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event|added Jul 27, 2014



The nomination of titles and voting is open to everyone. The selection criteria are wide open, as well! Decide for yourself what makes your submission beautiful: attention to detail, stunning layout, immaculate typography, outstanding cover, impressive graphics – you name it.
Everyone who makes a submission will have the chance to win tickets to the Frankfurt Book Fair, as well.
The award ceremony will take place at an event during the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014. The winning titles (the ones that attract the most votes) will be on exhibition at the State of the Arts in Hall 4.1, so Fair visitors will also have the chance to vote for their favourites.

In cooperation with Stiftung Buchkunst and the Frankfurt Book Fair.


product|added Jul 27, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  480 votes

luxifer - charcoal barbecue for purists


luxifer is the charcoal barbecue for purists, made in Germany out of cast iron and wood. for all lovers of pure materials and forms, luxifer is the ideal charcoal barbecue. Its simplicity is functional and beautiful at the same time.
The cooking grate and fire corpus are entirely made of cast iron. Its legs are turned from solid wood. All parts are manufactured in small series in Germany.

Designer: Frank Person (Germany)
Manufacturer: fp.formgebung (Germany)
Inspired By: pure form and materials
Material: cast iron, wood, steel profile
Dimension: height with legs circa 61 cm width 48 cm depth 45 cm
Price: on request

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product|added Jul 26, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  943 votes

Alhazen LED Task Lamp


The task lamp is very simple and visually very light. The overall appeal of the lamp is understated and very much essential and pure. It's synthesis of technology & craft, natural & high-tech.
The MDF/Wood base and the aluminium hilt (housing), the acrylic tube and the LED strip create a very harmonious yet dynamic desk lamp. The carefully determined slant is optimized so that there is no need to adjust the lamp. The light is uniformly diffused, about 5' in the front with no shadows.

Designer: SAIF FAISAL (India)
Material: Base loop in WOOD/ MDF & Light in Anodized aluminium housing, brushed/clear LED acrylic tube.
Dimension: 360/230/555 mm.

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event|added Jul 25, 2014

ORGATEC - Modern Working Environments


ORGATEC is the only trade fair to present the whole world of work! In 2014 ORGATEC particularly focuses on solutions for the growing demand for flexible forms of work and the optimal working environement. Be part of ORGATEC when manufacturers of all relevant sectors present their new products and solutions.


product|added Jul 23, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  3506 votes

GUS washbasin


Gus is the ‘small brother’ of the iconic Ray washbasin.
Both objects are inspired more by contemporary classic furniture than by typical sanitary installations and give bathrooms a touch of living room atmosphere.
The slim handmade ceramic basin with hidden siphon is supported by a light and transparent structure which reminds of Gustave Eiffel's Parisian Masterpiece. This makes Gus perfect for small or narrow bathrooms.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ex.t (Italy)
Inspired By: Gustave Eiffel's Parisian Masterpiece
Material: Ceramic, chromed/matt varnished metal
Colours: white, black
Dimension: 54,5x 37,7xH85 cm
Price: 1020 Euro

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product|added Jul 22, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  4439 votes



Goldencycle one, an original messenger bike.

Designer: Nikolaus Hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Nikolaus Hartl
Inspired By: New York
Material: Steelframe and alloy
Colours: black and gold
Dimension: framesize 57cm
Price: 569,-€

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product|added Jul 21, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  4566 votes

Wooden Pendant Necklaces


Pairing different woods with gold plated or silver chains create a unique collection of modern, wearable sculptures.
Each necklace is handmade and hand finished. We have combined the natural woods of oak, mahogany and pine to create these unique pendant necklaces.

Not only do you get the necklace but also the recycled presentation box, making this the perfect gift.

Designer: Christopher Berry (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: FactoryTwentyOne (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Waste timber and off cuts
Material: Oak, mahogany, pine and gold/silver plated
Price: £29.99

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product|added Jul 21, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  7481 votes

Time Is Dancing - wall clock


This clock wants to throw a different glance at the nature of time. On the one hand it makes visible the motion of time but beyond that it wants to mirror the fragility of all that is in constant change. Time Is Dancing withdraws from the empty display of time and offers the symbolization of the view of time. The ballerina shows utmost concentration by keeping the balance and twisting herself into at times uncomfortable poses. In the next moment she seems to be moving and sailing along with ease

Designer: Meike Harde (Germany)
Manufacturer: Klein & More (Germany)
Material: acryl, ash
Dimension: 300 mm
Price: € 179,-

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product|added Jul 21, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  8478 votes

Connect the Dots and Become the Artist!


This book contains 129 connect-the-dots puzzles to be completed. It reveals famous works of art, representing a wide variety of movements, from ancient Greek to contemporary. Included are works by Damien Hirst, Rembrandt, Marina Abramovic, Mark Rothko, and many more…

Designer: Julie Joliat (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Pro Business (Germany)
Material: paper (munken)
Colours: creamy paper. printed in black + green border
Dimension: 12 x 19 cm
Price: 19 euro

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product|added Jul 20, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  6473 votes



Soninke is a buffet of with the wings covered by a texture obtained combining the slats that are used to shield furniture during the lacquering process. After being used several times, these slats, which assume a characteristic striped pattern, are discarded. Upcycling is the starting point of the project, but the end result is a layered-reading furniture. The colorful geometric pattern call to mind the typical African decorative motifs used to paint the walls of the houses.

Designer: Davide G Aquini (Italy)
Inspired By: African textures
Material: Upcycled wood
Price: Euro 4000

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