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DESIGNSPOTTER - leading international design platform
We publish your creative works and force a worldwide media coverage in lifestyle and architecture magazines, newspapers, blogs and broadcasters.We spread the word for your creativity!
With an easy upload of your product you create a profile and become part of our extended design network. And by the way you can reach hundredthousands of people and become splendid and famous :-) DESIGNSPOTTER is a design platform dedicated to everything related to young modern contemporary design including: accessories, books, design-contests, exhibitions, fashion, furniture, hotels, lighting, new materials, residential architecture, interior design and prototypes. Published by Ceo Markus Gogolin and his team.


What´s up on

As you can see DESIGNSPOTTER grew up: from a design blogroll which started three years ago to a mature design portal with a lot of new features like an extended product page with a lot of filters. We also submitted reports. Within this column we present and spotlight interestings themes about design, architecture and art. We included an event calender. You can submit your event by writing an email. Our editorial dep will include it to the list. On top of that we have a DSTV. You'll find architecture & design books here. Send us a free review copy and we will see if we can publish your book. And what about profiles? Every product that is published in the daily blog magazine will get a profile. Join our community and submit your creative ideas. DESIGNSPOTTER reserves the right to choose among submissions what is going to be released.



DESIGNSPOTTER Shop is a live shop for design products.The best products will be in the Shop. We love design - so we started this project to push you ideas. Each day there will be a special price for one product. you also have the chance to sell your products including your own video. Made In Europe in our statement!



To complete the comprehensive services of DS family we invented DESIGNSPOTTER Jobs, an international job portal for creatives and creative companies: Former job seekers have the possibility to research among diffenrent job categories worldwide. Companies can communicate their creative jobs straight into the target group - YOU.


DESIGNSPOTTER Agency ( german )

DESIGNSPOTTER Agency - Agentur für Social Media Marketing und integrierte Kommunikation im Design & Lifestyle

DESIGNSPOTTER Agency unsere Kommunikationsagentur .Wir kommen aus dem Design und publizieren und kommunizieren Design seit über sechs Jahren. Also kennen wir uns hier richtig gut aus. Die Agentur für Social Media, PR und intergrierte Kommunikation bildet das Fundament der DESIGNSPOTTER Familie. Seit 2005 haben wir eine Vielzahl von Projekten wie Events, Ausstellungen, Wettbewerbe und Kooperationen umgesetzt. Und ab sofort bieten wir unser umfangreiches Know-How in Form von digitalen, designaffinen Services sowie Trendanalysen und Kreativ-Recruiting an. Wir unterstützen Sie gerne in den oben genannten Bereichen und hoffen auf Ihr Interesse.

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