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event|added Dec 18, 2014

imm cologne 2014 - Create. Furnish. Live.


The first furnishing show of the year - imm cologne - presents the trends that will be shaping the furniture and interiors sector – and the products that are good for business.

At the imm cologne, you'll find a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings. FOLLOW HERE AT TWITTER & FACEBOOK


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knocking on wood accessorie! within the knocky theme there is a new item available: the knockychain.
it is a beautiful wooden bracelet, constructed like a bicycle chain. the parts are lasercut and then assembled by hand.
it has a magnetic locking system for a clasp.

Designer: stephan siepermann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: stephan siepermann (Netherlands)
Inspired By: utrecht
Material: oak, copper, magnets
Colours: oak
Dimension: several
Price: € 65

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product|added Dec 17, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  4037 votes

THREE pendant light


The THREE pendant light is a new addition to the SFD lighting family. THREE can be hung as a solo accent piece or in a constellation arrangement. THREE shares a similar form language to the previously released Kinema pendant, highlighted by its biomorphic “finned” design.

THREE is constructed from laser cut sheets of metalized extruded acrylic. Through the layering of concentric rings THREE creates dramatic light and shadow effects to match a mood or the environment.

Designer: Stuart Fingerhut (United States)
Manufacturer: SFD (United States)
Inspired By: kinema pendant light
Material: metalized extruded acrylic
Colours: THREE is available in brushed brass and black and brushed aluminum and black.
Price: $750

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product|added Dec 15, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  5651 votes



The base of this solid wooden coffee table cuts like a ribbon through the oak top. The rounded bottom of the tabletop is continued in the drawers, so that they optically form one single volume.

Special version is the Ruban coffee table that is finished using the Japanese Shou-sugi-ban burning technique. By burning and brushing the oak, the grain of the oak becomes much deeper. After burning, the coffee table lacquered to prevent release of the charcoal.

Designer: Ronald Knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Shou-sugi-ban
Material: brushed brass / burned oak
Colours: black / brass
Dimension: 130 x 65cm
Price: € 1590

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product|added Dec 15, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  6418 votes



“Companion”, designed by Phillip Grass, is the humoristic and poetic debut collection of the Danish design brand of the same name. The stools from the “Companion” series can be used as an extra chair, a small table, as well as a piece of art.
The ”Companion” series consists of two different stools: ”Companion” and
”Companion 4 legs”. The base of the stool is produced in Denmark and the seat in Germany.

Designer: Phillip Grass (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Phillip Grass (Denmark)
Material: powdercoated steel tube, solid wood
Colours: black, white, blue, yellow
Dimension: COMPANION : H 45cm D 41cm W 38cm COMPANION 4 LEGS : H 45cm D 33cm W 30cm
Price: 310,- to 365,- Euro, depending on the type of wood chosen for the seat

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product|added Dec 11, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  9479 votes



Luxxbox’s Podia redefines the commercial sofa, offering a single suite allowing users to connect, retreat, discuss and relax. Incorporating seemingly sunken cushions, suspended on podiums, which when used as tables and with privacy screens can transform into a discreet meeting pod or breakout zone, it can be configured for linear, right/left corner applications or as a workstation when used with stand alone side tables. Solid and veneer plywood, stained or natural timber, specified upholstery

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: Timber, upholstery
Colours: Natural or stained timber, upholstery of choice
Dimension: see website
Price: see website

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product|added Dec 09, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  10981 votes



The Booklamp is an energy efficient and sustainable lamp, handmade of wood and copper. A LED light is incorporated in the armature, which will last at least 30 (yes thirty!) years. The lamp can transform your space and mood easily, by just replacing the book for another one, as a lampshade.

Designer: Tessa Kuyvenhoven (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Booklamp (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Dreaming of books in combination with a minimalist approach to design
Material: Beech wood, Copper [wire and book-holders] and LED light
Colours: Beech wood and copper
Dimension: armature: 33 x 2,2 cm, maximum wire length: 2 meters
Price: 150,- euro now on kickstarter [retail price from january= 180,- euro]

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product|added Dec 08, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  11604 votes

Lamellic accessories' collection AW14


The main elements of our new collection are the true to type rhombus'. The orthogonal connections of these shapes, both planar and solid, are represented by the folding of the bags and the structure of the jewellery.

Designer: Vanda Berecz, Barbara Katona (Hungary)
Material: leather, stainless steel, silver, red copper

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product|added Dec 06, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13295 votes



„EDDA“ emits some kind of retro flair with a sensual charm. This fascinating light-object made out of powder coated steel is an extraordinary eyecatcher. The adjustable lampshade guides the light and covers the bulp for an indirect ambient light.

Designer: Designagentur form|knast (Germany)
Manufacturer: deparso (Germany)
Material: Steel
Colours: gray white
Price: 279 €

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product|added Dec 04, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  14555 votes

Riviera Sunbed


The Riviera Sunbed is the world’s first curved edge sunbed featuring a wide-body frame made from mahogany and stainless steel, boasting a six step adjustable backrest, single-pin removable leg supports (for easy stacking and storage) with integrated stainless steel wheels and a premium, machine washable Sunbrella cushion. Designed by the award-winning designer and founder of Seora in London, the Riviera Sunbed like the rest of the Seora Collection is fully handcrafted in Lake Como, Italy.

Designer: Anthony Logothetis (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Seora (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Inspired by the beach, sea and yachting lifestyle.
Material: Mahogany and Stainless Steel.
Dimension: 230cm x 86cm
Price: 2,800 euro

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