waiting for a chance to get a place in the spacious book-shelf which appears almost weightless and convinces by the fact that anyone will be able to assemble it easily on their own.

Designer: This Reber, SWITZERLAND
Contact: THISMADE This Reber
Email  |


eGdesign: FIONA

Using molded plywood for center and MDF boards for side panels, FIONA is a smart children’s chair with a screw-less and simple construction. It offers many possible color combinations. FIONA is one example from a flexible and innovative swiss design office. 

Designer: Didier Vallon, SWITZERLAND
Contact: eGdesign
Email  |


form2: Herr Erich

The sophisticated extending table Herr Erich is weather-proof and very robust.
Its clever construction does without screws and fittings. Can easily be disassembled, transported and space-savingly stored.
Measurement: 2600-3080 x 800 x 720 mm, Material: HPL and stainless steel

Designers: korte&eroyan, SWITZERLAND
Email  |


Ulrich Zimmermann

A bench like no other. Massive in appearance as a monolith. Industrial in form and design - a bench seemingly of a single piece. The material speaks for itself and the form is extraordinarily permissive. Sitting, lying, outdoor, indoor - anything is possible. It just can't be carried away or forgotten.

Designer: Ulrich Zimmermann, GERMANY
Contact: Ulrich Zimmermann
Email  |

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